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Eric Zuley, living up to his nickname as ,”The Digital Dick Clark” sets Dana Point off with his Influencers Unite March 18, 2017 event at Break Water Events Center, 24707 Dana Drive, Dana Point CA

Eric Zuley, living up to his nickname as ,”The Digital Dick Clark”, coined, created and set into social dissemination action, Which was attended by leaders in various mediums, ranging from entertainment, nonprofit, professional sports, and more, by hosting his new baby, “The 1st Annual Influencers Unite 2017” gala event at Break Water Events Center, 24707 Dana Drive, Dana Point CA . This media lightning bolt’s focus, with  Keynote Speakers Pete Vargas, Emily Letran Panel’s Keynote Speakers Coalition and Eric Zuley himself, was created to not only  empower via his incredible broadcasting and organizational skills but also to embolden and to educate the masses via intelligent persuasive instruction. Eric’s dad, James Zuley was awarded, which was consummated with (ret) Senator Pasqual’s blessing,   by  Carmelita Pittman, “The Salute to America Certificate”. The Pure Crystal Angel Award was … Read entire article »



 Regalong Edukason, which in English means, school supply distribution, is just one of the two humanitarian missions that Princess Maria Amor has undertaken, as her internationally acclaimed nonprofit, We Care for Humanity later in May 2017, celebrates “FOUNDERS MONTH”——————-“Zapatos de Esperanza”, in conjunction with H.E Marta Fox, former first lady of Mexico, Centro Fox, Crisma, and Vamos Mexico ,May 23, 2017 ——————————————when she enters  Mindanao Phillipines, in collaboration  with the Tribal Government of the Philippines, benefitting The Samalnon Tribe on Talikod Island,  an ambivalent area in serious need of monetary and sociopolitical-economic help; This area has been known to be beset by paramilitary ” duress” resulting  in deaths  of activists, journalists, and the routine denial of respect of its citizens’ rights, both … Read entire article »


  VIDA GHAFFARI, donned the nickname,  “Persian Linda Blair”,  due to the travails of her character, (Mindy Project) actress, voice over artist , award winning blogger and star of the “ So Very Vida Blog”,  in conjunction with  a  very versatile and talented legion of actors and writers, producers———————consisting of  Kristine DeBell, Lisa London, Mel Novak, Kelly Lynn Reiter ,Jesse Hlubik ,Nicole Olson, Scott Butler,(Weiner Dog Internationals)   ———————-stood out in this  MUST-SEE-SCARE-THE-HELL-OUT-OF-YOU-TERROR-BLAST,ENTITLED,”HOLY TERROR” , on March 28, 2017, NoHo Laemmele , 5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601. Directed/written by  Rich Mallery,(SOCIOPATHIA)  this  (producer)Gregory Hatanaka Film,(Samurai Cop 2, Cine Ridge Productions),  resonates within ones’  scary bone, yanking free one’s fright “taste” buds,  in a style similar to  not only, William Peter Blatty’s  Monster epic hit, “The Exorcist”, of the … Read entire article »

Benny Tjandra has a sure fire hit, “Syndicate Smasher”, as he prepares for its premiere, March 11, 2017 and world wide launch-DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT THEATRE, 251 S MAIN ST, LOS ANGELES CA 90012

 Benny Tjandra has a sure fire hit, ” SYNDICATE SMASHER”-STARRING MEL NOVAK- as he prepares for its premiere, March 11, 2017 and world wide launch AT DOWNTOWN  INDEPENDENT THEATRE, 251  S MAIN ST, LOS ANGELES CA 90012.  THE REDCARPET IS 6:30 PM AND THE  1ST SCREENING IS AT 7:30 PM, FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER AT 9:30 PM.  Mr. Tjandra gushed with enthusiasm, recently on the Nuclear Popcorn show, which beams out of Pasadena Media, Pasadena CA,  last Thanksgiving when he said, “This film has the most guns, the most shots, and the most gangsters in one movie fighting and shooting each other EVER! I  have so much faith in this film that I put 1 million of my … Read entire article »

Princess Maria Amor’s newly appointed post as Special Advisor to Director General of PEZA for USA and Middle-East has the world buzzing. What’s next? Is she “The Thrilla in Manila”?

(PRINCESS AMOR’S WORDS)–It was an unforgettable moment when my father from another Kingdom, His Majesty Anesulthan Sulthan, King of Jambi awarded me the Derjah Kerabat and honored me as one of the Princesses of Jambi. My deepest respect to you father and to my Royal brother, His Majesty HM Tuanku Mudarasulail Kiram, the legitimate Sultan of Sulu!   Princess   Maria Amor’s newly appointed post in Manila as Special Advisor to Director General of PEZA for USA and Middle-East, in December 27, 2016, has the world buzzing. What’s next? The Peza itself was created into law, by the Special Economic Zone Act of 1995,by  The Philippines’ Congress in 1995——- thus one must conclude that Amor is indeed becoming ever more … Read entire article »

Is Santa Real? Princess Maria Amor’s Global Santa Program, exuded Waldo Emerson’s “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” mantra, like few others–Happy New Years 2017 from We Care for Humanity!

Is Santa Real? Princess Maria Amor’s Global Santa Program, among  her others, exuded famed writer , leader of the 19th century transcendentalist  movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson ‘s “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”  mantra, as her life, IN 2016,  seemed to tap into LIFE like few others.  This concept of Santa Claus.  H.m.m.m.m., is he  real?  Really? A 300 pound red suit  adorned bloke, riding reindeer on a sled, coming down chimneys, bags gorged with gifts, on a  global mission? Draconian  , slavedriving midgets of green skinned hue to  the mantra of “Ho Ho Ho,  while promising gifts ,adorning joy, juxtaposed to an ass whipping if one is naughty? ONE THING … Read entire article »

Much like the legendary United States television series, “Route 66”, Asun Muwardi’s multi-award winning “66 The Movie” leads one on a rather surreal journey–spell bindingly frenetic fight scenes and relentless action–a martial arts Smorgasbord, but a trip nevertheless. And this trip blasts off November 17, 2016.

 Much like the legendary  United States television series, “Route 66”, Asun Muwardi’s multi-award winning “66 The Movie” leads one on a rather surreal journey–spell bindingly frenetic fight scenes and relentless action–a martial arts Smorgasbord, but a trip nevertheless. And this trip blasts off November 17, 2016. This trajectory of arguably the best martial arts fight scenes since  the late great  Bruce Lee’s “Game od Deatth”,  is fueld by great writing, award winning fighting choreography and a cast that has snatched almost every award world wide that there is to acquire. Tv fans still pine over the iconic Route 66, the 1960’s hit show that was composed of great actors, from which the lives of two nomadic like travelers … Read entire article »

Edibles Magazine’s first ever cannabis edibles infusion expo event at Casa Vertigo was both entertaining and inspiring–CANNABIS MIND BLOWING, “MAGICAL MEDICINAL ELEMENT” CBD IN THE HOUSE!

  With voting day 2016, precariously looming like a hot sword over their heads, Edibles List Magazine,  hosted their first ever Cannabis Infusion Edibles event, in which speakers such as Emmy nominated actor Eric Roberts, Elvy Mussika,  Bob Eschino, Maya Elisabeth, co-founder of OM, a cannabis benefits laden magazine for women,  Ed Rosenthal, Buck Angel—former porn star and female to male transgender,   Bob Eschino (Co-Founder Incredibles),  and Elvy Musikka a  (federal marijuana patient,   along with a legion of rather ambitious edibles vendors,   at  Casa Vertigo, at 1828 Oak street, October 23, 2016 in right around the corner from The  Los Angeles  Civic Center, in downtown Los Angeles. The festivities ended with an after party  featuring live music by Keaton Simon’s band,  Backbone.I must admit, … Read entire article »

Bastard Son of A Thousand Fathers Is A Real Mutha for Ya-Up for 5 major Awards-2016 Haitian Movie Awards on November 6th ,The John Hancock Hall in Boston, MA.

 The recent viewing, on October 2, 2016,  of Bastard Son of A Thousand Fathers,  directed by Lanre Sarumi, at The Downtown Independent,  filmed like a spider’s web,  with all snared within a  vortex of  lies, swindles , racial “it’s the man against us ism”, made me think of The late soul singer Johnny Guitar Watson’s , “That’s a Real Mutha For Ya”. This movie is  a  was a most twisted deviant tale, including hints at gay gangster love, race relations street cred style, all leveraged by greed, hypocrisy. This  highly energetic, well directed cast made this the closest one can get to real danger, and come back physically unscathed—this is really a glimpse of gangland style, drug- dealer -killer- for -rilla -style- lifestyles -of … Read entire article »


” And I know you’re shining down on me from heaven,  Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way, And I know eventually we’ll be together, One sweet day, Sorry I never told you All I wanted to say”—-Mariah Carey and Boys to Men , back in the day. How many times have we heard this song,  WHILE lamenting the loss of a dearly departed, the crooning singers passionately  almost religiously putting salt in the wound? Imagine that  a radio player were a man, yes? Consider who would turn it on? Which channel would it be placed? Whose hand would guide the channels trajectory? Similarly,  Consider an entity, with the power to control  gravity, ordering it to relinquish its hold, and then mandating the ground to ascend … Read entire article »

Lousine Karibian’s World Networks Grand Opening Reception For Award Winning Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon Stepan Kasimian, M.D, Rocked Glendale Right!!

 Lousine Karibian, Mrs Kasimian, U.S. CONGRESSMAN ADAM SCHIFF, CA  28th DISTRICT Award winning Dr. Kamian on the recarpet at World Networks Reception-Haas Orthopaedic Grand Opening They do not call Lousine Karibian, “The Networking Queen” for nothing, as her amassment of notables from such fields of music, politics, tv  and movies culminated into a networking smoargasboard extravaganza right smack dab in the belly of  Glendale CA, Friday October 7, 2016.——–“The Spine Dr.” Stephan Kasimian, M.D, had its back and it seemed like the whole world turned out to show their love for his work in medicine and also to support the grand opening of his HAAS SPINE & ORTHOPAEDICS OFFICE——It was a smashing success!  U.S. CONGRESSMAN ADAM SCHIFF, … Read entire article »


The young ones, flavorfully called “The Mellenials “,  whose lives are caught in the snare among perilous dynamics such as terrorism, and socio-economic warfare, casts their young  shadows upon the world, like a sundial, hinting and foretelling their potential to enrich our lives, exist in a most troubling, problematic world. Many of their generation have fallen through the “cracks” of the time, which have put them at risk via a myriad of frightening  dynamics.  including  poverty, homelessness, troubled  single parent unfavorable  family environments, joblessness, teen pregnancy, incarceration, police brutality, MARGINALIZATION or gang violence which terrorizes ,malevolently urban society. Consequently, Syd Stewart, no stranger to mentoring young people, and being an uplifting dynamic force for upward mobility, having worked as Director on award winning singer Usher’s New Look Foundation, and … Read entire article »

The Princess and the Prince or at least “the ghost” of the late artist, known as Prince will take a bite out of the Big Apple, August 2016, G.O.D Awards Concert.

The Princess  and the Prince or at least “the ghost” of the late artist, known as Prince will take a bite out of the Big Apple, when the whirlwind humanitarian smorgasboard, laden with celebrities, world leaders, great dining,  culminates  with the honoring of humanitarians, and sealed with a kiss from a concert, befitting  a king, as The G.O.D Awards, smashes into the hearts and minds of The United Nations Community from August 17-August 20, 2016, at Social Hall, #4 West 43rd St. New York 10036. The proceeds will go towards We Care for Humanity, the nonprofit of its facilitator, Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres, DK, DD. This star studded affair,  called The 4th Annual G.O.D. Awards, traditionally honoring humanitarians——— … Read entire article »


Award winning actress, Vida Ghaffari, and The World Networks CEO, Lousine  Karibian   Vida Ghaffari, an award winning comedic actress,  buttressed with a most  serious virtuoso complex——– comprised of  anime, voice-over skills; received writing and research grants from the National Journalism Center and the Woodrow Wilson Center;  working in production at WUSA, the CBS affiliate in Washington  DC; entertainment correspondent for GEM TV ; voice of Singular Magazine; animated film called “Lovesick Fool”, created by Emmy-nominated director Dominic Polcino of (The Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill fame), in addition to,  starring in, “Seeking Valentina”,  which  most recently, not only, screened at The San Antonio Film Festival, but also won Best Original Score in a short film at Fantastic Horror Film Festival —————-along with  entrepreneur  Lousine Karibian, … Read entire article »

Princess Maria Amor, ROYAL JACK of many “trades” and MASTER of EM ALL——-HONORED AS “LOTUS OF PEACE” DURING WORLD YOGA DAY — in New York, New York, June 19, 2016.

 With Guruji Dileepkumar Thankappan and Deputy Consul General of India to New York, Dr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra — in New York, New York. As Princess Maria Amor continues to rack up new titles, whereupon,  if she were a mathematical compilation her name would be followed by a number, or likened  to the process of multiplexity,  from which sprang multiple channels, via digitization,—-HBO I, HBOII, HBOIII,–on  her latest  sojourn  to New York City’s United Nations has spawned two new awards,  one presented by Guru Dileepji Maharaj, the “Interfaith Leadership Award” at The 17th Annual World Yoga Festival on Sunday, June 19, 2016  and “VISHWA SHANTI PADMAN” (LOTUS OF PEACE), most recently, presented by Deputy Consul General of India to New York, Dr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra and … Read entire article »

The Traveling Princess Maria Amor, Is The Apple of The World Yoga Community’s Eye– Wins 2016 Interfaith Leadership Award at The 2nd International Yoga Day Celebrations— The 17th Annual World Yoga Festival on Sunday, June 19, 2016 In New York City.

  Princess Maria Amor, will be presented by Guru Dileepji Maharaj, the “Interfaith Leadership Award” at The 17th Annual World Yoga Festival on Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 3pm to 7pm at 4 West 43rd street, Social Hall, New York, NY 10036, at her 2nd home—–The United Nations Building——–in addition to  setting the tone for her upcoming, which will be celebrated in August 2016 ,  signature international  humanitarian  extravaganza, The G.O.D Awards In a Briefing Wire press release on June 16, 2016, The Princess said, ‘ “It gives me tremendous honor to receive an award from the World Yoga Community for I am a strong believer that Yoga is one of the greatest tools to achieve world peace. When mind, body … Read entire article »

Here it comes!! Princess Maria Amor’s Humanitarian United Nations Humanitarian Gala Event–The 4th Annual G.O.D Awards 2016.

  Keep your head to the sky”, a phrase made famous by the legendary soul group, Earth Wind and Fire, a   prophetic-mantra- like-harbinger, which, within  various groups, such as, laymen, pastors and scientists, heads arched upwards in search of answers, signs, apparitions , killer asteroids, seemingly anticipating celestial alignments not only , sums up mankind’s  YEARNING FOR SOMETHING BETTER. Interestingly enough, this mass viewership modality is also,  heralding  in CEO of We Care for Humanity’s  Princess Maria Amor’s humanitarian international empathetic trajectory—–mirroring the traversement   of celestial objects—–  just like  the  ever recurring Haley’s comet returning,  at the ta da nick of time,   like greased lightning among  NEEDY nations, including  Nepal, Indonesia,  and Africa, on  the spur of the moment.  Her mission is manifested by the  jettisoning of  pain and suffering, … Read entire article »

Maria Amor to Speak Among World Leaders at the Grandest Event in Delhi

Maria Amor to Speak Among World Leaders at the Grandest Event in Delhi

We Care for Humanity (WCH) founder and president; Her Highness Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres is unstoppable! After her memorable participation at IWPG’s celebration of the International Women’s Day at the United Nations in New York, she is set to arrive in New Delhi today to grace India’s grandest event of the year: The World Culture Festival 2016 which … Read entire article »

Princess Maria Amor Torres—The Traveling Princess— answered a call to action when she moderated IWPG’s celebration of The International Women’s Day at the United Nations, March 2, 2016.

Princess Maria Amor, who was recently inducted into The International Women’s Hall of Fame’s mercurial rise to international stratospheric circles, continues as her calling to be of service, was  consummated  at The United Nation’s as she has accepted  Their request to l illuminate and further the  IWPG’s  relevance and  expound more fully  and educate   on the nesesity regarding  the  “Importance of NGO Participation in CSW and the SDGs” at the United Nations, when she emceed of  The International Women’s Day at the United Nations event on March 2, 2016 in New York City.   A better spokesperson, or steward of peace and a call to action for international intellectual “nourishment” could not be found, as The Princess’s mantra and global exhortations has put women of the world … Read entire article »

Jeffrey Gund’s February 18, 2016, Pre-Oscar Soiree Locks him down as “Hollywood’s Most Powerful Power Mover”!

At times strength, whether in entertainment, business, or life in general, is measured by one’s reach for,  access to, or just  having the inclination to either receive or ask for help. That is exactly what Jeffrey Gund, composer, music engineer and the brain child, as he is the CEO, of the super entertainment mentor vehicle Infolist is providing  at his Thursday, February 18, 2016. Hollywood Highland OHM , 7 pm – 2am, pre- Oscar-soiree-birthday party and red carpet extravaganza event. It is the epitome of, “SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND”; It is a plethora of powerful entertainment moguls , making themselves accessible to help, guide, hone and empower the entertainment hopefuls in  the world. For instance Gund’s vehicle, … Read entire article »