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  1. How do I copyright articles and newsletters that I am wanting to publish?

  2. The mission statement of Cold Heat News, is that we are a community of journalists that loves life, and equality, and we are truthful in our reporting. We seek to entertain, empower, and assist others by bringing our “paper” to you as truthfully and as unflichingly as possible. We are photographers, writers, singers, actors, models, realtors, and we are hungry to give our public exactly what they need. And that is we give and we bring The truth…No ands ifs or buts. We excel in telling it exactly like it is…Stay tuned. We are just getting started! We want to comver events and report. If you call us to do an event, it will be done right! We work in conjunction with knbstv as both Maria Amor and I have shows on that venue.

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