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actress michelle romano in shekhar rahate oscar’s collection 2012

Shekar Rahate, world-renowned  and brilliant fashion designer, owns the distinction as being the only artist of his ilk to be invited by TheUnited Nations to TheGeneral Assembly Hall at United Nations  Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, where his fabulous fashions were shwcased before 450 delegates from over 192 counties. Shekar, recently honored by Cambridge Who’s Who of America for his excellence in fashion artistry, as well as his impact on the fashion and entertainment industries, has had his fashions, and gowns worn by famous models and celebrities such as actress Michelle Romano,   “Miss Asia Pacific”, “Miss World”, “Miss Universe” and many other past title winners throughout the world. His fashions have graced the halls and buildings of some of the most prestigious venues, such as The Oscars,  Paris, Germany,  Switzerland, South Africa, Dubai,India, and The United States. Infact, his fashionable artistry, adorned by models and celebrities, regularly stream throughout Hollywood’s red carpet events.


Shekar has risen, like cream to the top of the palate of the world’s most sizzling fashion mogul’s appetites. His genius has satisfied and continues to quench  the thirst of the freneticly, style driven, ever changing passionate fashion realm. The fashion industry is, much like sports, dominated, by a “what have you done for me lately” dynamic. Shekar creates unique and innovative industry leading designs. His style continues to impress, and inspire other designers.


Interstingly enough, Shekar, educated at Dubai Beams International Fashion School, began his career working behind the lens as a photograapher. This fashion maverick develped his unique style at Dubai Beams and has become a hybrid, or superstar among fashion designers. He is not a follower, but he is an elite leader at the forefront of the legions of  fashion designers. His styles influence the movement of the fashion trends throughout the world.


Shekar Rahate is an associate of the former Ms. Asia, and CEO and founder of the non-profit organizations, Exotifit for America, and We Care for The World, Maria Amor.Ms. Amor is a humanitarian known for helping the disadvantaged through entertainment and fashion events. She and Rahate are poised to collaborate and unleash stunning displays of his work during an event at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 28, 2012. This event is set to garner and seize international attention,  as The former US President  Mr. Bush has been invited, along with other very famous dignitaries.One such individual is the grandson of the late assasinated Indian Prime Minister. He is being groomed to become the youngest Prime Minister ever of any country. This event will honor The Men and Women in Uniform, and it will also honor the press, media, and in addition, it will, celebrate India’s New Year. Ms. Amor is also known for setting trends within not only the fashion world, but also the humanitarian and entertainment worlds. as well.

Shekar’s incredible accomplishments are as follows:


Launched India Queen pageant in Mumbai, which achieved International affiliationin 1998 (1997);KABULTEX – a fashion show at Hyatt Regency, Dubai with designer Seema Roy and local designers (October 1999); Associate Choreographer for Rivoli Miss India Emirates in Dubai (1999);Choreographed Sensations 2000 Event – A fashion show with reigning Femina Miss India World, Femina Miss India Universe, Miss India World, Femina Miss India Asia Pacific,;and leading Designers from Emirates: Arushi, Ghanati, Scalini, Fabretti,;Aster Couture from London, and Azeem Khan from Mumbai (1999);Choreographed multiple well-received Fashion Shows in Switzerland at Hotel Gutch,Luzern (April 2000/May 2000);Launched Designer Brand TATHASTU with Femina Miss India World PriyankaChopra in Dubai (August 2000, Dubai );Staged and Choreographed Fashion Show with Jamima Khan with ARY goldjewelers at the Jumairah Beach Hotel, Dubai (October 2000);Solo Show Designer/Choreogrpaher at Atlas Film Awards at Aviation Club, Dubai(June 2001);Choreographed Oomphs 2002 Fashion Show along with Designer Wendell Rodriguez, and Femina Miss India (February 2002);

Choreographed a Charity Fashion Show for the Indian Consulate, Dubai to raise funds for Amnesty,Coreographed Fashion Shows with designer Walid Atallah at a Paris Gallery (June 2002); Finesse 2002 – The first Couture Modeling & Grooming workshop in Dubai with a grand finale Fashion Show. Panels for the workshop included: Ramp Walk and Attitude, Diction, Portfolios, Skin Care, Fitness, Diet & Nutrition (August 2002);

Miss India Middle East / Worldwide 2002 – Appointed as National Director for Middle East Regionto organize the first Beauty Pageant at Ajman Kempinski Hotel& Resorts in association with Platinum Spring FZ LLC, The winner continued to represent the Middle East in November 2002 for the finals ofMiss India Worldwide2002, in South Africa, and won the title (October 26, 2002 ); Fashion show at Dubai Woman’s College for Soul Sheetal (October 2002);Appointed Director for Middle East region for Global Indian Congress based inCalifornia, USA (November 2002);Appointed National Director for Germany in Frankfurt to organize Miss India Germany / Worldwide Beauty Pageant (August 2003); Director / Choreographer for Miss India France in PARIS (September 2003); Finesse 2003 – A Modeling & Grooming workshop for Men and Women, with international fashion aficionados and celebrities (June 2003); Sworovski Crystals Fashion show in Dubai; Technical Director / Choreographer for Global Indian Awards ceremony and Miss India Worldwide Pageant at The Historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, USA (Sept.2003); Associated with American Supermodel Tyra Bank’ – America’ Next Top Model’ search project in San Francisco Bay Area, California (April 2004); Partly Directed/Choreographed a music video for U.K. based artist, singer Jazzy B (May 2004); Co-Launched international beauty pageant Miss World Peace at the prestigious City Hall of San Francisco; the pageant annually takes place in 5 leading cities in the U.S. and 30 additional countries (August 2004); Co-Managed the biggest fashion show to come to the West from India at The International Wedding Expo in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring 20 celebrity models (November 2004); Managed, Directed, and Choreographed beauty pageant MISS EXOTIC 2005 on New Years Eve 2004, at Holiday Bowl Club in the San Francisco Bay Area; Directed/Choreographed beauty pageant Miss Indofigi in Oakland CA (2005 & 2006); Lata Manageshkar Live In Concert at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai (1997); Video Production for Asha Bhosle Live In Concert during Dubai Shopping Festival (2001); Video Production for Googoosh Live In Concert (Iranian Celebrity Singer) during Dubai Shopping Festival Production of the Opening Ceremony of Techno Surprises –Dubai Summer Surprises in association with Wizcraft; Dubai (2001); Canon Camera Product Launch Show –at Le Meriden hotel, Dubai;Ad Films for Khushi Jewelers, Dubai; Documentary for Desert Safari –Lama Tours;Pre-production for Feature Film Bollywood AATM project featuring Miss India;



“United Nations Fashion Show Designer Shekhar Rahate is expressed as a designer who’s giftlies not only in his attention to detail but with a creative vision that knows no boundaries” President of Anhad, UN Staff Day Fashion Show.

“Shekhar Rahate is one of the most exciting and creative fashion designers that has successfully

demonstrated his gorgeous collections all over the world.” SJFW Magazine.

 Regarding New York Fashion Week] “Indian American fashion designer Shekhar Rahate’s creations were a part of this prestigious show.”NRI Today.

[Showcased at Cannes Film Festival] “Shekhar Rahate is a well renowned name in ChampsElysees, Paris. Shekhar’s designs have been worn by celebrities that have walked the red carpets all over the world including the Academy Awards 2011 in Hollywood. Shekhar has become a huge name in the celebrity circles worldwide.” Moolto.

[Article: “Shekhar Rahate: Road to Runway”] “It’s indeed great to see a designer who fuses his

culture with couture. Shekhar Rahate has incredibly defined that.” Arnel Prieto Solis.

“Experience Shekhar Rahate, and experience a fusion of culture and couture… some of the most

elegant gowns you have ever seen”  High End Fashion on the Real.

“Exotic fabric, intricate detail, ornate colors: these are the elements of a haute couture gown,and designer Shekhar Rahate’s collection of high-class evening dresses more than encompass the beauty and elegance of a high-fashion frock creation. Shekhar has created a haute couture line that is both culturally inspired and inspiring. Shekhar’s gowns not only epitomize couture perfection but are worthy of red carpet attention.” Indo-American Arts Council Inc.

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