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Marina BerBeryan Celebrity Fashion Stylist Extraordinaire!!


The beautiful MARINA-Celebrity Fashion Stylist.
Marina BerBeryan With Legendary Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist -George Blodwell-MARCH 9
Marina BerBeryan WITH with Annie Trousseau & Leanna Lewis MARCH 9
Marina BerBeryan WITH SAMIRA KAZEMINI WINNING -Ahhhhh …… the winner is Ms. Iran!! Yeaiiii I am so happy for her. She truly is a sweetheart! Samira Kazemeni-MS.EXOTI LADY WORLD 2011–, Darling Congrads again!
BIG SHOUT OUT to my best photographers for their amazing work!! Wooo-hooo!
Olga & I @ the Pre-Emmys Fashion Show 2010
Meg & I-Red Carpet -Representing D’Moiselle Couture
Marina BerBeryan (Celebrity Fashion Stylist) and Kate Beckinsale (Actress)
With Celebrity Fashion Designer Sue Wong and her Muse. Sue Wong collections are… throughout the U.S. These include Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor, and Macy’s. Her garments are available in more than 25 countries.I absolutely love Sue Wong’s Collection! Her designs are timeless and romantic!— with Sue Wong and MARINA-Celebrity Fashion Stylist.
Marina BerBeryan Vita (Celebrity -DJ from Moscow,) Olga- stylist, & Zhaneta (actress)Vita (Celebrity -DJ from Moscow,) Olga- stylist, & Zhaneta (actress)
Couture Cap is available at
Photography by: Travis Jourdain
Cover Girl-Actress Nikki Storm #The Bizness Magazine. Styled by Marina



MARINA STYLED,one of the hottest Celebs in Hollywood!!! @#Jaimie H…ilfiger #CelebActressModel #Tommy Hilfiger’sNiece #GreatPhotoShoot #B/WGlamour Shout out to Cherry Le(MU) Tami Barrios Rico(hair), Aidan Mattox (Dress) & MARINA-Celebrity Fashion Stylist (Stylist
MARINA AT-Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Vanessa L. Williams.
PHOTO BY LA FASHION- Marina BerBeryan, Amy Goetz and Dina Bar-El
Stella DiscoStella Gomez’s Photo – MARINA-Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Marina BerBeryan at LA Fashion Weekend @ Sunset Gower Studios.
The beautiful Fashion Celebrity Stylist Marina BerBeryan.Facebook profile Pictures.


Marina BerBeryan, looking more like a model and actress, than a fashion design stylish, is both beautiful and has a giggle that both tickles your soul and instantly makes you happy. I was blessed to have not only meet Marina  at humanitarian, Maria Amor’s beauty smash Halloween event “Dare to Bare”, last October 28, 2011, in downtown Los Angeles, but I was also thrilled to interview her on the red carpet. Her talents are very diversified and her spirit is ,like “Teen Spirit”. I saw her magic touching the models at the OCTOBER 28 event, and she also touched me. She makes one hover near her, much like a glow bug glows or a moth pines for a light. She is infectious! In fact, this Ukrainian-Armenian- beauty is a past member of The Armenian International Women’s Association. However, not one to sit still too long, this talented, entertainer, and humanitarian is presently the Ambassador of Valentina MedSpa in Hollywood, CA and Grand Supporter, Chief Designer and Founder of D’Moiselle Couture and  Fundraiser of The Lancaster Opera House in New York.  Marina’s charity is called Sima’s Wish for National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. Marina is a special woman and both people within and outside of the entertainment industry are becoming quite aware of it.

 I know that her fame will grow as she is both an intellectual in fashion, and entertainment, but she also has “IT”—Star power. I highly recommend her to all people that need beauty augmentation. Her abilities are viewed and held in high esteem by her peers within the fashion and entertainment realms. Maria Amor, the founder and CEO of Exotifit for Humanity, a non-profit organization, which fundraises through entertainment vehicles such as beauty and talent events, regards Marina BerBeryan, in my opinion as both a friend and  a celebrity fashion expert. Thus Amor keeps Berberyan near her humanitarian events.

Consequently, there are two events or happenings which I am sure Marina’s magic will manifest itself quite tremendously.  On April 28, 2011, The 4th ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF WOMEN AND MEN IN UNIFORM is taking place at The Los Angeles Convention Center. This event will not only beget world wide attention, as the future Prime Minister of India, The German Prince, Sheriff Lee Baca, and possibly , though unconfirmed visit from the ex-President of America, Mr. Bush–“W’s” dad—-will be there. This event will also honor and award the press and the media, as well as showcase Maria Amor’s Angels, The Exoti-Angels,  via a fashion showcase. The highly acclaimed super fashion designer Shekhar Rahate’s magic will emanate, freely flowing like fine wine, as his fashions, at this event will be furiously highlighted. Marina’s superior artistry will also weave its magic upon this events fashion design stylishness odometer——–  which is making her a household name. Between Marina and Shekhar, this will be a fashion stylists, “like- being -in -a candy- store” realm dynamic wonderland. 

Marina’s genius will also be showcased in Maria Amor’s Exotifit for Humanities Magazine which will be exploding off of the shelves very soon. BerBeryan’s stylish elegance and on point fashion design uniqueness will reverberate off every single photo of Maria Amor’s models, which includes entertainment standouts Samira Kazemini, and Mercy J.Alpert, Ms. Exoti-World Lady 2011, and Ms. Exoti-World Lady 2011 1st runner-up, respectively.

The beautiful BerBeryan, who said ‘ I have become a proud Executive Member of Fashion Group International – Los Angeles’,  can be seen on the LA FASHION WEEKEND RED CARPET EVENT PHOTOGRAPHED BY JEFF LINETT FRIDAY MARCH 17 2012, at LAFASHIONWEEK.COM. Marina has diversified her portfolio recently as she has has added journalism to her great array of talents, as she has become a journalist for Splash Magazines –LA Fashion & Style. Among Marina’s accolades are her recent appearance as a feature article in USA Today; Dallas News; Dallas Morning News; KTLA  Channel 5;  LA Fashion Magazine; and California Apparel

Marina is, like other superstar entities, who excel seemingly effortlessly, “is in the zone”, as she works in the rarefied heights of the fashion “ether” superstar genre of people like, Shakhar Rahate. When the Exotifit for Humanities Magazine becomes available, I suggest that you get it. BerBeryan’s fingerprints and photos  will be seen all over, strikingly,enhancing and magnetizing, the models caught living within Marina’s habitat–coexisting quite amorously, I might add, with Maria Amor’s stable of beauties in Exotifit. Infact, Marina was wooed by Maria Amor to be one of the judges for The Mr. and Ms. Perfect Creature 2012 campaign. The winners were coronated at the star studded, Universal Hilton Hotel, in Studio City, last November 2011.


PS. Follow Marina’s Style At…



Facebook: Marina-Celebrity Fashion Stylist
Twitter: @MarinaBerBeryan
Lookbook: MarinaBerBeryan
Instagram: Search Marina BerBeryan

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