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  1. Maria Amor says:

    Check out how STEVEN ESCOBAR is insulting our Filipino Culture by calling our ChIcken Adobo and brown rice food for the homeless! Yet Steven Escobar is getting a lot of paid jobs and actually awards from the Filipino community! We never asked Diversity News to cover our event, ESCOBAR offered and NO, Diversity News was not our media sponsor, we challenged him to show the contract that he is our sponsor. We put his logo on our flyer as a favor because he asked us to. And we never promised him that we will give him the same food for the guests which we were selling to raise funds for the charity.
    Wow Steven Escobar, we were giving you free food out of generosity yet you will degrade us?

  2. Em Leon says:

    Escobar is a bully who uses his fledgling and unscrupulous media platform to self-promote and foment negativity. If you do not suck up to him he unleashes his venom aka botulism epidemic to sow dissension and give press a bad rap. He puts his foot in his mouth without thinking of consequences such as in this case, insulting Filipino culture by saying their food is for homeless. Yet, he derives much business from the fil-am community. What an ungrateful person!

  3. David M says:

    It’s about time someone exposes this fraud who can’t even speak or write proper English! What Journalism degree does he possess or what diploma mill did he graduate from assuming he even did? He calls himself press or media when he cannot construct a simple sentence with correct subject-verb agreement form? haha – what a fraud!

  4. siberian husky says:

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