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Maria Amor, her media arsenal and— GREAT/ SINGER/ TRUMPETER/ DANCER THE INCREDIBLE ARTIST NAMED “AerobicfitDj Rueben”–along with BUSINESS MOGUL Kevin Kaul.
Actress Paige Russell of the movie, “Abby in the Summer”, 2012: WITH ACTRESS JAIME PRESSLEY,AND SINGER ROBIN THICKE
President Obama.
Jeremy Lin, Tebow, and a rather famous actress!(recognize her?)
STELLA SINGLETON-JONES AND SABRINA PARISI–Hollywood, April 25,2012 at the Celebrity Center. Ceremony for the Ambassador of Kenya with consul general of Malaysia and Costa Rica.— with Stella Singleton-jones. SOME OF JONE’S WORK IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
rosie gordon-actress
Crystal Waddell Deines–ACTRESS, SINGER, MODEL, COACH.
The multi talented teen heart throb; ACTOR, VOICE OVER ARTIST, AND SINGER–CASEY TRAVIS.







The Republicans,  much like an unrequited lover, persisting  unnaturally, like a  maniacal snowball ,rejecting  gravity and physics, pulled uphill, steadily gaining strength, amassing girth, fueled and both negatively enriched and strangely, politically and positively reinforced by the constant rejections by Congress,  of their failed attempts to repeal  President Obama’s,The Affordable Health Care Act (AHA) of 2012—-33 times—- and the crushing and seemingly insurmountable impact of The Supreme Court of America’s decision to uphold the validity of The AHA , has for the 31st time, though President Barak Obama’s personal credo is, HEALTH IS WEALTH!”, has not only  elected, but has also for the second time, chosen to attempt to blight out or snuff  out, what they have rather facetiously dubbed, “OBAMACARE,  PUPORTING that the President’s affordable health bill is too costly; stymies job growth;  and that it gives, suggesting vibes of writer George Orwell’s concept of “big brother watching you”, depicted in the classic  publication, Animal Farm – 1984,  too much power to the entire U.S goverment,  COMPLETELY; Many  deomcrats have said that the repeal attempt is not only doomed but is only a political symbolic act, and most importantly congress should be devoting its time to creating more wealth engines for its citizens , rather than senselessly wasting time, beating dead political horses.

In addition, ABC writer, John Parkinson wrote  at, on July 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm , in his article, “House Obamacare Repeal: Thirty-Third Time’s the Charm?’The House of Representatives voted today to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It was the 33rd time Republicans have voted to chip away at, defund,  or repeal the health care law. Democrats called the move a political charade since the repeal law has no chance of becoming law this year’.

Most interesting  is the  fact that both the Repubicans and the Democrats are using not only the same documents and  sense data, or empirical devices, to determine the veracity of their claims, but also they have come up with different meanings and as a result, each sees just the opposite values of Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act——trash vs jewel?.Meanwhile folks are dying for want of good medical assistance. Some one  is lying, as both sides cannot  be telling the truth, and lying ,concerning whether the AHA is  good and evil sumultaneously !


This brings to mind the old addage of the forest for the trees; I also see this delimma as a sign.It is indeed a sign maybe? Bear with me. My journey is an attempt to poke fun at,fecetiously and “dangerously”, but admittedly, twistedly, at obvious sterotypes in an attempt to EMPIRICALLY  sift through some trendy and rather wild situations within sports and politics—like the Republicans; trippin with that retarded repeal foolishnesss—– and life in general and find a way back through the forest all the way back safely to grandma’s house……….In Hollywood. Our journey begins as follows:


Let’s take a trip, tickets and luggage are not necessary; upon which, and notwithstanding, an itinerary of tongue in cheek stereotypical apparitions and non-existant biases; while traversing color lines of race, creed, age, geneder and reality itself; boarding, embarking, and discharging within an entertainment realm via a zone of dual possibilities, mandated by schizms of what if it were true vs what does it mean variables—–comprised of mental conduits within life’s experiences; embodying a scathing desire to not only sift through, and delegate meanings; but also to obliterate the mumbo jumbo of life’s seemingly , irrefutable exclusivity of “reality”, buttressed with empirical designs; This jaunt is not for the faint of heart my friends!! Hopefully, our expedition will, as we ‘LIVE LIFE ON LIFE’S TERMS’,  end with us acquiring the ability to see the proverbial forest for the trees; As opposed to being STUCK ON STUPID.

How does one see  other than that which is in plain view?: Commonly because of biases, , and, in my opinion, the inability to be truthful, via stereotypes, or just plain chicanery. I will, for the sake of timeliness, and my focus, on the power of  stereoytpes, lean along those and “end of time” sentiments:

Consequently, The recent death of actor, Sherman Hemsley, reinforced my view that mankind is a creature of intellect, and repetition,  and one way of synthesizing facts and emotions is through the medium of humor. Hemsley, a member of two of Hollywood’s superstar producer,Norman Milton Lear’s—ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA—- (born July 27, 1922) is an American television writer and producer who produced such 1970s sitcoms as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude. As a political activist, he founded the civil liberties advocacy organization People For the American Way in 1981 and has supported First Amendment rights and liberal causes———-COMEDY GEMS of the 70’s ,”All In The family”, and “The Jeffersons”, shows which aggressively tackled the ails of the day, such as politics, homosexuality, and race, recently died, and his legacy of humor will live on, in that people are more liable to not only, talk openly about such afore mentioned taboo subjects——————-also now that gay marriages are almost mainstream——-but also see—–if it is possible—the humor in such man made “problems”, as prejudice, biases, and politics. Hemsley’s shows spoke of, and  sterotypes and sought to, jokingly and parodoxically, validate them by means, at times, by athletic statistics,resulting in arguments, very high Nielsen ratings, as being the most watched shows of its time,   and occasionally mirroring the mindset of millions of not only that era but of todays’ as well;

christian ijin link and talented actress pals AT THE W!

Consider the “Linmania” phenomena . According to the writer Ryan Doyle, of’s article, “Linmania:Racist?,  on February 18, 2012, ‘ Jeremy Lin is the most popular man in the NBA, perhaps in all of sports right now. Explanation: Because he is Asian-American.Why we pretend this is a bad thing is completely beyond me.Earlier this week, undefeated boxer and notorious big mouth Floyd Mayweather said the excitement over Lin is simply because of his Asian ethnicity, and that black players who accomplish the same feats, night after night, aren’t praised as much.You may not want to admit it, but Floyd Mayweather is right.That, however, didn’t stop outrage over his comments.Asian Americans used Mayweather’s words to encourage all Asians to boycott buying his upcoming pay-per-view fight.’ Whether Maywether is the mouthpeice for all of society has yet to be established.  Excuse me Lin just has incredibly “mad”  skills ok. He is an asian playing with incredible skills, and at times, much like, Jerry West, a white superstar Laker’s baller, in the 60’s, used to do,he  more than holds his own, amongst a black majority of black superstars. People seem forget that he almost didn’t make the Pro’s at all!! He had one foot in the NBA and the other, almost in  the unemployment line. If sudden injuries to New York Knick players hadn’t occureed, this recently fired by The Houston rocket’s NBA team, whcih also had a 7 foot asian all star player, who I have seen slam dunk on other ballers including “Big Shack”,  named Yao Ming, Lin would have never had the chance to singlehandedly revitalize the Knicks, embarrass The Lakers, and sweep the New York ball club up into the Tsunami called Linmania, all the way , via a 15 game win streak, into The NBA Playoffs; Now he has signed a 25 million contract with The Rockets who initally gave up on him.  Admittedly, most black ballers, in my opinion, feel that the majority of black athletes, are better ballers. Time and and time again, one is inundated with similar vibes.It is easy to see, that is, if one is being honest. For instance, in 1984 Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, the famous broadcaster got fired from CBS for saying that blacks, via slavery,  were bred to be the best, and as a result the black athlete is the best in the world—many felt that his comments, though many may agree with him, were racist—.And according to writer  Chris Chase, in the article posted on  Thursday, Jul 5, 2012 11:58 AM EDT, “The Fouth- Place Medal”—,Olympic——- 4 time gold medalist    Michael Johnson said’ Slavery descendants run faster because of ‘superior athletic gene’ .

(Getty Images)  Chris Chase expounded further as such:

Four-time gold medalist Michael Johnson believes the question of why black athletes dominate Olympic sprint competitions shouldn’t be taboo. In the lead-up to the London Games, he’s trying to broach the controversial topic.Johnson, who recently had his lineage traced back to West Africa as part of a British documentary, told the Daily Mail that slavery has “left an imprint through the generations.”The eight men who ran in the 100-meter finals — all African-American or African-Caribbean — in Beijing are believed to have been descended from slaves, according to the documentary.[ Related: Michael Johnson’s golden runs in 1996 live on in Olympic history ]”Difficult as it was to hear,” Johnson said, “slavery has benefited descendants like me. I believe there is a superior athletic gene in us.”The Daily Mail explains:Some scientists believe a combination of selective breeding by slave owners and appalling conditions meant that only the strongest slaves endured, creating a group predisposed to record-breaking athletic performance.African slaves underwent a rigorous selection process and only the fittest were transported on ships.Johnson’s views on the genetics of slavery and his allusions to eugenics have been mostly ignored in the United States. The interview with the Daily Mail was published last Wednesday and barely made ripples across the pond. For good reason: It’s a third rail topic in the states. Even intelligent debate on the subject runs the risk of becoming controversial. Any statement is treated as polarizing.The comments section on the Daily Mail piece is a fine example. Either Johnson is a hero for bringing his views to light or he’s ignorant for his “trash” beliefs. There’s no middle ground in a topic like this.’ Needless to say these” vibes” are stereotypical not scientifically and, although some may, as they notice the large amount of award winning blacks throughout the athletic arena, not empirically, irrefutably etched in concrete, like The Ten Commandments.

Surely, much like blacks have had heroes such as Mike Jackson, and Jacksonmania, and Mike Jordan, the masses of all races loved and embraced  The Beatles, with Beatlemania—–The British invasion——-, Justin Timberlake, The Righteous Brothers, Hall and Oates, Boz Scaggs, The Bee Gees, and other non-blacks, that have sung in the “blue eyed soul”, style, and the lists go on and on,;Many have begrudgeonly accepted these truths , while the  “die hard ,closet ,racially challenged ones” resist and have a bit of thinly vieled contempt for ethnic variety manifested via music and other walks of life.  It would stand to reason that an asian society that finds itself ever increasingly  marginalized, in not only sports, but hollywood, and other socio-economic stratas, would identify with a Cinderela story, and a real AMERICAN TRIUMPHANT GOOD FEEL STORY——which Lin exemplifies. Why  the furor over Lin, and not only his entourage, but also, of other standouts—ethnic or otherwise— in unfamiliar territories? It is both jealousy, and racism and the fire is stoked by stereotypes.

. One must admit that children must be taught to hate and to  have biases, as it is not a natural skill that attaches it self to the human life-time dynamic via natural selection. Imagine how some “die hards” feel about Tiger Woods, a black asian,  excelling and dominating the mostly all white golf world—-a sportwhere blacks were vehemently barred from for many  years; or consider  M & M, a white Oscar winning superstar in the  mostly black dominated medium of rap hip hop—some mumbled and submitted with a defeated chagrin, “He’s ok for a white boy”; Arguably, one can even say that the most incredible sterotypes that have been taken to the “woodshed” are the notions that not only are blacks unable to play quaterback in the NFL, but that blacks can’t  AND NEVER WILL BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-ENTER Barack Obama——THE  STEREOTYPICAL THORN IN THE SIDE OF THE CHERRY ON THE TOP OF RACIST HATERS’ PIE!!!

Strangely enough, are these merely  just images of the END OF TIMES? Remember, adults are just grown up kids, and kids learn sterotypes from adults. Surely, some racists contend asians are supposed to be little and short and that blacks are stupid; Whites cannnot jump or sing or rap; A black former slave will never become president of America; Gays will never be able to marry or become mainstream in America; Step over Mayans, you glorious Aztec ancient culture, but these startling but once seemingly unheard of happenings may just be signs of the times; something alerting the die hards, slackers, and the planet,  that the end MAY BE NEAR(bear with me).



Arguably life is the biggest stage, and in my opinion,humans are the biggest actors on it. Homosapiens’ scenarios, in life, are the buoy on life’s tumultuous waves; pointing to a myriad of events and dynamics that have ensnarled all of creation——war, hunger, pollution,famine, earthquakes, ect——-in its web. As man searches for his origins, he seems to be running headlong and ,MUCH LIKE A CRASH TEST DUMMY, HEAD ON, into  signs that are signalling the curtain call on his performances, called “END OF TIMES”. This phenomena is seeking to steal the lead role in life’s file of current events. Furthermore, around the world, many are getting nervous as, the end of times prophesized by not only The Bible–though the bible doesn’t specify the exact date— but also the ancient civilization, The Mayans, may be about to  spin into not only the limelight, but also , into  fruition on December 21, 2012.

According to Wikipedia, ‘The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on 21 December 2012.[1][2][3][4] This date is regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae have been proposed as pertaining to this date, though none have been accepted by mainstream scholarship’. Could it be that humans just do not really understand what is happening in the world and the heavens? Or maybe humans do not comprehend what is happening on not only capital hill, but also within the world, as it “appears to be having labor pains”–every other day there are new wars, eathquakes, droughts, volcanoes, theatre shootings.Almost, no tragedy seems beyond the realm of occurring  anywhere  at anytime!


As meandering and a bit twisted as this journey may be, one thing is for certain,Hollywood shows no signs of slowing down; There are irrefutable signs that good times are not only heating up, and, I might add,  much hotter than the rest of the nation, as they are experiencing record heat levels—much hotter– like the great soul singer Stevie Wonder’s mega smash hit testifies, “HOTTER THAN JULY”!!

In addition, my case in point, beginning  with Maria Amor, the CEO and founder of the nonprofit organizations, Exotifit for Humanity and  We Care  for the World; Amor presented—which starred trumpeter, singer, and dancer, “AerobicfitDj Rueben” ,  a Friday The 13th, Hollywood Florentine Garden’s politically, and entertainmentally, and economically charged affair which was the 1st tier of a three pronged extravaganza, which will  also conclude with  events at Anaheim’s Convention Center, in August and will finally, culminate with an event commemorating the 9/11 attacts on September 11, 2012, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Also, Maria Amor’s unrelinquishing stranglehold on the pulse of Summer intensifies,quickens,and is galvanized with The Search for Global beauty as her Ms. GLOBAL AMBASSADOR 2012 event testifies: This eagerly anticipated event  will have a press conference that  will be held at THE YELLOW PARTY BEGINNING AT 8 PM ON SATURDAY AUGUST 25, 2012, AT CBS STUDIOS (4024 Radford Avenue in Studio City).

The other signs that Hollywood is leaving star gazing strictly up toTHEMSELVES is evident by  the work of publicist, and publicity Mogul London Moore ,as he brought many together at the entertainment and world famous hotel called THE W, as it continues to produce some very staggering events in Hollywood, such as the “3rd Annual Sports & Entertainment Red Carpet  ESPY Awards   presented by The Notice Network in association with LA Fashion Corner and LAFC Magazine at the  Station Hollywood ( Inside W Hollywood) 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, which featured a fashion designers and labels sports managers sports agents live model exhibit fitness apparel designers; DJ music ;outdoor theater 35 foot movie screen ,event, and also again  at its location in West Los Angeles  at  its 930 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, 90024 site , which was, mostly for journalsits,  facilitated by a media group named mediabistro.  The stars came out to play at both sites, though the Hollywood venue, as it was mostly for film and sports,  had more film celebs.

Some of the hollywood celebs that graced  “THE W” at its in Hollywood site were.ACTRESS AND BEAUTIFUL  MODEL Caitlin O’Connor WITH HER SUPER PUBLICIST,    Jasmine Gray–— ;THE BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED ACTRESS, WITH A MUCH ANTICIPATED SITCOM LOOMING IN THE HORIZON, Dustin Quick;SUPER publicist Kweigi Gharreau AND HIS CLIENT , WORLD FAMOUS BEAUTY QUEEN , BRANEKA BASSETT,  ACTRESS, Melissa LeEllen; T.K Daniels SINGER AND PUBLICIST; ACTRESS, Rosie Gordon; AWARD WINNING  trumpeter David Langoria;  Christian Ijin Link,of DOWN THE ROAD PRODUCTIONS; ACTRESS  Ms. Roxy Rich; ACTRESS,  Lauryn Byrns; PUBLICIST,  Barrett Perlman;ACTOR-MODEL, Chris Sampson;ACTRESS,  Debbie Mauro;  and WORLD FAMOUS CELEB PHOTOGRAPHERS,  Mollywood Hollywood, and Guillermo Proano.

Hotel W’s West LA site, at 930 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, 90024 had very famous authors, as it was a book party facilitated by Chiara DePaolo for the media group called mediabistro.Lisa Anapoli.  gave a great reading of her work, entitled, “Radio Shangrila”; “Inside”, written by author Alix Ohlin —–whose works have appeared in Best American Short Stories, Best New American Works, and also on public radio’s selected shorts, teaches at Pennsylvania’s LaFayette college; Mike Miller;  “The Life and Crimes of L.A’s Notorious Mobster”., written by Tere Tereba, and “Parifal”, written by Jim Krusue were some of the feautured authors. The atmosphere was plush within big screen tv’s and a pay bar and a food hosted atmosphere.

Next, The LA Convention Center’s Pop Con ITVfest, The International Television Festivale Center launched  and  hosted the 1st Annual ‘Pop Con LA’, the Popular Culture Convention, which ran simultaneously with  ITVfest in the same venue. The combined ITVfest & PopConLA events was presented from from July 5-8, 2012. it consisted of art, fashion, design, celebrity, comic books, and music . According to PRLog (Press Release)Jan 17, 2012 – , on, it was written that ‘The International Television Festival is the premiere festival in the world for independently produced TV pilots, Web Series and Digital Features, in both live-action and animated mediums.’“We are pleased to be making two major moves in 2012, launching PopConLA, and bringing both PopCon & ITVfest to downtown LA,” said Co-Executive Director, Ken Nicholas. He continued, “To that end, we will also be calling on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office to recognize these new events and offer their support, as the base of the community.” ‘.

I covered the POP CON EVENT,  as Prolific public relations mogul and publicist, Yvette Morales Founder, of YM & Associates (PR|Marketing|Branding) , had a  client, singer “Zhavea”, that was appearing. Zhavea is a singer that has a soulful sultry sounds, but most importantly, she delivers a solid entertaining  live performance. This singer sung funk-rock-like songs, delivered in a bohemian type style. In a way, in my opinion, she is much like a Shakira stylist, singing gritty funk and rock music. Her band successfully backed her, as onlookers tapped and shook as the media snapped photos. In addition, I told her father, mother, and Zhavea, herself, that I thought that she should also include modeling and film into her portfolio, as she is quite beautiful.


On Saturday, July 21st, 2012, ESPN JOURNALIST Michael Eaves had  40th  and , a   star studded birthday  and sports party which  was held at  The Las Palmas Nightclub, 1714 North Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, CA . This London Moore, publicist mogul hosted  “free”Vodka event offered red carpet arrivals, and quite a bit of incredible media–including myself—– from 9pm-10pm; General Doors opened at 10pm-2am  with  music from 9pm-2am. This event was hot and was ripe with networking from athletes to models, singers, and media. The following actors were present; MIKE EAVES of ESPN; KELLY MANCE-Celebrity hair and fashion stylist——whose son, JOSH MANCE is in theLONDON OLYPICS in the 400 meter and other speed races—-;Kweisi Gharreau, and his  beauty queen client, Braneka Bassett; ACTRESS MELISSA LE ELLEN; ACTRESS CRYSTAL DEINES;ACTRESS ALISHA SANMI LEE;  HIP HOP DANCER, Mi Ri Jin;ACTRESS DARLA BEAUX;ACTOR MICHAEL ADEGOKE, the US 4 time Finalist Professional ShowDance Champion award winning champion dancer; Barry Axelrod of Virgelia Productions, and his beauty queens; and Octavio- The publicist of former NFL football speedster RON BROWN;

In addition, two teenaged, in my opinion, future super stars appeared on the KNBSTV.COM, “Maurice Dwayne Smith Show, and The Brandy Sanders,  founder & Executive Director  of The Kierrah Foundation ,at Piccolo affair at The Piccolo’s Books & Inner City Theatre, in West Los Angels,Howard Hughes Promenade, 6081 Center Drive, #118, Los Angeles, CA 90045; CASEY TRAVIS-singer–knbstv–, and OLIVIA JENSEN, -Inner City Theatre–.Ms. California Universal Dream(National American Miss Southern California) Jr.Pre-Teen Queen), respectively.


Interestingly enough, I had the pleasure of working, where I met actress Paige Russell,  on the set of the movie entitled, “Abby In the Summer”, starring Jaime Elizabeth Pressly , actress and model, who stars on  the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl, where she garnered nominations for two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, along with hit singer Robin Thicke, who is a judge on the new summer 2012 ABC show Duets.


Remarkedly,our journey has come to an end. And as I recollect the time that I saw 7 footer Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets slam dunk on NBA LA LakerShaquile O Niel, I knew that not only had I left Kansas, but that The yellow Brick Road leads not to OZ, but through mankind’s innermost heartfelt desires and denials; Meaning mankind determines the plight of the disadvantaged and also of the fate of the world. If we choose to deny our senses and act countrary to what is needed mankind maybe doomed. What if the world can change the plight of others and  end hunger and stop wars? According to  The World Food Programme Director, Josette Sheeran,  on, published on April 19, 2007, “I think we can, in our lifetime, win the battle against hunger because we now have the science, technology, know-how and the logistics to be able to meet hunger where it comes,” My point and the reason for this journey? Man is powerful. So sure,  there is a hollywood and there are different modes of success. sometimes sucess is not measured in dollars and cents. That is what health is wealth means. Let’s think and stop lying and overlooking  racism and make this thing called life work for all.  Hollywood’s heat, much like the rest of  the nation was intrense, but contrarily Hollywood’s heat was not drought laden and drenched with misery, as its bounty consisted of mirth, and merriment much excitement, and though Maria Amor’s events were entertaining, they both raised funds for the disadvantaged——-as did Brandy Saandwer’s events. Let’s think and do the right thing. If the Congress, and the rest of world would stop playing games from Obamacare to commen sense realities, the world would be ok? i said that this trip was not for the faint of heart remember?  fINALLY, Does anyone really know what “Global Warming” really manifests? Some say it is the signal OF THE END OF TIMES.









Norman Lear

Norman Lear, January 17, 2008
Born Norman Milton Lear
(1922-07-27) July 27, 1922 (age 90)
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Occupation Television producer
Years active 1951 – present
Known for All in the Family
The Jeffersons
Sanford and Son
Good Times
Spouse Charlotte Lear (nee Charlotte Rosen) (divorced)
Frances Lear (1956-86) (nee Frances Loeb) (divorced)
Lyn Davis (1987-present)

Norman Milton Lear (born July 27, 1922) is an American television writer and producer who produced such 1970s sitcoms as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude. As a political activist, he founded the civil liberties advocacy organization People For the American Way in 1981 and has supported First Amendment rights and liberal causes.—TAKEN FROM FROM WIKIPEDIA

Written by

I was born in Fountainbleu in Paris France to an army family. My father ,Ruben Smith, and my mother Nancy Smith, worked for the Army and as a school teacher in France, respectively.We are originally from the South. My father’s people from Misissippi and Alabama and my mom’s from South Carolina. I am an avid sports fan and I attended and played sports----football, wresting, and track----- at Bishop England High School, in Charleston, South Carolina; my mom chose both a Catholic high school and an elementary school, Immaculate Conception, for my sister and I. Initially, I wasted a lot of time in school pursuing sports and partying but nevertheless,I went to the College of Charleston, The University of South Carolina, where I majored in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Theatre and Speech. I finally graduated from The University of Redlands, in Redlands, CA with a degree in business management. I managed to get into SAG-AFTRA, mostly as an extra, but I have done an occasional speaking stint here and there—CD-ROMs, experimental and industrial films, and voice overs in radio. My most recent endeavor was playing a doctor on "Grey's Anatomy". I like horror, love, thrillers, and I like to read. Weightliftingand jogging are some of my hobbies also. Interestingly enough, my family prepared me for a life on the move, as I have been to every state in The USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. I have an older sister who chose the teaching profession and is doing quite fine. What was i like as a child? Well I tend to think that I existed and flourished within "a culture of hate"--------however South Carolina has ceased and desisted with both "The jim Crow Laws' and flying the Confederate Flag------------I witnessed "colored only" bathrooms, and was in establishments where the Klan showed up. I stayed at hotels where my family and I found pounds of raw CHITTERLINS---hogs guts----- at our doorstep!! But don't get me wrong, as despite these ugly truths about the South, I grew up with some very cool whites, mexicans, Filipino's and other races. But it is what it is. It has Metamorphosized into being a cultural and real estate melting pot, as many from other states are recently flocking there for the cheaper home prices, very stable, safer lifestyle and "bible belt" mentality, and affordable education. I too have Metamorphosized , as I am not the militant little athletic, and partying freak I used to be and have settled into writing for Cold Heat News and assisting We Care for Humanity with their charitable functions. Consequently, I am pretty much a normal army brat who has realized that life is what you make it and people and things are subject to change. So change with life and let by gones be by gones. My dad has since passed away, and my mom and sister and most of my cousins are still alive, but their positive,significant influence, along with the impact my elementary and high school friends have had on me continues on;infact, I believe, where it not for my childhood friends, my high school football Coach Jack Cantey and occasional teenage battles with my dad, I would have become a gang member! Thus my personal manifesto is, Live hard, party when it is time, and utilize both education, and Love for God, and know that FAMILY AND FRIENDS are most important;They're one's conduit for a viable and happy life. ALSO, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND---NOT A "FAIR WEATHER"------INDEED.

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