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COLD HEAT NEWS » Entertainment, People » Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A “G”— GARRETT MORRIS Halloween Style- A 2012 Blast From The Past!

Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A “G”— GARRETT MORRIS Halloween Style- A 2012 Blast From The Past!


Bobbing and weaving, meandering  through our long term memories, having worked as a musical collaborator with legendary award winning actor, singer, dancer, producer, Harry Belafonte, traversing comical television greatness genres via The legendary blockbuster, smash hit, trendsetting television show-Saturday Night Live Show- and now seemingly against almost insurmountable odds, though  the nay sayers adamantly hate, starred in Oscar Winner Jamie Fox’s hit show, and now, finally triumphantly, surfacing, scoring, ‘with a steady pay check’, explained Morris, at The Actor’s Fund’s recent ,  Q & A screening, of  the creative comedy hit ,as a cast member, in CBS’s surprise creative comedy hit  “2 Broke Girls”, at  the SAG-AFTRA  Los Angeles headquarters , Mr. Garrett Morris set the record straight.
Unleashing quick tongue in cheek barbs, tag-team-like informative sharing tidbits style, via a “how to survive in Hollywood for dummies 101” heads-ups guidance tips itinerary, Morris and cast members, Jonothan Kite, and Mathew Moy, exalted not only, the incredible virtuosity , but also, the amazing intelligence of the Broke Girl’s main principals, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs——‘They can unlearn, and  learn and memorize whole changes to the script in the act of filming at the drop of a dime!—-  while unmasking and flooring the attendees of the harsh realities of auditioning and ultimately opening our eyes to the real scary  in  the  24/7saga of Halloween’s “Hollywierd, in a real  way.

Jonothan Kite and Mathew Moy,  a, echoed each other saying, “ What ever preparations one makes, such as memorizing and getting into character, on  this show, are likely to go out the window, as the producers may and usually do,change everything during filming, without prior warning”. In fact, they said that 16 hour film days are the norm. Moy, being one of the few Asians working regularly in the entertainment arena, said that he feels that actors must be confident in their abilities and “if another ‘gets it’—— in regards to one’s  comedy “MO” —– cool if not someone else , and  probably that someone will be the  producer, and that is what is most important. Stay true to yourself”. Kite explained that the most important thing is to ‘outwork’ your fellow competitors during the audition. He said, “ When I do and inventory and see that the others may have an edge on me , via looks, or age, or what have you, I make sure  that I out work them. I keep doing more impressions, more improvisations, and literally work that producer until every scenario, and some have been exhausted”. Moy agreed.
Surprisingly enough, Garrett Morris said that  improvisation is a great tool and I have worked with the best of them; from musically with Harry Belafone; the cast of Saturday Night Live; Oscar winner Jamie Fox  ,and I even had to become a teacher at one point in my  career, back during the period of The Chicago Democratic Conventions riot period back in 1968. So I have acquired various skills and improve  is probably my most potent weapon. I experienced a rather  incredible nightmarish situation during my auditioning journeys, as a very prominent director—–whose identity I won’t mention  due to the enormity of that producer’s leverage and the damage that it could do to Morris—— “ and I  was instructed to improvise and during the entire audition I was given grief over my techniques, as if I am not capable of auditioning and improvising. Upon getting home I saw this “The Incredible TYLER PERRY………”, using my exact  words and improvisations, as if he created them. He took credit for my improv’.
Thus, as one can see it is not all fame and glitz in Hollywood. It can be ghoulish, hellish, and downright coldblooded. ‘ One must’, as Garrett Morriss explained, ‘ know the business aspects and ramifications of  Show business as it IS a business. I wish that when I was starting out’, as his cast members looked on with reverence,  as they knew they were hearing the voice of wisdom garnered from hard learned lessons of pain and time, ‘ I was aware of that fact. It is not all glitter and stardust’.
In conclusion, as chills shiver down one’s spine, listen to those that have experienced something dear to you and are trying to “school ya”, or your starry-eyed dream may become a nightmare; One of hellish, and ghoulish proportions. But it will be your own personal FRIGHT NIGHT for real, and for a lifetime——rendering  the death’s  blow to one’s aspirations!!.

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I was born in Fountainbleu in Paris France to an army family. My father ,Ruben Smith, and my mother Nancy Smith, worked for the Army and as a school teacher in France, respectively.We are originally from the South. My father’s people from Misissippi and Alabama and my mom’s from South Carolina. I am an avid sports fan and I attended and played sports----football, wresting, and track----- at Bishop England High School, in Charleston, South Carolina; my mom chose both a Catholic high school and an elementary school, Immaculate Conception, for my sister and I. Initially, I wasted a lot of time in school pursuing sports and partying but nevertheless,I went to the College of Charleston, The University of South Carolina, where I majored in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Theatre and Speech. I finally graduated from The University of Redlands, in Redlands, CA with a degree in business management. I managed to get into SAG-AFTRA, mostly as an extra, but I have done an occasional speaking stint here and there—CD-ROMs, experimental and industrial films, and voice overs in radio. My most recent endeavor was playing a doctor on "Grey's Anatomy". I like horror, love, thrillers, and I like to read. Weightliftingand jogging are some of my hobbies also. Interestingly enough, my family prepared me for a life on the move, as I have been to every state in The USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. I have an older sister who chose the teaching profession and is doing quite fine. What was i like as a child? Well I tend to think that I existed and flourished within "a culture of hate"--------however South Carolina has ceased and desisted with both "The jim Crow Laws' and flying the Confederate Flag------------I witnessed "colored only" bathrooms, and was in establishments where the Klan showed up. I stayed at hotels where my family and I found pounds of raw CHITTERLINS---hogs guts----- at our doorstep!! But don't get me wrong, as despite these ugly truths about the South, I grew up with some very cool whites, mexicans, Filipino's and other races. But it is what it is. It has Metamorphosized into being a cultural and real estate melting pot, as many from other states are recently flocking there for the cheaper home prices, very stable, safer lifestyle and "bible belt" mentality, and affordable education. I too have Metamorphosized , as I am not the militant little athletic, and partying freak I used to be and have settled into writing for Cold Heat News and assisting We Care for Humanity with their charitable functions. Consequently, I am pretty much a normal army brat who has realized that life is what you make it and people and things are subject to change. So change with life and let by gones be by gones. My dad has since passed away, and my mom and sister and most of my cousins are still alive, but their positive,significant influence, along with the impact my elementary and high school friends have had on me continues on;infact, I believe, where it not for my childhood friends, my high school football Coach Jack Cantey and occasional teenage battles with my dad, I would have become a gang member! Thus my personal manifesto is, Live hard, party when it is time, and utilize both education, and Love for God, and know that FAMILY AND FRIENDS are most important;They're one's conduit for a viable and happy life. ALSO, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND---NOT A "FAIR WEATHER"------INDEED.

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