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Amidst  a plethora of steadily time released streams of naysayers , diehards, Ben-haters,  and good-ole fashioned jealousy enthusiasts, multi-talented Academy Award winning actor, screen-writer, producer/director, Ben Affleck,  having successfully shrugged ferocious powerfully built social media monkeys off his back, has traversed the disasters of “The Shadows of The Valley of Gigli, Jersey Girl and Bennifer” , and has triumphantly, much to the chagrin of media dinosaurs, positioned his entire “Argo”, Golden Globe Best Drama Award winning crew, atop the “promised land”; The February 24, 2013 Oscar Awards Ceremony, where Affleck appears to be poised to snatch Oscars from award winning directors—whom he refers to as “my betters”, most notably Steven Spielberg’s monster hit, “Lincoln”.

Argo, much like the late, great Heavy Weight boxing Champion, Joe Frazier’s famous 15th round “Whammo-Punch”, which he seemingly reached back, way far back to Philadelphia, PA, and “armed” his left hook, returned it totally “enriched” enough to obliterate and topple not only the seemingly invincible Muhammad Ali’s dreams of regaining the heavy weight crown, but also bookmarking this fight as both the fight of the century and establishing his punch as possibly the most devastating punch yet viewed by mankind, Affleck’s film, considered by many as the frontrunner in the upcoming Oscar race, possess the rare cinematic ability to entertain, glaze, daze, AMAZE, and galvanize decade old memories, while enriching, educating, and finally r]frightening you with new found ramifications of “The what If Effect”.


This film is about the  successful efforts of the  C.I.A’s agents Tony Mendez, and Hollywood special effects and Academy Award winning legendary make up superstar—also C.I.A operative, and its most highly decorated civilian—-John Chambers, in collaboration with The Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor, in freeing 6 Americans in hiding,  from Iran, as  Terrorists had seized 52 US citizens, and held them for 444 days, as The US would not give up Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, as ransom for their safe return to The United States of America.



Most frightening, is the fact that some of the surviving hostages are convinced that Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was one of their captors.  In an article, published July 1, 2005, on,  entitled. “EX-HOSTAGES: IRAN’S PRESIDENT WAS CAPTOR,  one such account is quoted as such: ‘Already saddled with resolving a looming nuclear showdown with Iran, the Bush administration now faces the possibility that that country’s new leader helped take 52 Americans hostage in 1979.”Many questions” have been raised by six former U.S. hostages who have identified Iran’s President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as one of their captors more than 25 years ago, President Bush said Thursday “I have no information,” Bush said in an interview with foreign reporters ahead of a trip to Scotland next week. “But obviously his involvement raises many questions Earlier, the White House indicated that some kind of investigation was in the works. “I think the news reports and statements from several former American hostages raise many questions about his past,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. “We take them very seriously and we are looking into them to better understand the facts.” Five Americans who were held for more than a year in the hostage crisis believe that Ahmadinejad was one of their captors. “You don’t forget, even years later,” Chuck Scott told FOX News on Thursday. “Even if he dyed his hair blond and shaved his beard, I’d still recognize him.” In addition former hostage David Roeder, according to the same quoted Associated Press article said, ‘ ……. Roeder said he’s sure Ahmadinejad was present during one of his interrogations when the hostage-takers threatened to kidnap his son in the United States and “start sending pieces — toes and fingers of my son — to my wife.”

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Interestingly enough, and of a less threatening matter, some groups feel that Tony Mendez’s character should have been portrayed by an Hispanic; However, according to NBCTV.COM, from its source,  Tony has repeatedly said that he is not Hispanic. Mr. Ben Affleck is of Irish descent.  In an interview by Jack Rico, on on January 1, 2013, Mr. Mendez was quoted as  such:  “I ‘m not Hispanic’’.by Jack Rico 12:46 pm on 01/10/2013.




I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a special Q & A Ben Affleck, screening of Argo–in The Arc Light Movie Theatre in Sherman Oaks, last January 31, 2013, and I was immediately taken by the intelligence and intensity of his love, passion, and  commitment to bringing a realistic and excellent cinematic delicacy to his fans movie going palate; He spoke in terms of  making sure that the product—the movie—and its parts, music vs no music; veracity of empirically designed historically documented events, and  capturing via various modes of heightening stress and tension within the moment, the movie and the audience themselves were of prime importance. Ben told us of the origin of the movie. It was from a novel or play called, “Lord of The Light”. And This was what Mendez and John Chambers used to fool the terrorists into believing that there really was a movie and that he and the 6 want to be free,  as opposed to 6 becoming executed  Americans were the real deal. 

Finally, there is a gentleman named Barry Ira Gellar, who according to a story in Wired Magazine on May 7, 2007,  developed The Lord of The light and along with both John Chambers and pictures by Jack Kirby, cerated the real play that was in fact real and not fake. He also states that he intends to create a Sci-Fi Theme Park as well. He also stated that the idea came from a novel from Roger Zelaney.


In conclusion, all I can say is there has been no cover-up or lying in Affleck’s camp. They told the truth and showed how the human spirit is such that nothing can stop it. This movie and the surrounding cinematic chaos that engulfs it is based on integrity and hard work. I loved it and I got quite tense during the last scene when the would be hostages visit the airport to leave the country. It will raise the hair on the back of your neck. See this movie. I was highly entertained and impressed with Ben’s abilities, as have quite a few organizations. For Argo he has  won  the 2012 Director’s Guild Award; Argo has won The 2012 Producers Guild Award;  The 2012 Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director For Real-Life Drama; and Argo’s cast, which also includes John Goodman, who portrays John Chambers, won The2012  SAG Awards Best Cast Ensemble. Did I leave out that this movie is funny as well, and it won The Critics Awards as well. Ben has indeed silenced his critics and has come a long way. argo has been nominated for 7 academy awards!!



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I was born in Fountainbleu in Paris France to an army family. My father ,Ruben Smith, and my mother Nancy Smith, worked for the Army and as a school teacher in France, respectively.We are originally from the South. My father’s people from Misissippi and Alabama and my mom’s from South Carolina. I am an avid sports fan and I attended and played sports----football, wresting, and track----- at Bishop England High School, in Charleston, South Carolina; my mom chose both a Catholic high school and an elementary school, Immaculate Conception, for my sister and I. Initially, I wasted a lot of time in school pursuing sports and partying but nevertheless,I went to the College of Charleston, The University of South Carolina, where I majored in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Theatre and Speech. I finally graduated from The University of Redlands, in Redlands, CA with a degree in business management. I managed to get into SAG-AFTRA, mostly as an extra, but I have done an occasional speaking stint here and there—CD-ROMs, experimental and industrial films, and voice overs in radio. My most recent endeavor was playing a doctor on "Grey's Anatomy". I like horror, love, thrillers, and I like to read. Weightliftingand jogging are some of my hobbies also. Interestingly enough, my family prepared me for a life on the move, as I have been to every state in The USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. I have an older sister who chose the teaching profession and is doing quite fine. What was i like as a child? Well I tend to think that I existed and flourished within "a culture of hate"--------however South Carolina has ceased and desisted with both "The jim Crow Laws' and flying the Confederate Flag------------I witnessed "colored only" bathrooms, and was in establishments where the Klan showed up. I stayed at hotels where my family and I found pounds of raw CHITTERLINS---hogs guts----- at our doorstep!! But don't get me wrong, as despite these ugly truths about the South, I grew up with some very cool whites, mexicans, Filipino's and other races. But it is what it is. It has Metamorphosized into being a cultural and real estate melting pot, as many from other states are recently flocking there for the cheaper home prices, very stable, safer lifestyle and "bible belt" mentality, and affordable education. I too have Metamorphosized , as I am not the militant little athletic, and partying freak I used to be and have settled into writing for Cold Heat News and assisting We Care for Humanity with their charitable functions. Consequently, I am pretty much a normal army brat who has realized that life is what you make it and people and things are subject to change. So change with life and let by gones be by gones. My dad has since passed away, and my mom and sister and most of my cousins are still alive, but their positive,significant influence, along with the impact my elementary and high school friends have had on me continues on;infact, I believe, where it not for my childhood friends, my high school football Coach Jack Cantey and occasional teenage battles with my dad, I would have become a gang member! Thus my personal manifesto is, Live hard, party when it is time, and utilize both education, and Love for God, and know that FAMILY AND FRIENDS are most important;They're one's conduit for a viable and happy life. ALSO, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND---NOT A "FAIR WEATHER"------INDEED.

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