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Hollywood Rising With Patrick Kilpatric (Interview by: Austin Killeen of Fire Born Studios)

Hollywood Rising inside Fire Born Studios with actor Patrick Kilpatric. In depth interview with actor Patrick Kilpatrick by Austin Killeen of Fire Born Studios. Fire Born Studios is excited to announce it’s newest cast member to the action romance feature film SEND IN THE CLOWNS. Welcoming Patrick Kilpatrick as a notorious villain to play along side actors, Jerry G. Angelo, Kodi Saint Angelo, Shelley Starrett, more to be released.
SEND IN THE CLOWNS is about a ruthless hitman who finds love in his final hours. Producers, Jerry G. Angelo and Romane Simon. If interested in distribution, investing, and all public relations matters contact Jerry G. Angelo at jerrygangelo@gmail.comAsk any movie buff what they think about Patrick Kilpatrick and they’ll probably respond “Who?” Show them a picture of the same Patrick Kilpatrick and they most likely will reply; “Why didn’t you tell me who you were talking about? I saw him in Minority Report, Last Man Standing, Death Warrant, etc. etc. etc. He’s a B-A-D dude!” If you think his career is all about playing villains on television and movies you’re only skimming the surface. Writer, producer, director, teacher and sportsman are additional adjectives to describe this gentleman and his many accomplishments.
Born in Virginia, Kilpatrick’s family moved to Connecticut when he was six. Growing up he was always involved in sports; playing football, baseball, wrestling and basketball. Additionally he was a prolific reader do to his parent’s aversion of his watching television. Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, and Ken Kesey were some of his early heroes and a positive influence in his adult life. A car accident at seventeen resulted in his suffering a broken back. This put his athletic career on hold for a couple of years. While attending the University of Richmond, Patrick started writing. This resulted in some of his efforts being published.
Upon graduation from college, Kilpatrick moved to New York to seek his fortune as a writer. “I worked for every magazine in the city and most of the ad agencies, carving out a pretty successful career. Then I took a break to write a novel, because real writers didn’t just do advertising and journalism. They write novels”. To save money, he shared a house with brilliant actor/director John Tillinger. “My first entertainment job was babysitting his kids, for two hundred bucks a month plus room and board. He was directing a play at the Williamstown Theater Festival, so I took his kids up there too visit him.”
Presently he is producing and directing a movie called Active Shooter, which he hopes to have released this fall. In addition he will be in a film called Send in the Clowns with Kodi Saint Angelo and Jerry Angelo. The film is about a gangster who has an epiphany late in his life. Patrick discussed a variety of subjects as it pertained to his career and movies in general.

“I have been doing a series of teaching seminars at universities, which have been recorded. We will be producing a series of instructional tapes. The bottom line is whom do you want to learn from.” He feels that the vast majority of teaching and acting coaches don’t know what they’re doing. They haven’t done it for a living. “When I’ve auditioned actors, I’ve been stunned by their lack of preparedness. Even if you’ve come from a fine theatrical graduate school such as Yale, Carnegie Mellon, First Take Acting School in San Francisco or Juilliard. A lot of those places don’t prepare you for what the reality of the business is.” 

Regarding actors who have a successful history in entertainment. “I think those actors who succeed and have any longevity in the business embrace writing and producing and directing themselves: Particularly nowadays where television has been decimated by reality TV. So the opportunity to work is way reduced. So if you are not doing your own creative life as Jerry Angelo is, you’re pretty domed in my opinion.”

The subject of type casting in the entertainment industry was discussed. “There’s very little vision in Hollywood. What happens is everybody kind of gets pigeon holed and they do what’s easy for them. I got type cast into playing villains, because I was good at it. If you don’t like it the only thing you can do is say no. I had a family so I just keep working. I try to have fun with the roles, trying to play each character different.” Watch how he plays against Bruce Willis’s character in Last Man Standing verses Alice Ghostley’s character in Palmer’s Pick Up. He may be type cast but his villains always have a different look. At 6’ 2” and 220 pounds Patrick is an imposing figure. If he was 5’ 7” and 120 pounds he would still be able to send chills up the audience’s back.

Kilpatrick is president and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. In addition to acting he is active in veterans’ affairs having traveled to Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Kyrgyzstan with the USO, entertaining troops. He is active with the Coalition to Salute Americas’ Heroes, Brooke Army Medical Center (San Antonio, TX) and California Paralyzed Veterans. His father received the Silver Star for his actions at the battle of Okinawa in World War II as a member of an Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), a predecessor of the Navy SEALS

When I contacted Patrick for this interview, he was quail hunting in the woods of Georgia. He mentioned that he also likes to go fishing in the Everglades of Florida. He finds that both pursuits are relaxing but physically demanding which keep him in shape for the action roles he plays in the movies. His many trips to the Everglades have resulted in numerous complaints to the Fish and Game Warden. Both the alligators and Burmese pythons say he is scaring them!


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