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 In a world constantly bombarded by negative energies that are destructive to the mind, body, and spirit, we may sometimes feel that there is no hope. When we are submerged so deeply into the programming of fear, guilt, regret, jealousy, pride, and other negative emotions, we may feel it is impossible to ever climb back out of the muck. I had reached that point of hopelessness and isolation in 2010. And that is when I had an amazing discovery—through the healing work of Maya Devi.

I finally realized that there was more to life than living inside a mind and a body that encased my true spirit like an iron cage. A cage that over time had put me in a prison within myself. I finally realized how to get out of that limiting cage when I met the incredible healer Maya Devi.
The spirit of a person is truly remarkable. With Maya Devi’s help, I finally realized that life spark in me that says, “enough is enough.” It was finally time to live the life that was meant to be. In the past, I would always seek help for my body pains through the care of doctors. Similarly, I sought help for my heart and spirit through my religion. But sometimes we need something else, as well.
What constrains and hinders our true healing process are the pre-programming belief systems embedded in us from birth and from our parent’s and their ancestors. I understood all that when I was introduced to the amazing power of energy healing with Maya Devi. Her modalities of healing work includes Lemurian Healings ( and Theta Healing ( and when I received these healings, I started to truly understand and comprehend the Universe and the meaning of my existence.
Scientifically, it is a fact that all matter in this universe is a form of energy of varying vibrational densities and frequencies. Though we are all programmed to only believe what we can see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and smell externally, I now understand that there is more to reality. What I learned through distance energy healing with Maya Devi was that I didn’t need to sit face to face with Maya Devi to have effective healing sessions.
I do these healings from the comfort of my home, through a PHONE SESSION. The results have been that my life has changed in so many profound, amazing, exciting, and joyful ways. It is my experience that PHONE SESSIONS with Maya Devi are just as effective as in person, because Maya Devi connects with me energetically even though I am miles away.
I have discovered that my physical body’s cellular intelligence communicates with the energy healing transmuted by Maya Devi from a far. I have found that my body not just absorbs physical energies projected by her, but also through the resonant vibrations through the sound of Maya Devi’s voice. That is enough to transport, and for me to receive, the healing which Maya Devi sends my way during our phone healing sessions.
This is how energy healing at its core has helped me. When Maya Devi taps into me from the cellular level wherever I am, it creates a profound shift in my cellular vibration and memories. I have gone through numerous healing sessions over the phone with Maya Devi since 2012, and I find each session to be positively enriching and fresh. These sessions open up something in me that I never knew existed before.
Maya Devi’s knowledge, intuition, compassion, and love is transported through time and space. These sessions assist me in clearing what seemingly is many lifetimes of negative energies inside me. We live in a human body that really is a casing that contains our true essence which is our spirit, and it resides in our hearts. All that is needed is that an individual makes that choice to want to heal, since we are all born with that innate right and ability.
Once I allow and give myself the permission to heal, I receive the gifts of healing. I highly suggest to those seeking a very special healing that you choose Maya Devi as your healer. Those who have been effected by the ups and downs of life on earth, and who needs healing, will highly benefit from Maya Devi’s assistance.
The mind and spirit are what propels our bodies to heal and an energy healer like Maya Devi can assist you in releasing the blockages that holds you back into being the very best you can be in life. Energy healing is touted to be the future of medicine. As more and more scientists in the medical field are discovering that healing from a cellular level is indeed possible without the need for synthetically made pills.
I am a firm believer in this, and I encourage everyone to try energy healing with Maya Devi because she is truly a highly qualified healer. The key to future success in my experience is in being consistent with my healing sessions. We are so programmed to get “quick fixes” that we think one session is all is needed.
The physical human body needs daily care, and the daily need for air, water and food to sustain us. And for the up-keep of our mental and emotional bodies, we also have great needs. For example, we nourish the mind by reading, writing and creating. In the same way, our spirit needs regular cleansing, healing, and reinvigorating, too. So we must connect all these aspects—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—through the healing heart’s way of understanding and knowing. To be free from all forms of toxicity we need regular sessions with Maya Devi.
In the heart resides our spirit, and that is the core of all our healing. Hope, faith, and a simple willingness to try are the basic requirements in receiving Maya Devi’s healing work. Not everyone feels hope or faith when they book a session with Maya Devi, but just the willingness to try a session is enough to make powerful changes!

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Mike Pestano is an entrepreneur, Business Development, Internet and Social Media consultant, health educator, blogger, and business coach. He has held various managerial and regional director positions including corporate sales trainer for GNC Canada, GNC USA, and Carmax West Coast. As a Social Media Consultant he specializes in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.. Mike is also a health industry consultant specializing in the nutritional supplements sector since 2007 for several investment firms. He was also a member of the product formulation team for GNC Canada that developed a complete line of supplements unique to the Canadian market. His expertise encompasses organics, manufacturing processes, operations, distribution, and market development. He has a background in management, marketing, finance, and information administration technology from Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas, Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, and Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He has also completed the Dale Carnegie Course in Public Speaking as well as the Canadian Securities Course, Canadian Investment Funds Course, Life Underwriter’s Association courses, and the Caltex Philippines and Chevron Canada Service Station Management Programs. Here in the United States he is the Vice President of the Ateneo de Manila Alumni Association of California. He is the current President-Elect of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and the Treasurer of the Council on Trade and Investments for Filipino Americans. Outside of work Mike’s hobbies and passions are cooking, baking, writing, drawing, and reading. A former swimmer, basketball, and baseball player he has now transitioned into the fitness arena and aspires to compete sometime in the near future in physique competitions.

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