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John Sudol has been a dynamic force in acting and directing for over 25 years, and is now poised to release books and further his mission of facial recognition training——-which has made him a force in the entertainment industry, and a well seasoned veteran actor and director———and take his dynamic talents to colleges and teach students how to master their acting craft and arm them with the skills to make them successful, as actors. I first encountered John about 5 years ago at his studio in North Hollywood and I was instantly locked into his teaching style. I was nailed to the floor, as he made me aware that there is much more to acting than having emotion, and  passion. One’s facial appearance MUST  register with not only the casting director and producer, but also with the audience. Imagine sounding a part and not looking the part:Kinda like having a hamburger with no meat,Y’know? Unlike voice-overs “facial recognition” is a necesity to actors and your career is dead without mastering this technique!.

John Sudol, according to his passionate, and creative  studio manager Jovanna Ortiz, ” has recently worked with the Center for the Language of the Face, his most current  contribution to the craft of acting as he prepares to launch his Acting Face to Face –The On-Camera’s Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotion for TV & Film – which is the first of his three book series set to be released April of 2013″. Jovanna also said, ” You can also keep a look out for the following two books which will be phased out in the latter part of the year. Although, John is focusing on getting his books out to the acting community, he is also collaborating with top colleges’ theater & film departments, as well as top names in the industry to align and bring his work to other key markets in the U.S. and around the globe.”

John, according to Jovanna Ortiz, ” won Best Director for both “Waiting for Lefty” and “Of Mice and Men” and several other awards for best production.” Ortiz went on further saying, “John Co-Founded the Performing Actor’s Studio where he trained hundreds of actors, both in Seattle and Portland – whom have since gone on to very successful careers in New York as well as Los Angeles.” In addition Ortiz explained why John is so dynamic. It is as follows:

‘What John prides himself most for in his teaching process is that he gives his students more than just tips and tricks, but the very real, applicable tools they need to increase their level of skill. This gives them the confidence to achieve their goals, which translates into having a successful acting career.  This is the only Studio in America that teaches the on-camera actor how to organically create and reveal the subtleties of emotion which is the key to nailing the reaction shot. Here, the Science of Emotion meets Artistic Expression.John’s groundbreaking method truly defines the difference between stage and film acting. Many of his successful students define his class as the “missing link” which completes the refinement of their acting abilities. This work guarantees to reveal just how integral your face is to your success in working in this TV/Film Town evidenced by his students consistently booking work in commercials, on television and film.’

John is offering a special on the release of his book and he said, ‘GET EARLY RELEASE DISCOUNT PRICE: My Book Acting: Face to Face. Go to to sign up. It’s the actor’s guide for understanding how your face communicates emotion for TV and Film, is set to be released …end of February. Check it out. ‘
John Sudol’s acting studio is called, The John Sudol Acting Studio; Center For The language Of The Face-Emotional Expresiveness Training For Actors.


John’s classes are great! I first attended one of his free seminars and was surprised by how much real and practical information he gave. I have since taken the Nail That Reaction and theatrical audition classes. He has definitely given me practical tools that have increased my skill as an actor. I highly recommend his studio.

April 11, 2012

Hi John,

Hope all is well. Writing you to tip my hat to you once again and say a hearty “Thank you” as I have just booked a National TV Commercial for Little Caesars Pizza!

Your teachings of facial expression is unparalleled! Man, I practice the techniques I learned in Nail That Reaction Shot class, and I have so much Ease & Confidence in that audition room!

I know beyond a doubt your class was a major factor in my booking this gig.

It’s good to know and feel my “Face” and I are on the same page when I’m in front of the cameras.

You da man John!

All the best.

Jordan Preston


March 8, 2012

Just finished my first class series with John and I def plan on returning! Class sizes are small and the information beyond vital. A must have for any actor. ~ Benjamin Seay


Feb 15, 2012

The Language of the Face revolutionized the way I practice acting. I was blessed with bookings almost immediately. I highly recommend John’s approach. He doesn’t mess around. It’s honest and useful.” ~ Richard McKenzie


Jan 16, 2012

After studying with John theatrically for sometime (and having translated that into successful bookings on “24”, “The Defenders”, “General Hospital”, etc…) and I decided to take his commercial class.
I am SO glad I did. Commercial acting has more nuances to it than I could have ever imagined. After taking John’s commercial classes I booked my first national commercial (Rogaine) and a few months later have now booked my second national commercial, this one a super bowl commercial for Dodge Ram.
I can HONESTLY tell you skills I learned in his class for the “interview audition” are what helped me book these roles. By taking his class I was already comfortable turning the behind the camera question into a full thought that repeated the question and that is something most people don’t do, luckily for me, because thanks to John I do and I booked, TWICE!!! Thanks John! ~ Mark DeLisle



Dec 17, 2011

I love how constructive John’s criticism is, because he is the only acting teacher in LA that is certified on an expert level in facial recognition. He specializes in reactions for commercials. I’ve taken several other on-camera classes, and I tended to get instructor feedback that was positive, but not as helpful for my growth and progress. John always pushes his students to stimulate growth.
He pointed out how when I’m not being as genuine, I default just a “pleasant demeanor,” when my personality could infect the camera even more.
I’m currently in his 11-week commercial program, which thoroughly covers various audition types ranging from action, dialogue, paired reads, improv, etc.
He hosts free seminars, so I highly recommend you check out his studio! ~ Jona Xiao



Dec 06, 2011

I moved to LA recently and tarted taking classes with John shortly after. His studio was suggested to me by an undergrad friend who had been working with him for a long time. I am VERY happy that I took her advice. The things I have learned have really rounded out my acting. I spent years learning about the voice, physical movement and psychology of a character but never had any chance to study facial expressions on this level. This is something entirely different from the face acting I have seen people teach in the past. On top of that, as a classically trained actor, I have taken his commercial course and have learned a whole bunch about how to be a commercial actor and how to really make a go of it. ~ Paul J Morin



Nov 11, 2011

A one of a kind class that every actor should attend. John is a brilliant teacher, and the skills taught in the Nail That Reaction Commercial class are invaluable. ~ Laurel Barham


Nov 10, 2011

I’m currently taking John’s ‘Nail that reaction shot’ 11 week commercial class and it is worth every penny!! It’s already revolutionized how I help the camera know what I’m thinking. It’s so much more than just ‘making faces’ but he gives you the fundamental tools to know how each emotion should look so that it registered appropriately. Like he says “the language of the face is just like any other language and if you use the wrong words then you’ll only confuse people” Thank you John for teaching me the right words!!  ~ Jordan Sorenson


Oct 12, 2011

Where to start…John is amazing! I started with his free Nail that Reaction Shot workshop…which led to me enrolling in his Reaction Shot Series…which led me to taking both of his Commercial & Theatrical classes. I am a much better actor hands down all around with John’s help. He is so knowledgeable about everything regarding acting. He blows my mind! He’s very meticulous and critiques you to the last technical aspect…which is a good thing! and it’s so important! John used to work in Casting so he has 1st hand knowledge. During all classes, he puts you on video every single class, sometimes more! and then sends you your work afterwards. Besides his feedback, he sometimes asks other students for their feedback to help the students learn themselves what to look for/do. When you work commercial and theatrical spots with him, he treats them all like real auditions so you can get practice!
He also will critique your marketing materials which is very helpful.
Also for demeanor, John is very friendly and encouraging. He’s a no bullshit teacher and (GASP) inexpensive…he’s not looking to take advantage of actors.
I cannot recommend John enough!!
Thank you John! — Sabrina J.

Oct 03, 2011

My husband and I brought our 3 daughters to Johns free 1 1/2 hour class and they loved it. They had great one on one with him and my husband and I left there we were more informed about the acting industry than when we got there. We will be back for more classes in the very near future. Also his assistant Jovanna was great with the girls:)



Sep 30, 2011

I found John’s workshop on LA Casting and thought immediately that this could help advance my son’s acting career. When we actually attended it exceeded my expectations. He worked very briefly with my 6 year old and I could see a world of difference in his before and after takes on camera. We look forward to enrolling in the full class to take advantage of this training that I know is unparalleled anywhere else in this industry. My son will be able to nail that reaction on cue which will definitely take him to the next level. I look forward to writing more reviews after the class is finished to tell you all how much more success he has from having the benefit of this training. Kudos to you John, we’ll see you again soon! Alex A

Sep 16, 2011

WOW! Im in awe! All I can say is i’m excited and ready to go! John thank you as I now just took my career to a higher level of learning and i’m ready to take the journey! Lol! Yay! I haven’t even started class yet! The seminar just made it clear that I need to up my game! – – Emily V



Aug 01, 2011

i took john’s nail that reaction shot class after a few unsuccessful and uncomfortable auditions for commercials. i left the class feeling confident about my next commercial audition. john explains things clearly and most importantly we get to spend a lot of time on camera. reaction requests at auditions were a thorn in my side. now i know my next one won’t be painful!! – – Lorrain I

Jul 28, 2011

I took John’s class earlier this month. What an eye opener and eyebrow raiser. There’s so much that goes into your facial expressions that don’t involve the eyes. He explains the simplicity of conveying emotion through facial expressions. It’s not as easy as it seems. I recommend this class to all actors who aren’t big name stars (because we’re trying to become the big names, right?). Haha! – – Milan E

Jul 27, 2011

John Sudol’s class has really made a difference in my acting and my auditioning! I used to think my facial expressions & my feelings were in sync at auditions (especially commercial)…wrong! My face wasn’t registering what I was feeling or it would over do it and come across as insincere or too much! Now I’m working my facial muscles in concert with my “Triggers’ and feelings and what I feel I can now accurately show on my face. This is fantastic, I didn’t even know that I needed this training and now I cant imagine how I auditioned without it! Plus on a side note, John makes the class a very fun experience. Thanks John!  – – Jordan P



Jul 18, 2011

Language of the Face: One of the most important classes I have ever taken, with immediate and practical application towards all my auditions. Many of my actor friends are skeptical, thinking in this class we are just making faces…no, we are tying the stimulus to the emotional response to the correct and appropriate facial muscles for the situation. Another of my acting coaches says have the thought in your head and it will show on your face….but this is not always true, sometimes you need a little more that that to get the part. I recently auditioned for a pilot, we had only 30 min ahead of time to see the script, I applied John’s principles and got very good feedback a few days later!  – – Jerry M

May 17, 2011

Language of the Face – sounds simple right? We all know how to be happy, mad, surprised, sad. But – does our face convey that? We started the workshop making each face and being recorded, and rating ourselves. Then – John reviewed each face with us. and he rated us. Turns out – on a scale of 1 – 5 – five being I nailed it – my surprise face? I thought it was a 3 – he said it was a 5! – My anger face? I thought it was a 5 – John thought I was expressing more sadness than anger. So see? Not so simple. However – now that I have taken his class – I will not EVER go into an audition without applying what I learned from John, EVER. Valuable doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it did for me.  – – Eileen L

May 31, 2011

Thank you so much for your very kind review Eileen.

Just so everyone who reads is clear that you weren’t just making faces- when we did the emotional evaluation what I had you do is create specific emotions. When you felt you were experiencing the emotion you let me know and I put you on camera. Then you evaluated how intensely you were experiencing the emotion. This gives you an idea of the difference between what you feel and what you reveal – thanks again for spending time with me and Leaning the Language of the face – Mastering the Reaction Shot . — John

May 16, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of taking “Mastering the Reaction Shot class” with John Sudol via Skype. Initially I thought it might be difficult to learn this way but John is so expressive and accompanies his visual expression with detailed verbal descriptions that you cannot “not” get what he is saying! A few days after the first session of the class I had 2 back to back auditions for commercial gigs where I was asked to “react” to what was being said in the script. I immediately fell back on what I had just learned and although I was not booked for either gig, I left both auditions feeling like I had done my best and received good response from those on the other side of the audition table! A “must” on the training list for any serious actors out there. You will learn by leaps and bounds AND apply it to your work immediately. Ditra P


Mar 30, 2011

Just thought I would let you know that I booked my first national ( McDonalds) since being in your class, Woo Hoo!. It’s worth noting that I was on avail twice but didn’t book, oh well, all’s well that ends well :). It took me longer than I expected because I was having trouble remembering everything we learned in class at the audition so I printed out the reaction shots handout and started taking them on auditions with me. Now while I am waiting I break down the copy for appropriate reactions. I literarily go through all the reaction shots so I will be ready with my choice as well as for any redirect I might get. It’s a little anal but it works for me :). The commercial I just booked was just a reaction to a salesperson and the director didn’t know what he wanted in the audition. He just kept saying “do it this way”, “now this way”, “try this”. I felt really good that whatever reaction he wanted I could deliver quickly and with confidence. Anyway I just thought I would say hi and thanks. – – Kathy T


Mar 29, 2011

My husband and I loved John’s class. He is a master with facial expressions. After taking John’s class I booked 3 commercials within 2 months and I know I will continue to book with the tools John has given me. Thanks John! – -Cherise B


Mar 25, 2011

The free seminar (“Nailing the Reaction Shot”) hooked me! I signed up for the Reactions workshop as well as the Commercial workshop. This is the real deal! Truly eye opening! Thank you John for bringing this valuable training to actors! – – Denise M.



Mar 24, 2011

John is THE facial expression guru!! The “nail the reactions” class is awesome for those who want to learn how to control the muscles in their face and find the right triggers to bring out specific reactions. Just brilliant stuff! — Jena A



Mar 24, 2011

His one day introductory workshop COMPLETELY changed how I think about reaction shots. John was right; I thought of them as overacting, but that’s really only because I was not using the right muscles to express the character’s feelings, so my face either stayed stagnant or my reaction grew bigger, despite my not projecting the proper emotions in the first place. No wonder I felt like I was overacting…I was. – – Alisha N

Feb 06, 2011

As actors, often the emotion that we generate internally doesn’t come across as clearly on our face as we think it does. That’s where John’s reaction class comes in. He takes you through the fundamental emotions, puts it all on camera and lets you see for yourself how your face reads. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the difference between what you “feel” and what you actually express. He breaks it down to which specific facial muscles are reflexively engaged in real-life emotional responses. Once you gain this awareness you can use it with your emotional triggers to clarify your expressions. This is the foundation of his work. You’ll also learn about expressing different “shades” of emotion, and the combining of emotions. It’s all done on camera so you can see for yourself and learn quickly. Like a golfer analyzing his swing in order to improve it, you’ll be able to analyze your “expressiveness” in order to bring it into correct alignment with your emotion. That’s a valuable tool for any actor. I’ve also begun John’s commercial program, where we bring the reaction work into the commercial context. The classes have been great and really informative. It’s boosted my confidence about auditioning a TON. I highly recommend. – – Jeff V


Jan 31, 2011

I took John Sudol’s 8-week Commercial Class last year, and I learned a lot of practical information – facial expressions, reactions, relevant commercial material, etc. What’s excellent about John’s classes is that you get up on your feet over and over again. He films you constantly and runs regular mock auditions so you can see for yourself how you executed the audition.


John has great insight in the industry, and the things I learned were extremely valuable. Another hugely great aspect is the way John runs his class: He gives you a short lecture/lesson, goes over some written material, then you get to DO IT and TRY the things he’s been talking about. You can never, of course, completely recreate the environment of a real audition – but John’s class comes damn close. It was great to be able to learn his lessons and get it in your body instead of just “learning” the lessons conceptually. I’ve taken three different commercial classes and workshops in my career, and John’s class has been – by far – the most practical and valuable.
Another thing, John’s a straight shooter and he doesn’t BS. He doesn’t waste any time with “That was great!” when it wasn’t. I LOVE THAT about his teaching style. I’d definitely recommend him. —  Yee Yee L

Jan 30, 2011

Having taken both Reaction 1&2 classes, I can honestly say that I learned how facial expressions can be bring subtleties to any scene. You will make better decision in making character choices, too. John let you the student evaluate your on-camera performance. Between your evaluation and John’s you will see a difference in your acting. Thanks, John.  – –  Ana D


Jan 28, 2011

I have just completed 4 weeks in John’s Reactions Class (Levels 1 and 2) as well as his Theatrical Class. I can honestly say that I have done a complete 180 in only a month’s time–John called me out on BS that no other coach ever bothered to work me through. The result is more truthful acting that is both camera and viewer friendly, and work that makes me proud, instead of disappointed in myself. John is extremely critical and objective but coaches with a gentle hand, asking the student to do his/her own criticisms, goal-setting, and growth. I will definitely continue to study with John when I can, and I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to sharpen their skills and make major improvements!  – -Madeline B.


Thus as you can see John is the master! His work  and aacting ability is such that it would take hours to list it but do get his book. John is a winner!!

Jan 24, 2011

johns reactions class is very informative and i can see how it can be very applicable to many of todays commercial auditions that require various subtle or funny reactions w/ or w/o dialogue. A+ – -Dru D.



Jan 08, 2011

I really enjoyed his Nail That Reaction Seminar. It was an interesting look into how your face works and your own personal reaction inclinations as a actor. Once you understand how your own face works, you can work to improve your facial reactions.  — Grant L


Nov 24, 2010

I was recently given the opportunity to take part in John’s Agency Showcase. In order to qualify, participants attended two rehearsals the week prior. Since I wasn’t a student of John’s beforehand, these rehearsals were very eye-opening.  Anyone who values the technical side of movement and facial expressiveness will appreciate what John Sudol Acting Studio has to offer. I’m looking forward to continuing my education with the Reaction Class. Thanks John! — Owen M


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