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Concert To Feed The Homeless Presents: MELISSA LEE DIEHL

Born on September 11, 1998, Melissa entered the world to make it her own.  She has made the world her stage, putting big smiles on all with her warm and soulful voice.  It’s no wonder that this little girl turned into the charismatic, loving multi-talented singer, song-writer, dancer, actress, with a flair for theatrics that she is today.  At age two, Melissa was rocking and dancing while her peers were crying and hiding on stage.  At age six, she was performing solo pieces and modeling on TV morning shows. Winning talent category on Pretty Little Miss and Miss International. The next year Melissa got accepted into Vanderbuilt Blair School of Music children’s chorus in Nashville, Tennessee, a highly acclaimed music school for gifted musicians and artists.  By age ten, she was performing with former Broadway stars in the Musical production ABBAsolutely Fabulous at the No Square Theater in Laguna Beach, despite the casting’s director’s minimum age requirement of sixteen years old to audition. Noted for her “Unique”, “Woody”, and “Mature” voice by the Director Saif Eddin.  Melissa has since gone on to play various roles at the Camino Real Playhouse for The King and I (danced with an all adult cast) and the classic tale, Christmas Story. Melissa was drawn back to music when she was a finalist at OC Icon where she was noted for her “Believability and Star like quality” by the judges (Mark L. Walberg, host of Fox television’s “The Moment of Truth” and PBS’s “Antique Road Show”; Kye Brackett, Emmy Award-winning choreographer for Barry Manilow, and Grammy-nominated singer and Orange County native, Cassie Miller; and Suzy Sachs, talent development executive credited with launching the careers of Brendan Fraser and Hilary Swank. Nelson Coats, production designer of movie “Last Song”, pointed out the remarkable similar qualities between Melissa and Miley Cyrus.

In addition to her musical talent, Melissa is an aspiring actress, an expert stand-up paddle boarder, advanced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, horseback rider, boxer.  She also participates on her high school competition dance team.  Melissa is also an excellent student who has continued to receive Superintendent awards for Academic Excellence and maintaining a 4.0 GPA while taking all accelerated classes.

Melissa has performed many venues in Nashville, TN and along the southern coast of California, including Ingram Hall, Carpenter Center and Coach House. She has been successfully lead her groups or bands to headline many charity events, including Cancer Relay, raise fund for Liver Walk and sent toys and  her autography to LA Children’s hospital etc. She spend Christmas season singing with kids with Autism……

No matter it is to sing with legendary bands or free charity events, Melissa is always noted by her stage presence and confidence at such a young age! “They are all amazing singer and dancer! But when Melissa sings and dances, she makes me happy and moved” said by many.

For Melissa, that is all she wants to do, to put a smile on her fan’s face one by one…..

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Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres is one of the world’s naturally noble people. She has been risen to great heights by her love of humanity. She is the founder of We Care for Humanity, an international NGO, and the creator of the Global Officials of Dignity Awards which link humanitarians by a silken thread to a web of like-minds stretching the world. A non-political influencer of world affairs for peace, Amor strives to spread humanitarianism throughout the world via "The Traveling Princess TV Show" which broadcasts internationally and raises the profile of the greatest humanitarians of the world, many charities, and the issues they address. Maria Amor is the adopted daughter of the Philippine Royal Families of Baloi and Sulu and honorable princess of Jambi, Indonesia. Her royal status was sealed by Government decrees and has received the highest honor awarded to royalty, the Derjah Kerabat. She is a multi-awarded humanitarian and peace icon, and a seasoned diplomat representing various organizations and kingdoms worldwide. Princess Maria Amor is a published author and artist.

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