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Concert To Feed The Homeless Presents: HAITIAN BAND- MINE IS MINE

Mine is Mine Haitian band, was born February 7, in 2012 Los Angeles California with good friends from 20 years. The 2 leaders of the group started music in the same band in Haiti in 1990 with “the Ram”. The separated in 1997 to follow professional career in USA. “Circumstances” crossed their path back in 2012 in Los Angeles during an event and Sylvain Jean-Louis and Andre Onito decided to recreate the band with a new name: Mine is Mine. Andre Onito left Miami to fly in Los Angeles and started a new life here with the incredible band, performing in several venues.

The group is composed by:

– Andre Onito, voice and lead guitar solo

– Sylvain Jean-Louis: lead vocal and guitar bass

– Robinson Dorvil: Guitar and voice

– Voltaire Karlinsky: Key Board

-Setoi Gelmail: Conga drums

– Benjamin Appiah: drums

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