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COLD HEAT NEWS » Business, Entertainment, Featured Article, Philantrophy » As Summer loosens it s grip, Maria Amor, Megaworld, and a whole slew of talented artists have entertained Los Angeles, and are bringing heart pumping momentum that WILL usher Winter’s Icy Kiss, into a warm place of anticipated fun, extending summer further into OUR HEARTS, year round!!!!

As Summer loosens it s grip, Maria Amor, Megaworld, and a whole slew of talented artists have entertained Los Angeles, and are bringing heart pumping momentum that WILL usher Winter’s Icy Kiss, into a warm place of anticipated fun, extending summer further into OUR HEARTS, year round!!!!

MEGAWORLD Roadshow today (day 3) at Lord of Harvest 2707 Temple St. LA!
It ‘s not too late to sign-up, hit me up! — with Katelyn Hilario.

As Summer loosens it s grip, Maria Amor,  Megaworld—–a world renowned real estate corporation, having launched hundreds of residential projects,commercial ventures, including  hotels, offered amazing investment opportunities,in addition to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry————– and a whole slew of talented artists have entertained  Los Angeles, and are  bringing heart pumping momentum that  WILL usher Winter’s Icy Kiss, into a warm place of anticipated fun, extending summer further into OUR HEARTS, year round!!!!

For instance, fresh from her humanitarian-business venture to Indonesia, Maria  Amor, the former Ms. Asia, CEO, and  founder of the nonprofit, We Care for Humanity, Megaworld, and her associate Em Roberts—Empower——-are banding together to educate, entertain, and ultimately transform potential investors’ lives, through the medium of real estate investments in The Philippines. The venture is called “Twin Lakes”. Not only can one acquire land, but through the company that is spearheading this life altering wealth creation venture, Megaworld, can utilize  their investment as an opportunistic user friendly  tourism mechanism, synergistically galvanizing and pumping currency into  the Filipino economy, while offering the country’s international foreign visitors with temporary and or seasonal housing, and   simultaneously padding their wallets as well.

Marketed as “THE MEGAWORLD ROADSIDE SHOW”, Amor and her talented colleagues are dining, entertaining, and educating potential investors, starting in Los angeles, and then going nationwide, in the Megaworld’s  way of getting richer and happier. In fact, Megaworld’s philosophy, “live, work, play”, is vicariously manifested via offering  living accomodations within its projects, but also in, recreational facilities, such as movie theaters, golfing resources, and also beautiful garden views, famously exhibited in ventures such as” McKINLEY WEST”,  which lures visitors worldwide. Furthermore, according to Megaworld’s  President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Andrew L. Tan, at, ‘ The Philippine economy’s impressive growth in 2012 was driven, more than anything else, by increased private sector activity and heightened consumer spending, particularly in the fourth quarter of the year as inward remittances from our overseas Filipino workers expectedly fueled holiday spending. An 8.7% surge in private investments for the year also helped drive economic activity and, consequently, growth. Another piece of good news is that 2012 also saw an unprecedented boom in the Philippine real estate sector, something the country had not experienced in almost 20 years. According to reports from the National Statistical Coordination Board, the real estate sector posted a growth of 28.1% in the first quarter of the year alone, outpacing major Philippine industries and setting the tone for the sector’s fine performance for the whole year. Amid this backdrop, Megaworld turned in an equally impressive performance in 2012 as demand for our world-class townships and first-rate BPO office spaces continued to rise. During the year, consolidated net income amounted to P7.41 billion, a hefty 24% increase from the 2011 consolidated net income of P5.98 billion, net of the P2.18 billion non-recurring gain from the sale of investments. Consolidated total revenues composed of real estate sales, rental income, hotel income, and other revenues also grew by 16%, excluding the 2011 non-recurring gain on sale of investments. The bulk of generated consolidated revenues came from the sale of condominium units amounting to P18.17 billion in 2012, a 14% increase from P15.89 billion in 2011.’ This venture is being promoted—MEGAWORLD, WITH MARIA AMOR, EM ROBERTS, WE CARE FOR HUMANITY-(EMPOWER)  via 4 different venues; THE MOST RECENT PRODUCTION IS TODAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2013,  AT 6 P/M, AT THE LORD OF HARVEST, 2727 WEST TEMPLE STREET, LOS ANGELES C.A 90026–FEAUTURING SINGING PHENOM, KATELYN  HILARIO.


The Summer of 2013 saw big names come and go, but Marneen Lynne Fields, already billed to appear “live”,  on  Pepper Jays, Actors Reporters Actor’s Echat, with it’s sub-host, Maurice Dwayne Smith, November 28, 2013, known for being, not only one of the most prolific female stunt performers in motion picture history, but also for being an award winning SONGBIRD; writer of“Release My Love,—– lyrics, music, and all vocals—- and  7 time Music Awards nominated (2012-2013), and 5 time chart topping pop-rock singer, is forging ahead into the cold months and rainy season on a tremendous swell of success, upon a wave of chart toppers, and humanitarian events.  Fields excitedly gushed, ‘ My new single “Release My Love” has just won honorable mention in the song of the year contest! and my new single “Release My Love” has won HONORABLE MENTION in the 2013 SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST beating out hundreds of thousands of entries from all over the world. I’m so thrilled I’ve won this, and I share it with my amazing producer Steve Valenzuela who was sound engineer on Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath The song has also landed me a Best Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year Award Nomination for the Artists in Music Awards.’.  Marneen, is also the sponsor for media standout ,Carlos Zeron’s  charity event—–CPC ANNUAL THEATRICAL CONCERT 4A CAUSE— on November 9, 2013.  Fields went on to say, ‘ I’m so thrilled to be a sponsor for this great charity event being held on November 9th to benefit cancer research for children, and Carlos Zeron, Photographer, and exececutive producer of CPC Productions designed  my banner, which  will be displayed on the event’s red carpet. Marneen also shared, ‘ I’m nominated for two awards in this years Artists in Music Awards, one is for Best Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year for “Release My Love. That’s  an award that goes  to the best songwriters in “The Song Of the Year Contest” this week. My goal has been to write hit song on the radio since I was a teenager. See there, dreams do come true if you keep the faith in yourself .’

Since 2012, Marneen Lynne Fields has been an 8 time award nominated, and 3 time award winning singer, songwriter, and Since 2009 her singing and songwriting have landed her in the #1 and #2 positions on “my music internet charts” beating out 50,00 to nearly two million other song.


Other SIZZLING Notables were Tanya Zee, director and producer, Bella Maori, actress and model, and her sister Gina Carey, UK singer phenom, of The movie, “Internship Games”—Zee and Maori—, and stylish musical CD, “Funk, Rhythm, and Soul”, Carey, respectively. All three artists brought heat and vision to their crafts. Zee’s “Internship Games”, a satirical look at  the horrors of competition, arguably poked fun at race, stereotypes, sexual preferences, and social stratas;gaving one a cold blooded look at the realities of life for students, immigrants, indigents,  and those who are either going to make it or break it—either on their own merit, by threats, or with social programs. It is a riot. The film also gave, 2012’s Ms.Black Upland, Bella Maori, —-ACTRESS, MODEL, BEAUTY QUEEN, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER——a platform from which to FURTHER launch her thespian abilities, as she portrayed a gruff, lesbian, quite possibly a sociopath, with violent tendencies, who had no problem getting violent “to keep it real”. BELLA’S SISTER, Mrs. Gina Carey’s soulful singing and songwriting gifts, in my opinion are a combination of singers Stefanie Mills, The Emotions, and En Vogue—–a three headed dynamic—-The girl can “sang”. Her CD entitled, “FUNK, RHYTHM, AND SOUL” is to die for. Carey is releasing this musical gem, which she wrote, produced, and plays everything but guitar at a CD Release party at -Woodys-Burgers-in-Palm-Springs, ———SOUL JAZZY ENTERTAINMENT






The Summer abounded with too many events,to mention here, like  fashion shows, beauty shows and all types of genres ruled the land but for now this is our showcase, a Summer’s- LAST- gasp -type-of -Thang to hold ya over! The addition of Ken Roberts to the Cold Heat News-We Care for Humanity team, with Gina Carey’s fine talents will be most provocative for our listeners, readers, and fans in the immediate future.Ken will lend his very incredible media talents to video live streaming and writing and guidance to Cold Heat’s events. So I am sure that one can see that a lot happened during one of the best Summers that I have ever experienced. I feel that Maria Amor, having been crowned as an honorary doctor in Jakarta, and then coming back here to America to continue her humanitarian work is highly incredible. Now she is teaching people to help themselves here as well as abroad. Her collaboration with Em Roberts, and Megaworld will be turning heads and EMPOWERING many to live much more enriched and happier lives–both spiritually and monetarily. Learn how to earn with Amor’s Megaworld pursuits.  Let’s get ready for a hot, happy and special cold winter season!! And always remember, ‘YOU CAN GIVE A MAN MONEY, BUT TEACH A MAN TO CATCH FISH AND HE WILL EAT FOR LIFE”.

President We Care For Humanity Ms Dr Maria Amor and Vice President WCH Ms .Emily Roberts at Mega World Press Conference By : Mollywood Photography.EMPOWERING ALL IN THEIR PATHS.




( PHOTO BY Tommy Karwur Bcc )




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