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Founder and President of We Care for Humanity Maria Amor is Bestowed the Peace and Humanitarian Award by the SPMUDA International Organization for Peace and Development

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – Founder and President of We Care for Humanity, USA, Ms. Maria Amor is bestowed the Peace and Humanitarian Award by the SPMUDA International Peace and Development Organization World Founding Chairman and CEO, HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali. HRH Ali is a very well-respected authority and internationally-known peace and development champion globally.

This latest Peace and Humanitarian award came while Ms. Amor is on her full-packed week-long humanitarian visit to the Republic of the Philippines which kicked off on October 23, 2013, Wednesday with a Feeding Program and Goods Distribution Program at the Abatex Community in Montalban, Province of Rizal. The WCH and Airline Ambassadors, Inc. joined hands for this yet another milestone program for both non-profit organizations.

Recognizing Ms. Amor’s outstanding and exemplary services to the international community and for organizing various program assistance to the less fortunate families and disadvantages individuals, women and children, the the Governing Board of SPMUDA International Organization for Peace and Development, from among the various contenders being considered for this recognition unanimously bestowed this Peace and Humanitarian Award to Ms. Amor. The Award is announce and issued on October 21st, 2013 at the SPMUDA Central Headquarters, Province of Dumaguete, Philippines. The SPMUDA International is now in the tick of preparation for the official Royal Investiture Ceremony and conferment of this latest accolade to Ms. Amor on October 31, 2013 at the Obdulia’s Business Inn, Dumaguete City.

The SPMUDA International Organization for Peace and Development Peace and Humanitarian Award is bestowed by its Governing Board to the men and women with great and effective accomplishments in the field of peace, poverty alleviation, literacy, education and development. As such Ms. Amor is now ranked as one of those who have been carefully honored, selected and recognized by this international peace and development organization.

SPMUDA International Organization for Peace and Development, which is based in the Province of Dumaguete, Philippines is an international non-profit organization working directly with the various peace and developmental partners and experts from around the world. The primary agenda of the organization is dedicated to the promotion of literacy, poverty alleviation, peace and development in Mindanao. It continues to improve ethical living of the Muslim minority and helps disadvantaged, voiceless and marginalized people in the Mindanao province as a whole.

“We could only be amazed and awed at the same time that a person of known beauty and intelligence, and full of good traits can be as magnanimous and humanitarian as Ms. Maria Amor. She is a unanimous choice to be the recipient of our Peace and Humanitarian Award, which is only bestowed to men and women whom we have full trust and confidence in their published works and effective humanitarian mission globally and at the same time, have distinct achievement and strong advocacies in helping others and caring for people no matter what color of their skin and no matter where they come from. It is just but fitting that she is awarded this title from us.”announced by HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali, the World Founding Chairman and CEO of SPMUDA.

Prior to this award, Ms. Amor was also appointed as SPUMDA Global Goodwill Ambassador for Women and Director, International Relations and Cooperation, USA Affairs. She was just recently conferred Doctor of Divinity by the Hagiasmos Mission in Indonesia and was selected by the World Peace Committee as the World Peace Head of Representative in California, USA, where Ms. Amor represents the interest the World Peace Committee which is connected with the Government and other institutions which are linked with the peace program in order to promote world peace, humanity and brotherhood.

In her preparation to personally accept this SPMUDA Peace and Humanitarian Award, Ms. Amor said, “This SPMUDA Peace and Humanitarian Award is simply awesome. It is yet another milestone in my career as humanitarian and a public servant. I am deeply honored for our organization, the We Care for Humanity and humbled at the same time personally. I am thankful that SPMUDA International has recognized our humble works and mission at the WCH which is caring for the needy, and ultimately, the humanity.”

Founded in 2011, We Care for Humanity (WCH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to improve international relations across borders through the promotion of education, health, wellness, culture and the arts. Moreover, We Care for Humanity works to achieve world peace, international understanding and global end to hunger by instituting humanitarian programs for the underserved women, children and disadvantaged groups. WCH spearheads educational programs through live-streaming technologies and putting-up of learning facilities in selected far-flung areas. Continued care for health, sanitation and wellness are major priorities of our organization. You may visit WCH website at www.wecareforhumanity for detailed for membership and information of its past, present and planned activities as an organization.

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Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres is one of the world’s naturally noble people. She has been risen to great heights by her love of humanity. She is the founder of We Care for Humanity, an international NGO, and the creator of the Global Officials of Dignity Awards which link humanitarians by a silken thread to a web of like-minds stretching the world. A non-political influencer of world affairs for peace, Amor strives to spread humanitarianism throughout the world via "The Traveling Princess TV Show" which broadcasts internationally and raises the profile of the greatest humanitarians of the world, many charities, and the issues they address. Maria Amor is the adopted daughter of the Philippine Royal Families of Baloi and Sulu and honorable princess of Jambi, Indonesia. Her royal status was sealed by Government decrees and has received the highest honor awarded to royalty, the Derjah Kerabat. She is a multi-awarded humanitarian and peace icon, and a seasoned diplomat representing various organizations and kingdoms worldwide. Princess Maria Amor is a published author and artist.

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