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COLD HEAT NEWS » Entertainment, People » The 2013 Bi-National Conference–The Federation of Philippine Amercian Chambers of Commerce presents-LIGHTS! CAMERA! BUSINESS!; THE PIVOTAL ROLE OF ENTREPRENEURS IN PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN TRADE & INVESTMENTS; Hosted by The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce, displaying a stunning portfolio of marketing and promotion synergy!! AN EAST MEETS WEST GALA EXTRAVAGANZA!!

The 2013 Bi-National Conference–The Federation of Philippine Amercian Chambers of Commerce presents-LIGHTS! CAMERA! BUSINESS!; THE PIVOTAL ROLE OF ENTREPRENEURS IN PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN TRADE & INVESTMENTS; Hosted by The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce, displaying a stunning portfolio of marketing and promotion synergy!! AN EAST MEETS WEST GALA EXTRAVAGANZA!!

The Federation of Philippine Amercan Chamber of Commerce, From November 8, 2013 to November 10, 2013, via the hosting, and social-business positioning  expertise of The The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce-(FACC), is presenting a gala, mega event, encompassing business, networking, celebrity, and publicity-marketing synergistic dynamics, which will cater to not only, The Phillipines, Phillippine-Americans, business entrepreneurs from around the globe and also The United States’ as well, at The Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX, 6101 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045.
This event’s electrifying socio-political-business platform, by projecting an aura and business modality, which according to  The Asian Journal-— in it’s article, Monday, November 4, 2013, IN MY OPINION, truly manifests and projects the mantra, “East Meets West”, as even the most insatiable and unreasonable business palate, will be satisfied by the total package——promotion, networking, mixers, festivals, keynote speakers, healthcare, entertainment, networking—- and leave the attendees lusting for more. Furthermore, The Asian Journal, said, ‘ FPACC represents a national network of 42 chapters and over 5,000 companies.  Preparations are well underway to welcome conference delegates from both the United States and the Philippines.   It’s keynote speaker, is Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, along with delegates, ex- U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas; Lilia de Lima, Director-General of the P.E.Z.A, and Undersecretary of Philippine Trade and Industry; Randal Long, Chairman of Partnership and Outreach Committee of Dec-SoCal; Antonio Aquino, President and CEO of Ayala Land; Carlos Valderrama, Senior Vice President for Global Initiatives at LACC; and Gina Alexander, Fashion Entrepreneur’ In addition, the Asian Sun expounded more fully on the impact and ramifications of this enormously lavish events, by saying ‘ ‘The conference promotes the cooperation and growth between Filipino-American and Philippine business communities by providing the opportunity for interaction, networking, and business expansion and the ability to gather and disseminate the learned information back to their industries which include Arts and Entertainment, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare, Services in Real Estate and Tourism, Technology, and others.  Presenting companies will present their products and services through a workshop session and/or panelist discussion and will provide information relevant to business expansion and collaboration and its impact to the Filipino and Filipino-American community.  Exhibitors’ promotional materials will be on display on exhibit booths to increase the visibility of their companies to hundreds of proven Filipino-American and Philippine business leaders, as well as, the general public. Among the presenting companies are Ayala Land,, Megaworld Corporation, Philippine Department of Tourism, Small Business Majority, Double Y Entertainment, LifeVantage, Law Offices of Roman P. Mosqueda, Jacson Lewis, Valley Economic Development Center, Capital Cove, Clinica Manila USA, Eastwood of Eastwood City, and Southern California Gas Co. The first night of the conference on Friday, November 8th celebrates a free admission Hollywood-style Music and Magic Mega Mixer, free hors d’oeuvres, no host bar, featuring fabulous entertainments with Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe impersonators on the red carpet and all guests will have the chance to win Nexus 7 tablet and other door prizes. The gala on the second night of the conference on Saturday, November 9th is the social highlight of the FPACC Bi-National Conference when delegates, keynote speakers, special guests, and the general public in attendance will enjoy Filipiniana festivities, awards, and ballroom dance all night. The conference culminates on Sunday after lunch with optional guided Tour of Los Angeles for interested delegates and guests.’
Interestingly enough,  according to The Philipino Star, on its online page, , “EX- U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas, was conferred, by  President Benigno Aquino III, the Order of Sikatuna with the rank of Grand Cross, Silver Distinction (Datu, Katangiang Pilak) at a ceremony at the Malacañang Palace.The prestigious award is given to individuals for diplomatic merit in conspicuous services in strengthening the country’s foreign relations. Aquino thanked Thomas for his “advocacy for a stronger, more robust Philippines- United States defense alliance, playing a key role in the signing of the 2011 Manila Declaration that reaffirmed the Philippines-United States of America Mutual Defense Treaty. Thomas was also recognized for advancing high-level dialogues and consultations between the Philippines and the US, facilitating the creation of mechanisms such as the Philippines-United States of America Bilateral Strategic Dialogue and the 2+2 Ministerial Consultations.Present at the ceremony were Deputy Chief of Mission for the US Embassy Brian Goldbeck, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, DFA Assistant Secretary Carlos Sorreta and senior defense official to the Philippines Colonel Rocky Carter .Thomas, engaged to Filipino corporate executive Mithi Aquino, took on an aggressive campaign to help end human trafficking in the country. However, he sparked controversy for citing 40 percent of the country’s male tourists go for sex. President Barack Obama named Thomas as ambassador to the Philippines in 2009, replacing Kristie Kenney, the first woman ambassador to the country.’
In addition, the former Ms. Asia, Maria Amor, President of and founder of We Care for Humanity, co-founder of both Empower, and COLD HEAT NEWS,  who’s been most recently  granted and confered noble status as PRINCESS BAI LAWANEN, (Global Ambassador of Goodlwill), with the rank  adopted as Royal Noble of the Royal Dynasty of Balo-i, will be on hand as an attendee and ambassador of both her afore mentioned nonprofit,  along with her Empower–co-founder colleague Emily (EM) Roberts, for her award winning online magazine, COLD HEAT NEWS. Ms. Amor and Em, in striking fashion, have positiioned themselves as conduits, along with FACC’s, Mary Ann Omega, of the super real estate icon’s MEGAWORLD and AYALALAND, for investors overseas as well as here in The United States—-of any race, color, creed, gender, nationality—as these corporations are on tour in America spreading the incredible wealth creation and life changing realities, associated with investing within the lucrative Phillipine’s real estate market.Other notables, that have been invited are award winning actor, producer, director, and writer, John Sudol—-author of  “Acting  Face to Face”, and winners of not only,  Best Director for both “Waiting for Lefty” and “Of Mice and Men”, and also,  in Back Stage West’s article “Choice Training”, John has been featured as one of the top acting coaches to study with and has since been voted                                 “Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Commercial Teacher”. Within the real estate and technological communities exists a niche, on the westside called , “The WestWood or Brentwood Group”, consisting of scholars, lawyers, realtors, doctors, and other pillars of society; They too have been invited to “set up shop”, and promote, educate, be entertained and market their crafts as well– Donna Benton, real estate-Re/max Estate Properties;Scott Gilbert, Hatfield Insurance & financial Services, Inc, ; Daniel Kutt, ITC, Information Technology consulting; Margaret B.Sharp, Attorney and Counselor at Law(Estate Planning, Trust, Administration & Probate; John R. Chamberlain, Senior Vice President -Wealth Advisor-Morgan Stanley; and Adrian LeCaros, (Marketing Director-Insurance Services. Another celbrity notable is Ron Brewington, former radio personality of WKJLA FM, professor of media at Santa Monica college, and founder of “REAL MEN COOK” FOUNDATION , which is the Center for Early Detection of prostate Cancer. Rounding out the notables that have been INVITED, are award winning actresses Diane Louise Salinger, Shelly Skandrani ,”C-Gate”, Jenn Gotzon-Armstrong, “Doonby”, Bella Maori, “Internship Games”, married  duet-singer and musicians- John and Gina Carey, “UK Jazz Phenoms”  and KenNorris, owner of Knrnfm radio——all unpictured artists are on imdb, facebook, twitter, and on Google.
In conclusion,  if one is seeking a vehicle to boost one’s pursuits, be it a hobby, business, philanthropy, or networking , then this is the place to be. This electric synergistic podium will enhace, and beam any qualified attendee’s careers with wisdom and insight capable of helping and augmenting their opportunies to succeed, way beyond their wildest anticipations: FACC and the FPACC  have  invited many qualified, and reputable pillars of the community, and also professionals that have made their marks on  the international stage as well. From politics with the former U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas, acting with Ms. Salinger to the help and guidance of  Princess Maria Amor—–November’s 2013 cover photo on “Rock This Magazine”—and the super world real estate powers MEGAWORLD and AYALA-LAND,  one can get a bird’s eye “view” of the ropes and guidance towards achieving one’s  goals.  The itinerary lends itself to the hungry and not the lazy at this event. If getting ahead is one’s mindset, then attending this event and taking advantage of the local and global coverage that this event affords is a must.  There are MANY hundreds of entertainers and delegates coming to perform or to network and or take in the sights at this venue that  ARE NOT  mentioned here. This is just a glimpse, courtesy of Cold Heat News. You don’t want to miss this event!
(The award winning producer, director and actor John Sudol—“Acting Face to Face”……author.
US ambassador Thomas says goodbye to PNoy–IN attendance at

The 2013 Bi-National Conference—
 By Camille Diola ( | Updated October 14, 2013 – 2:28pm
President Benigno Aquino III confers U.S. Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr. the Order of Sikatuna in a ceremony on Monday. Malacañang photo

MANILA, Philippines – Outgoing United States Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas formally bade President Benigno Aquino III farewell on Monday.



(The incredibly talented and  beautiful PRINCESS MARIA AMOR–(WE CARE FOR HUMANITY)



(Actress Shelly Skandrani of Cannes Film selection, “C Gate”






2007 Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Angel Film Awards President of Jury 2007 : DIANE LOUISE SALINGER



Diane Louise SalingerDiane Louise Salinger is an award winning actress and director who has worked with Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and Tim Burton. She is slated for two upcoming films: ELF ACADEMY and DANTE’S INFERNO. Salinger has performed in films opposite Academy Award Winning Actors Forest Whitaker, George Clooney, Michael Caine, William Hurt, Jane Fonda, and also Danny DeVito, Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, Paul Reubens and Steve Buscemi. Audiences will remember her as Simone, the waitress in the Cult Classic PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE. Diane’s TV credits include CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series, ER, LAW AND ORDER, NYPD BLUE, and she played the mother fortune-teller in the HBO series CARNIVALE.

Salinger has taught many actors and filmmakers including Catherine Hardwicke, who directed THIRTEEN, LORDS OF DOGTOWN and THE NATIVITY STORY. She also directed and choreographed excerpts from ANNA KARENINA for Oprah Winfrey and her Book of the Month Club. Diane began teaching acting to at-risk kids in response to the L.A. riots. Diane now has her own acting school in Los Angeles, where she has taught and directed for the past thirteen years. CBS recently sent her to teach Native Americans in Haskell University in Kansas, and she has also taught at the University of Alabama and in the opera department at the University of California.

Visit the official Diane Louise Salinger website at
ImageMystery-romance thriller “Doonby” stars John Schneider (October Baby) and Jenn

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