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COLD HEAT NEWS » People » Preity Uupala, beautiful, MAGICAL, intelligent, “TOUCHED” by GOD; 2012 Miss India International AP WINNER has been chosen to be the head delegate of judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 2014.

Preity Uupala, beautiful, MAGICAL, intelligent, “TOUCHED” by GOD; 2012 Miss India International AP WINNER has been chosen to be the head delegate of judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 2014.

Preity Uupala, beautiful,intelligent, “TOUCHED” by GOD, SPRINKLED with all the hope, energy, and all the  MAGIC the Universe has to offer, will serve as the head delegate of  judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand,December.2014. Born in Dubai but reared in Paris, this young maverick’s life, born of a daring career change,  which some may have thought a little insane, or the ways of one who was “touched”, made a daring career change, years ago, from being an investment banker–obtaining two degrees in IT and Marketing—- to that of a successful international fashion icon, model, writer, producer and actress, is  filled with all the daring, and visionary magical vibe, and charm of a heretic; Having had no previous experience as either an actress or model, Preity decided to go after life and indeed she has  grabbed it by the horns. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term touched can be  viewed as either positive–gratitude- or mental instability. Per the definition, Definition of TOUCHED 1 : emotionally stirred (as with gratitude) 2 : slightly unbalanced mentally—some thought that this beauty’s leap of faith was a little extreme and totally without a safety net, but Ms. Uupala, filled with a burning desire to be who she wanted to be, and almost as if anointed, like a priest to serve God, had a calling to enter the fashion world, and once she made the move to pursue it, not only has her life, changed irreversibly but all in her path, as well. Who leaves a successful corporate investment banker job on a whim, when the world’s economic stability is so precarious to go living by oneself thousands of miles away from home alone into such a crazy fast paced potentially dangerous site such as Los Angeles? Crazy? I think not. In fact, in a recent “Model on a Mission”, September 14, 2014 interview Preity, gave a little insight into the magic thinking dynamic or epiphany via which she made the transition from investment banking to the fashion industry. It is a follows:

“I am always inspired by entrepreneurs and artists who have not conformed to any rules and live life on their own terms.”
Right back at you, Dubai.
When did you started acting and what do you love about it?
I did not follow a traditional route when it comes to the craft of acting. I used to be an investment banker and worked in corporate world all around the world before I traded it in to follow my dreams of being a global artist. So I started in perhaps 4 or 5 years ago. But im an extreme sort of person and have some intense concentrated training and experiences. So a lot happend in a few short years for me.Once I made the decision to pursue this profession, my world changed quite instantly and I found myself being accepted at one of the best acting schools in the world. I also got picked up with one f the best agents in Sydney, with no credits whatsoever or even a headshot who used to be Russell Crowe’s first agent in fact. And I got cast in a few big national commercials as well as some huge Hollywood movies that were shot in Sydney. This gave me a lot of reassurance that I was on the right track and that my efforts and courage would not be unrewarded.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Preity Upala, has chosen a path, not only, almost impossible to follow, but has simultaneously blazed a path, both internationally and in The U.S’s fashion circles but also, spiritually, having positively touched and continuing to excite all men and women in her path. Ms. Uupala, told Ranga Iyer, reporter for BiBi Magazine, in a September, 3, 2014 interview, entitled ,” Uupala: Of Dreams, Confidence and lots of Courage”, ‘ “I take most pride in the fact that, I have moved by myself here. I had lots of confidence, dreams and lots of courage. Did not know how it will all go, but knew it will all work out for me. It has been magical because I did not plan.’





Consequently, Ms. Uupala, seemingly seeing into the future with her mind or soul’s eyes, has not only been chosen  to be the head of the Indian delegate of judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand,in December.2014, but she also once hosted The Moscow Horror Film Festival. Preity, is not only an actress, and model, but also a producer, as well. She has also showcased her decadently beautiful charms, elegance and beauty for a number of huge corporations. According to a July 5, 2014 article, entitled, “Preity Uupala, Actor, Writer, and Brand Ambassador”, Preity , finalist in the National  Miss Earth Australia 2009, was  the first candidate ever of mixed ethnicity of Indian Portuguese  stock in the pageant, won the title of Miss Bollywood in Australia 2009. In 2011  in China when she garnered 3 film awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival, martial artist and action actor Jackie Chan awarded her. And in 2012, Ms. Uupala won The Miss India International AP Title.


Pranay Gupte · Photos of Préity Üupala in FACES OF DUBAI: PREITY UPPALA OF AUSTRALIA


Mind Body Soul'U'tions

by Mind Body Soul’U’tions on Jul 23, 2014—-Things to Experience When In Cannes w/ Preity Uupala
    Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 5.34.00 PM






Ms. Uupala, gave insight into her spiritual vibe ,as she told UBLUSH Magazine,“I think the universe works in miraculous ways, at least for me or maybe because I was making a career change. All the universe was waiting for, was for me to genuinely and sincerely declare what I wanted to do, to be honest with myself, to state this is who I am and this is what I want to do. Once I did that, “boom” almost the very next day doors opened.’ Furthermore, UBLUSH Magazine, quoted Ms. Upala as saying she wanted to inspire people with her writing, acting, modeling and her whole portfolio, when she said, “I want to use beauty and glamour for a purpose,” Furthermore, UBLUSH stated that Preity is working on an autobiographical book. Furthermore, She exemplifies a person with a strong sense of direction, purpose and someone who is not a follower but a person that leads by her own dynamic example. Similarly, Katherine Hepburn, the late great actress, was once quoted as saying, “if you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun”. Priety is both having a ball and showing us what Seal, the African Grammy chart topping phenomenal singer meant in his monster 90’s hit Song Of The Year  “Crazy” symbolized when he penned the hook, ‘We’re never going to survive without a little crazy, In a world full of people only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy? In a sky full of people only some want to fly isn’t that crazy? Am I crazy?!!’ She’s touched but by an angel!!


UBLUSH MAGAZINE–” Over the year Préity has shot two pilots, one of which is an original reality show, where she will have the opportunity to share her day to day life with the world. In the coming months she will also be on set shooting a film in London.”


Priety Uupala has said that she won a scholarship that she never even applied for to an acting school and that’s one of the main reasons she came to Los Angeles——also snaring one of the most highly valued and highly esteemed agents in The U.S.


Pretty Upala

According to Viliyana Filipova, in the September 15, 2014 article, “Preity new face for the fashion world”, Preity was a child prodigy, having entered College on the wings of a scholarship at the tender age of 16 and capturing the hearts of photographers at the age of 15. Filipova introduces his audience to Ms. Uupala, in a moving article. An excerpt is as follows: “MeetUpala,  Hollywood actress, international model and multiple beauty title winner. She has worked across several continents: Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. She is the current face of Villa Thea Luxury resort in Greek islands, ORION SPA in Thailand, Chloe and Isabel jewelry line, Jose Eber Hair and is in talking with some major cosmetic companies. She has also endorsed brands such as Facebook, HP, Ebay and Clear Trip and The Marriot hotel group. She has modeled for various fashion designers such as: Sea folly, Style brazil, Anna Campbell, Intimo, Jian Ador Couture, Shekhar Rehate, Kyotap, Culture Shock and Jack and Jill design and National Geographic. She is known in USA for bring crowned Miss India international AP 2012. Prior to that she has also won the miss India Portugal title in 2011 and the Miss Earth Australia 2009. Her claim to fame came about, as she became an overnight sensation in China accepting 3 film awards, presented by Mr. Jackie Chan himself, at the Asian Pacific Film Festival. She is well-known in Russia for being the official host of the Moscow International Film Festival. She gave a speech in Russian language to a Russian audience on spirituality that sparked media frenzy and was featured in a story by MTV Russia.”

So in conclusion, I think it is easy to see that Preity Uupala is a once in a lifetime talent, as she manifests her life like a lightning bolt, as if striking by a deified angle and not by chance; As if providence, initiated by God himself, administers incredible events into her life, on time released increments, and Ms. Uupala sees, knows, and expects the seemingly undoable, unthinkable, and overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds and wins over not only the moment, and tribulations but eventually touches the world’s heart itself. Kinda like taking all the marbles and winning in Vegas for big bucks—-SNAKE EYES-777. I first met Preity Uupala  in 2010, when I was producing The Maurice Dwayne Smith Show on Knbstv in Hollywood, and believe it or not EVEN THOUGH she couldn’t come on the show due to prior commitments,  she helped me make the show so much better. And next thing I knew A list actors and athletes-coaches, such as award-winning actress Diane Louise Salinger , and Coach Henry Bibby, of The NBA,  were calling me to not only be on the show, but to also get me to assist their marketing needs, by  writing an article in COLD HEAT NEWS for them. So Preity Uupala, the 2012 Miss India International AP WINNER is a great choice to  be the head delegate of judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, and I am sure that Bangkok, Thailand will be ROCKING on  December.2014 as they will be touched by an angel. Preity Uupala’s elegance and sheer humanity will set the bar so high in Bangkok that Thailand will never be the same. Lastly, in an effort to show the reader the true nature of this very special and gifted person, not just an artist but a caring empathetic soul, I will present an excerpt from an article, published on July 23, 2014 entitled, “Things to experience when in Cannes w/Preity Uupala, by a writer that calls her self  Mind Body Soul’U’tions——Mind Body Soul’U’tions! – Empowering Through Beauty, Travel and the Life of Chic Style empowers girls and women to be more!——that shows who Preity Uupala really is. Her words are as follows:

Things to Experience When In Cannes w/ Preity Uupala

by Mind Body Soul’U’tions on Jul 23, 2014

Do you have any cause that you are passionate about?

Children and women are the most neglected areas of humanity at the present moment. Issues that deal with lack of education and poverty amongst small children in 3rd world countries, like Cambodia – have always been dear to me. A trip to Cambodia, in 2009 – really changed my perspective of life. I had asked to visit several orphanages in siem reap, Cambodia and was moved and touched by the sweetness and life in the beautiful children yet devastated by their dire situation and their lack of any real future. I always thought to myself, if I could ever help anyone I would love to help these beautiful souls who cannot help themselves. I had set up a charity foundation, The Upala foundation. God willing, I will increase my charity & fundraising efforts, on a bigger scale in the near future. Other 3rd world countries,  like Thailand, are also close to my heart.  I am on the board of a literary charity in LA, called Reading, Writing, its Exciting! and also have been involved in several promotional campaigns for supporting stray animals within the city of Los Angeles.

Préity Üupala

 Preity Uupala: Of Dreams, Confidence and lots of Courage 

Preity Uupala: Of Dreams, Confidence and lots of Courage 

Written by

I was born in Fountainbleu in Paris France to an army family. My father ,Ruben Smith, and my mother Nancy Smith, worked for the Army and as a school teacher in France, respectively.We are originally from the South. My father’s people from Misissippi and Alabama and my mom’s from South Carolina. I am an avid sports fan and I attended and played sports----football, wresting, and track----- at Bishop England High School, in Charleston, South Carolina; my mom chose both a Catholic high school and an elementary school, Immaculate Conception, for my sister and I. Initially, I wasted a lot of time in school pursuing sports and partying but nevertheless,I went to the College of Charleston, The University of South Carolina, where I majored in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Theatre and Speech. I finally graduated from The University of Redlands, in Redlands, CA with a degree in business management. I managed to get into SAG-AFTRA, mostly as an extra, but I have done an occasional speaking stint here and there—CD-ROMs, experimental and industrial films, and voice overs in radio. My most recent endeavor was playing a doctor on "Grey's Anatomy". I like horror, love, thrillers, and I like to read. Weightliftingand jogging are some of my hobbies also. Interestingly enough, my family prepared me for a life on the move, as I have been to every state in The USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. I have an older sister who chose the teaching profession and is doing quite fine. What was i like as a child? Well I tend to think that I existed and flourished within "a culture of hate"--------however South Carolina has ceased and desisted with both "The jim Crow Laws' and flying the Confederate Flag------------I witnessed "colored only" bathrooms, and was in establishments where the Klan showed up. I stayed at hotels where my family and I found pounds of raw CHITTERLINS---hogs guts----- at our doorstep!! But don't get me wrong, as despite these ugly truths about the South, I grew up with some very cool whites, mexicans, Filipino's and other races. But it is what it is. It has Metamorphosized into being a cultural and real estate melting pot, as many from other states are recently flocking there for the cheaper home prices, very stable, safer lifestyle and "bible belt" mentality, and affordable education. I too have Metamorphosized , as I am not the militant little athletic, and partying freak I used to be and have settled into writing for Cold Heat News and assisting We Care for Humanity with their charitable functions. Consequently, I am pretty much a normal army brat who has realized that life is what you make it and people and things are subject to change. So change with life and let by gones be by gones. My dad has since passed away, and my mom and sister and most of my cousins are still alive, but their positive,significant influence, along with the impact my elementary and high school friends have had on me continues on;infact, I believe, where it not for my childhood friends, my high school football Coach Jack Cantey and occasional teenage battles with my dad, I would have become a gang member! Thus my personal manifesto is, Live hard, party when it is time, and utilize both education, and Love for God, and know that FAMILY AND FRIENDS are most important;They're one's conduit for a viable and happy life. ALSO, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND---NOT A "FAIR WEATHER"------INDEED.

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