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COLD HEAT NEWS » Entertainment, Featured Article, Health & Beauty, Philantrophy » Olivia Jensen is 1st Runner Up, At The 17th Annual Miss Los Angeles County Outstanding Teen, Is On A Fast Track to Success!!

Olivia Jensen is 1st Runner Up, At The 17th Annual Miss Los Angeles County Outstanding Teen, Is On A Fast Track to Success!!

 Olivia Jensen, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, at Ramona High School, Ramona, CA,  sick with a temperature of 103 and fresh off  tonsillitis surgery,  won  both  “The Best Gown” , “The Best Interview”,  at the annual preliminaries that represent Los Angeles County for the Miss California Pageant in the Miss America system and qualified for major beauty events that are hovering on the horizon later in the year, as she is  on a fast track to success, having garnered 1ST runner-up at the 17th  Annual Miss  Los Angeles  County  Outstanding Teen Pageant.  Jensen won it  at The Morgan-Wixson Theatre, 2627 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405, last Saturday, February 21, 2015 , during a trifecta event—-83rd Annual-Miss Los Angeles County Pageant, 28th Annual Miss Culver City Scholarship Pageant, and 17th Annual Miss Los Angels County Outstanding Teen Pageant(6:00 P.M.–10:00P.M)
In addition to her recent beauty pageant successes, Ms. Olivia Jean Leigh Jensen has been actively winning prolifically, having won at  events such as Miss Tiny Hawaiian Tropics Queen; 2004 Miss California Princess; Cover Girl 2005; Miss California Jr. Queen; 2006 Miss Virginia Tiny; Miss Hampton Roads Queen; 2007 National America; Miss Jr. Pre Teen Queen 2009; National America Miss Pre Teen Queen 2011; International Jr.; Miss Teen Queen 2010; International Dream Girls National Queen; 2013 The Pageant ;US National Jr. Teen Queen 2013-2014; Ramona Teen USA; 2014 Miss Los Angeles County and Culver City’s  Outstanding Teen 1St Runner up.

Despite being a very young LADY, as most “normal” teenager’s lives arguably CONSIST WITH downloading music, and social media gossiping,   Olivia  has compiled a portfolio that would make many entertainers  of any age , as she has worked quite extensively with nonprofit organizations such  as “Feed the Homeless Concert for We Care for Humanity” May 2013 – 2014, sports, and entertainment mediums with some of the biggest names in those venues,  jealous. In addition, Jensen, A GIFTED SINGER,  having  recently been accepted into Julliard College for Performing Arts in New York,  has done  commercials like “Milk It does a body good”, Barbie, & Bratz ,  has sung the national anthem at The San Diego Padres games,  served as   Ambassador to both The March of Dimes’,  and  Congressman Duncan Hunter,  but also served as  Ambassador to Kids helping Kids’  International Pen Pal’s team. Furthermore, she has also  received  The President’s Volunteer Service Award  from both President Bush & President Obama  for her philanthropic  work  from 2009- 2015.
Interestingly enough,  Olivia, is not only scheduled to partner, and meet with, but incredulously enough,  also  make  a demo tape for the  award-winning singer and songwriter’s team, Travis Howard, and eight time Academy of Country Music Award nominated,  Miranda Lambert——  three-time Album of the Year Winner, the only artist to have won the Female Vocalist of The Year five times consecutively——–whose  Album of the Year ,  “Platinum”  spawned  dual  nominations f or “Automatic”  as  Record of The Year and Song of The Year,   and received nominations for   “Something Bad” as Event of the Year for her video and duet with Country superstar singer Carrie Underwood,  resulting in  an additional nomination, ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR . Yes Olivia Jensen is indeed in the fast lane, amidst the most powerfullest  of circles!
This event,  which is more than  a preliminary  for the Miss America Pageant,  is  also a part of a year-long series of multi-faceted diversified coaching, and talent enhancing workshops via pageants,  whose dynamics are the epitome of scholarship vehicles for colleges and the empowerment of women’s lives.  This non 501 (3) (c)  affiliated organization, whereby pageant hopeful enthusiasts’ talents are honed, nurtured, and primed for educational scholarships, athletics, culture, employment seeking and educational procurement tools, is  comprised of thousands of Miss America volunteers, and helps raise over $30, 000, 000 annually, given by local businesses and awarded by The Miss America Association, towards the educational, and life ‘s experience needs of  pageant participants—-Miss Los Angeles County/Miss Culver City Scholarship Program is  franchised by  Los Angeles County via grants provided by The Miss California Scholarship Organization and The Miss America Organization.
Finally, Olivia Jensen is not only working on her first  CD, which she explains, with pride,  is not only, all written by her and original, but unlike most teens and for that matter adults, her life’s mission is  armed with an extremely intense empathy vibe; She lives not only to create art, win pageants, which she does with  alarming frequency, but also works to make a positive impact on society through her efforts.  Furthermore, The young visionary created her own foundation to help marginalized people get on their feet and  eventually to  prosper.  Olivia explains her mission in life as follows:
‘ I  founded “Olivia’s Fight for Literacy”, a program built from the ground up 5 years ago.  I have been collecting new and gently used books to donate  to pre-schools, elementary, Jr. high and high schools to help replenish the empty shelves——some schools do not have enough books, if any at all. I have also been going to local pre-schools and handing out books to kids as well as reading to them and sharing the importance and the impact that reading just an hour per day will have on their lives. Not only will your fluency improve but also your comprehension and retention will improve by 30 percent in just one year!  I have shared new and gently used books at community events as well as sung at venues to help promote literacy and  I’ve also handed out flyers regarding literacy, as well.  I have even gained the  attention  of  our local Sheriff’s Department. Furthermore,  I am now handing out books and literature during our Crime Prevention Week and  hosting crime prevention seminars in our local schools and at our local public libraries to help the public understand how crime and illiteracy goes hand in hand. ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’, said  Mahatma Gandhi. What better gift can you give to a city or state than a city, state or national queen for Miss Culver City’s Outstanding Teen to make those changes one book at a time?  Consequently, I am happy to have made the changes that I wanted to see and as a result I  have been rewarded with other titles or manifestations of appreciation for my public service.  I have received Letter’s of Appreciation & Accommodation from Diane Jacobs San Diego County’s  Supervisor and Senator Duncan Hunter for my outstanding service . In addition, I received the “Leadership Dignitary for Feed the Homeless Campaign”, “Dignitary for Relay for Life Ramona Chelsea King’s Foundation”,  “Home Run for Chelsea”, and  Ambassador for Rady’s Children Hospital Kite Program. ‘

Miss Newport Coast Pageant Sept 2014

Olivia Jensen has won not only 1st runner-up at the 17th Annual Miss Los Angeles County’s 2015 Outstanding Teen Pageant,   last Saturday, February 21, 2015, in Santa Monica’s Morgan-Wixson Theatre, but she has also won over everyone’s hearts, locally, and nationally as well; Next stop on this fast track to success——–Julliard College for Performing Arts in New York, where such entertainment greats as multi-Grammy Award Winning singer-songwriter , Alicia  Keys, and Oscar-winning actor, The late, great  Robin Williams attended.
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