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The Reigning Sultan of Sulu Gets the Asia’s Royal Man of the Year for His Humanitarian Efforts

KIRAM“A great example of Royalty whose power and influence are being used to doing goodness to others is His Majesty Tuanku Dr. Mudarasulail Kiram. Inspite of his royal background, HM Kiram stayed humble and kind especially to the children. We, at We Care for Humanity and G.O.D. Awards commend His Majesty for his efforts to educate the children especially his orphanage”, said Princess Maria Amor, founder of WCH and Chairman of the G.O.D. Awards

HM Tuanku Prof. Dr. Mudarasulail Alastam Kiram, the eldest son of the late HM Sultan Muhd Mahakuttah Abdullah Kiram Al Haj was born on 8th of August 1966 in Cape Siasi, Sulu.

Late Sultan Muhd Mahakuttah Kiram was a Sultan of Sulu in 1972-1986 with executive Royal Order 4277. Recognize by Philippine Government during the reign of President Ferdinand Marcos.

In 1976, when he was only 10 years old, His Highness was handed over to the Village Head Island in Papar Attah Panggayan. While living with Attah, His Highness was given no formal education for not having valid documents.

Recognizing the enemy began to sniff, His Highness was handed over to the foster family named Datu Abdul Naim Datu Kassim Al Hashim. Naim was the head of Ustaz in the village of Tanjung Kapur. He then acquired citizenship for HM KIram in the Registry of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Throughout his life, His Highness lived with five foster families.

His Highness’ nomadic life ended in year 1996 and married with H.H Queen Dayang Nurhijrah Kiram and later had 5 children. He then pursued a degree ICS in England and in Singapore for empower himself.

His Highness is also the patron of the Cultural Association of the Sultanate of Sulu, Sabah. The aim of the association is to promote a culture of Sulu to the whole world.

To sensitize the people of Sulu on current developments, His Highness establish English-language newspapers – The News Sulu Times and Voice uses language Tausug of Sulu.

His Highness also gets involved in taekwondo since 1982 up to this day for 33 years. He won several trophies in tournaments up to level 7 Degree in Taekwondo.

At the same time His Highness being humanitarian and having deep sympathy for the orphans, he and the Queen built a school for the orphans in Kinarut Sabah in January 2014. There are approximately 40 orphans learning the religion of Islam. To some extent they provide religious education to orphans from idle without religious instructions. His highness’ goal is for the children to spread the religion of Islam in the country Sulu.

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Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres is one of the world’s naturally noble people. She has been risen to great heights by her love of humanity. She is the founder of We Care for Humanity, an international NGO, and the creator of the Global Officials of Dignity Awards which link humanitarians by a silken thread to a web of like-minds stretching the world. A non-political influencer of world affairs for peace, Amor strives to spread humanitarianism throughout the world via "The Traveling Princess TV Show" which broadcasts internationally and raises the profile of the greatest humanitarians of the world, many charities, and the issues they address. Maria Amor is the adopted daughter of the Philippine Royal Families of Baloi and Sulu and honorable princess of Jambi, Indonesia. Her royal status was sealed by Government decrees and has received the highest honor awarded to royalty, the Derjah Kerabat. She is a multi-awarded humanitarian and peace icon, and a seasoned diplomat representing various organizations and kingdoms worldwide. Princess Maria Amor is a published author and artist.

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