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Viva Doll, aka, Viva Angelina Sky, a very attractive and talented  latina performer,  who many believe to be the second coming of the late legendary superstar Tejano  female singer,  Selena Quintanilla—-the first female Tejano singer to record a gold album, “Ven Conmigo”—- murdered on March 31, 1995, was the foc al point of a launch, and  meet and greet, PR, networking, media blitz at   Rumbo Studios, 20215, Saticoy in Canoga Park Ca, last Saturday, June 13, 2015 in the valley. Viva , now backed by Radz Records,  and flexing  with a #1 Bill Board hit, “Nirvana”, under her belt, veteran of successful European touring exploits, having been awarded the Vive’s prestigious “”Best New Performer” was jettisoned into the valley’s record scene, and if one doesn’t know of her yet, rest assured she is quickly becoming a media, demographic crossing, commercial baby doll.
Many media representatives, including Christine Devine of Fox Channel 11,  were on hand to network, view this ticking Latin  time bomb, whose highly anticipated performance later that night was what all this frenzy was about,  posting up for the best shots, position oneself with her business colleagues, including the producer of this event, media up and coming upstart, standout, and newly appointed “media darling” of The Beverly Hills chapter of The UN,  Eric Zuley,  also known as “EZ”-EZWAY BROADCASTING –VIVA CAN BE FOUND AT HER ANDROID APP AND VIVADOLL.COM.
Also, set to perform or appear  this night were singers LP Official, Lisa Lewolt, Mary Desmond, and actors Patrick Faucette, of Tyler Perry’s , “The Haves and the Have nots” on OWN, and Retha Grey, from the hit Betty White, comic gem, “Off their Rockers”, of NBC and Lifetime,  just to name a few. The models and actors, were so heavily entrenched in this celebrity extravaganza that at times one couldn’t tell who was media and who were actors-singers. In fact, at times the title of actor-singer and media was the norm, as some media wear all  three hats.  The media that were listed and confirmed  to appear are as follows:

WIREIMAGE; PR PHOTOS;MDK RADIO FM Anaheim;Indie 100 Radio;My Media Muse;

Lucky Smith With Start Over News Magazine; EZWB;Av Ent. TV; THE CUT MAGAZINE; Maurice Dwayne Smith(editor of Cold Heat News Magazine owned by  “The Traveling Princess Maria Amor”- CEO of We Care For Humanity, and founder of G.O.D Awards in The United Nations, NY, Ny; CALLYWOOD TV/RADIO;MUSIC THAT PAYS MAGAZINE;WTV;THE EXAMINER;

Rock Thiz Magazine;JEFF KNIGHT PHOTO;Eric Epperson Media;CPC NEWS TODAY;Bob D Photo;LA Cool Radio;WENN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT NEWS NETWORK; Pepper Jay’s Actors Reporters and Fan TV Global Networks.—


Ms. Sky, sung “Boom, Boom”, as her vocals were rich, clear and highly volatile, with a blend of rock and rhythm and blues,  her new single and  did not disappoint her legion of followers. I feel that  this makes her an even bigger bet to someday claim her rightful place among the huge names in music because not only is she a threat to capture the latino and rock markets but also,  armed with her diversified, multi demographical oriented capabilities, which includes the ability to access 5 octaves,  Viva has a shot at becoming a fixture, in my opinion, in the highly competitive soul, and hip hop markets as well. Her beauty, sweet personality, coupled with a drive that manifests itself on stage as sexy and fierce is positioning her music as one whose style  is both distinctive  but also highly  commercial. In addition, the guidance of Eric Zuley, of EZWAY BROADCASTING, INC   as she is under his wing and media machine and that  should have her positioned to stake her claim in the highly lucrative fields of todays social media as well as all of the ever quickly changing mechanics of the rapidly changing technological dynamics which are impacting not only entertainment, but that of media and the world itself.




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