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COLD HEAT NEWS » Culture & Arts, Entertainment, Philantrophy » The Art Hearts led Fashion Designers Expo landed in Los Angeles with a bang up smash World Movie Premiere and fashion event extravaganza!!!

The Art Hearts led Fashion Designers Expo landed in Los Angeles with a bang up smash World Movie Premiere and fashion event extravaganza!!!

The  Fashion Design Expo, co-founded by its CEO,  Karine  Melissa, and Clinton K. Powell, which departed from Florida, upon which hopes, and dreams of national exposure abounded, much like an airliner with food or much-needed nutrition, on a humanitarian mission,  descended and landed June 19-20th, upon a fashion hungry Los Angeles, oozing with  the spirit  to consume this  spiritually laden payload  incarnate——fashion design catalyst capable of  empowering  and enriching dreams  into fruition!
On the eve of this much-anticipated affair, Erik Rosete, CEO and president of Art Hearts, which has graced the likes of Mercedes-Benz and The LA Fashion Week,  a famous designer in his own right, in conjunction with his potent public relations machine, The Whitaker  Sisters , set this much-anticipated affair off with a bang, quickening the pulse of the festivities.
 In collaboration with FDE’s own business  executive director,  De’ Hollie Wood and her crew,  Art Hearts facilitated  a party, at The W Hollywood Hotel,  which was highlighted by a  World Premiere of  the first time ever, glimpse of famed and reclusive award-winning Filipino designer, Forne One, presented  by former  Armani model, and Gaglioti, Productions Corps creator, executive producer and host at “Fashion News Live “ , Roco Leo Gaglioti, called “Inside Amato”.

Rocco Leo Gaglioti ,Erik Rosete, The Whitaker sister’s and Darius McCrary on FDE red carpet.
Models, upstart designers, singers, actors, journalists and VIP guests, not only watched, as if glued to a rare incursion into the, “unscripted” real life runway behind the scenes, and as Gaglioti said, view of One’s design magistry, but also rocked  the real life drama on the red carpet, while networking, eating great food and imbibing great liquids. Giving rise to new contacts and heightening the temperature  of this gala event tomorrow  at The  Marriott Hotel’s  cavalcade  of designers and celebrities from across the nation, The W Hollywood’s party effectively juxtaposed the dynamics of mirth but the purpose and  the “REAL” reason for this season was The Fashion Designer Expo glistening above the horizon the next day, where stars were about to be born,  on June 20, 2015 at JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE-900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015)
LA Fashion Judge’s was in the house. The interviews of the June 20, 2015 event are as follows :
Maurice:    M. Hello Man . You rock!
(Simplicio Michael Luis Herrera)-”–WORKED AS THE RIGHT HANDMAN  FOR LEGENDARY HIP HOP DESIGNER, “GODFATHER OF HIPHOP”–KARI KARL)CEO, FOUNDER, ‘M.THE MOVEMENT”..Known as the super celebrity designer with a very strong following among singers actors–Bobbi Brown, Britney Spears, Al Pacino, Jada Smith–and so many more)  *****FDE designer, ACTOR/SINGER DARIUS McCRARY wore his design on the runway at the event.
Michael do you use all types of textures or is there only certain fabrics that you use? Are you telling a story when you create your designs?

Every texture and look tells stories and my travel, and people inspire me. My parents were the most impactful of my life. Only common thread is that all collections are multiculturals

I change it up every season

Maurice:  You studied at The Fashion Institute of Fashion Design, and your first job was with the legendary Karl Kari, who is dubbed “The GodFather of hip hop urban street wear, its originator. His celebrity following spans decades, as does yours now. What  and who inspires  you and what do you use for your designs?

Kari is my pal and the original and he is still selling to this day. My favorite is Darius’s  outfit which is an example.I got a vintage kimono From Japan and cut it up turned it into a blazer which is what he, Darius McCrary, actor- “Young and The Restless” and singer modeled on the runway at the FDE . I am establishing a record label, and soon film and I am partnering with a very famous well known iconic dresser and superstar performer very soon!! I have been dong this for the last 17 years and we just bought our own facility.
Maurice: Congratulations on acquiring your own facility man!!! Your life is inspiring!! But what do you say to those that aspire to follow in your footsteps? Is it really possible to do what you have done and if so how does one go about doing it? 


Thank u.yes. Have faith. Work hard. You are welcome  Did  you like my show with Pharrell. ? Been a long time designing buddy!
(model wearing M’s clothing on The FDE runway at The Marriott)
Maurice:  Yes it was really great.  Your way out there son!!
Maurice:Hey M. How ya doin? got any teasers of Darius’s new song that I could hear?
No not yet
Maurice:  Now I have seen you and Sue Wong’s designs on Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is right!!


Michael–Wayne Brady is a buddy of mine too. Did you see the footage from Let’s Make a Deal showing My clothes on the show? I made embroidered red jeans for Britney Spears for an episode of  ”Punk and Kids Choice”. I have a very huge celebrity following.
Maurice: Yes I saw it and Britney is my favorite. Way cool.
Maurice Dwayne Smith's photo.
Darius McCrary, award winning actor and singer of many projecys including actor of “Young and The Restless” and “Family Matters” at FDE wearing “M..The Movement’s Clothing”–on the redcarpet with Erik Rosete, The Whitaker Sisters and Movie Producer, Roco Leo Gaglioti.
Maurice Dwayne Smith's photo.
Maurice: Hi Darius! Modeling M’s clothes  too huh? What else such as movies and music is coming up for you? I have heard you sing so I know something is coming.Right?
Darius;  M The Movment, Simplicio Michael Luis Herrera is tops above the rest of the designers out there!! I coud not wait to wear his threads on the runway!! As for projects, I do have some, including music coming out but I am not able to divulge any information on em right now. All I can say is that I intend to keep their heads bobbing and rocking all Summer!!  Thanks for supporting my career!!
Maurice: Thanks Darius. Good luck on the music man!
Darius: Thanks I appreciate it.
 ( Pol Atteu-World famous fashion designer and his partner, Patrick Simpson:  (Network International Models and Talent – Beverly Hills–Interview at FDE)
Maurice: CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement Pol Atteu and Patrick Simpson !!  You and your pal Patrick just got closer huh?
Pol. Thanks! The Supreme Court is voting on same-sex marriages but if they outlaw it then we will be together anyway.
  Yes and  we have been together in so many projects. We just got through doing “New Money”, we won and we have a brand new one coming out called “Living With The Enemy” on Lifetime tv.  I have owned my own business for 25 years and have dressed people you would want to know, Emmy Awards and very famous people. My little dog, Snow White has her own show in Asia called, “DoggyWorld”.
Patrick:  (Network International Models and Talent – Beverly Hills)I always wanted to be a stock broker on Wall Street and I do not know how I got into this business but it has been fun. We are here watching the FDE and all the new designers that are strutting their stuff. We also used to work with Ana Nicole Smith. We loved her and miss her so much!!
Maurice: I miss her too. Believe it or not I spoke to her a couple of times. Very beautiful and funny , sexy woman!! Best wishes to you too and much success to you!!
Pol & Patrick—–’Thanks so much!!!!

Nickelodeon actress from, “Bella and the Bulldog”, Lila Mar on runway.
Maurice: Hi Lila Mar from the Nickelodeon show, “Bella and the BullDog” and sir you are Paul Canamar, the couture designer. How are you?
Paul Canamar:  Hi sir
Lila Mar:  Hi  the show is going well and I am here wearing Paul’s Spring Summer Collection, with this nice big bow on it.
Maurice: How did you get your start sir and what types of material do you use? What’s your demographic?
Paul: I worked with my mom’s boutique, and I started my own line. It’s been three years and I am doing well. My niche is that the patterns are cut by hand, both plus and small sizes. I learned the secret of women is that ‘every woman wants to be beautiful and I empower them and help them embrace their femininity.  I do custom so that the cut fits each woman’s body specifically. My dresses are sold individually. It is all about the fit and the proportion. It is a lost art and that is what makes it work for me.
Lila Mar:  I have been modeling since I was four years old and it was what made me get into acting. I hope movies will come later and now we have just finished our first week of our second season!!
Maurice: congratulations you too and wishing you continued success!!
Paul and Lili Mar: Thanks so much!

 Rocco Leo Gaglioti and pal at The World Film Premier of ,” Inside Amato ” at pre expo FDE party presented by Rocco Leo Gaglioti, facilitated by Art Hearts

The  Fashion Design Expo, CEO Karine  Melissa and colleague.




FDE 16 YR OLD Models
De’Hollie Wood, executive director of FDE, on red carpet with fellow colleague at The Marriott Hotel runway event.
De’Hollie Wood, executive director of FDE, on red carpet with fellow colleague at The Marriott Hotel runway event.
Maurice: Hello De’Hollie Wood! How’s it going and please tell me how long have you been doing this and where did it all begin?
De’Hollie Wood: Hi. We are from Florida and we provide a platform for emerging models, hair and fashion designers to come up and show and present their designs and get that extra push. We are mostly female based but, including our co-founder Mr. Powell, there are some males involved within our company.
Maurice; Do you all give grants for high school people and others? Is your organization about empowering women as well as helping up and  coming designers?
De’Hollie Wood:  yes Mr. Powell’s  “Fusion Program” grants and we do partner with some companies that do that. Also, we are about empowering women, as our other co-founder, Karine Melissa is an author so she is really focused on positivity and empowering women. Yes.
Maurice: De’Hollie Wood I see quite a few celebrities here. Are there many coming here today? And what distinguishes fashion designers from each other? How is the wealth creation dynamic within the fashion design industry?
De’Hollie Wood  Yes The man who played Eddie Winslow in “Family Matters”, I can not remember his name and a San Francisco football player and a Disney actor. It is a surprise so I cannot give the name yet.
De’Hollie Wood:  We try to work for the betterment of which ever community that we are in for the betterment of everybody. The dream and drive are the things that help people create, and become visionaries within this industry. We help people bring their drams into reality. We are sponsorship based and that is how the money is generated also.


 (Mon Rêve Fashions by Kendyl Sherri Powell, Lilli Mar, actress model and her twin sister at FDE Marriott Hotel event.)
Maurice: Hello Kendryl .How are you? I am intrigued in that you are so young, only 12 years old and designing at this incredible level. How did you get your start and are you an actress, model, and if so what are you working on?
Kendryl: HI! I started in Florida, and I realized that many clothes did not fit me so I began to design my own. I like to use all types of materials for different styles. I have worked in commercials such as  A T & T, and projects like “The Doctors” and the web series, “Cookies in Crime”. Like Lila Mar I  was discovered in Florida and after being invited to Los Angeles I my acting career. I have further fashion shows that are coming up and I will let you know what and when they take place. My designs will be showcased on the runway here today, worn by me and some of the models that are here today.
Maurice; Thanks for talking to me and I wish you continued success. By the way do you dance and sing too?
Kendryl: Yes I do sing and dance. The dance company’s name is Independence Dance Company.  I  will be dancing under the Debbie Allen, “Hot Chocolate NutCracker” project that is coming up. As far as singing I just like to practice and do covers. Thanks.

FHM model and FDE model on their runway at the Marriott Expo— Commercial actress Jackie Clanton.
Maurice: Hello Jackie how are you? I saw you on the runway and so look so familiar. What else do you have going on?
Jackie:  Hi. I just did a Mango commercial, and quite a few other commercials. I hope to be in movies soon and I have been modeling.
Maurice: So nice to see you. I can see you as a damsel in distress in a fast paced action movie. I see a private eye trying to save you from  stalker kind of like serial killer type flick. Are you accepting scripts?
Jackie: Thanks OMG! You sound like a writer but yes I am accepting scripts.
Maurice: Ok then. Take care and I wish you continued success.

These rockers were at the FDE at the Marriott–Their hot tune “Immortal” is a toe tapper and head bobber. Sophia Cohen is pictured–rest of he band is  Jona Cohen (Drums/Vocals), Adrian Cohen (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Cohen (Bass/Vocals), and Casey Sandino (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals).

bikini runway models at FDE’s runway event at The Marriott Hotel.

Singer, actress and model EYA–and her pal at The  FDE party at The W Hollywood.
    Alonzo Jones, owner of Royalty Records, manager and dad of Eya, The actress is pictured here with her pal,  at THE FDE party at The W Hollywood
Runway model at FDE runway event at Marriott Hotel.


Model on FDE runway during FDE runway event at Marriott hotel

Kendryl S.Powell and twin sister at FDE’s Marriott Hotel runway event.

(FTS NEW’S LITTLE YOUNG MEDIA WONDER, IDALIS MCZEAL interviewing models and talent at FDE’s event-Marriott Hotel.)

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