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Preity Uupala Travels to China for the FPA

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.52.06 PMFormer investment banker turned international beauty queen Preity Uupala will be the Hollywood presence at a groundbreaking motion picture industry board meeting to be held for the very first time in Mainland China this August. Ms. Uupala will attend the Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia Pacific board meeting to be conducted from 18 to 21 August 2015.

The nearly 60-year-old FPA, which comprises film producers and film festival directors from the Asia Pacific region, has great historic significance. The August FPA meeting will be held for the purpose of strategizing how to raise global awareness of the Asian film industry.

This will be the first time the Chinese and Taiwanese delegations work so closely together. Keeping in mind the political tensions between China and its territories such as Macau and Taipei, which have always had a very active role in the FPA, this will be a new start for a new kind of alliance between the two from which the Asian film industry can only benefit.

Preity Uupala will play an active role in this year’s FPA meeting, flying in all the way from Los Angeles where she is currently based. In recent times there has been a huge surge in Hollywood and Indian co-proScreen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.02.14 AMScreen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.54.19 AMductions as well as increased sales and distribution of Indian movies in Hollywood and vice versa.

The FPA also organizes the prestigious Asia Pacific Film Festival (APFF), one of the oldest film festivals in the world, with a different host city celebrating th99468f2c2f5634a09c7132df64da4a5fc845a27a_600e Asian movie industry each year. Previously attended by the likes of Jackie Chan, Ziyi Zhang, Andy Lau, Irrfan Khan, and other top Asian stars, this year will be no different. The spotlight will be shone on Bangkok, host city for the APFF event to be held in December 2015, and how it plans to produce a sensational festival for all the world to see this year.

The Ministry of Culture in Thailand will offer full support to this festival. It is expected to be more glamorous and dynamic than ever, of course with splashes of Thai warmth and hospitality.

Preity Uupala is an FPA board member and will serve as head delegate for India at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. Preity’s role in the meeting is most exciting as she will bring the passion, knowledge, and magic of moviemaking to bear on collaborative discussions between Hollywood and the Asian market. Apart from being an in demand Hollywood actor, Ms. Uupala is also currently producing a TV show based on travel.

Uupala says she is honored to be at the meeting alongside top producers in the region. Among them will be the legendary Japanese producer and festival director Yasushi Shiina. Mr. Shiina is currently the director of the Tokyo International Film Festival and will discuss the future of his festival and its global impact.

Ms. Uupala, who has been a head FPA delegate for the past five years, says, “We are so connected these days. Movies bring people together; they make the world a smaller place.”

Now almost a veteran visitor to China after having visited the mainland as well as Hong Kong, Macau, and Taipei, Uupala says, “I look forward to a great meeting and expect enthusiastic collaboration from all parties involved. In the end, CINEMA is the winner and movie lovers get to have the last laugh!”

This CHN reporter was lucky to engage the ever active Ms. Uupala in a brief interview prior to her latest sojourn in China. Below are the fruits of this fascinating online conversation that will continued once Uupala has returned to LA.

1) Preity, China is fast emerging as a global media giant. What kinds of programming would you most like to see introduced to this thrilling new market?

Firstly, I would like to see content from China that could be distributed and aired in international markets that actually showcases the opulence, luxury, and expansion of the country. We generally don’t get to see fashion conscious or style forward shows emerging out of China. Yet they are the largest buyer of luxury goods in the world. It’s necessary that this be showcased for the global audience.

As far as content that could be introduced to the Chinese market, one possibility is travel shows that would inspire people to go into the world and discover what is out there. I also feel there is a potential niche for spiritually based / New Age uplifting content as I sense the Chinese are somehow really hungry for this.

My own personal experience having visited the region several times is that the general public really does embrace what is foreign and people are quite open and hungry in their own way to experience a taste of different cultures. They are surprisingly far more open than some of their other Asian counterparts, who tend to have a very xenophobic attitude. They have their own great national content, but I sincerely feel that they are ready for international TV and film.

2) How can ventures like yours bring about greater understanding and perhaps peace amongst the world’s diverse peoples?

I feel it’s essential for people to come together and communicate their ideas, goals, visions, wants, and needs. Forums where you have a wide range of diverse representatives who come together are key as then we can get a glimpse of the other side. And thus we can deduce the similarities and differences. Only by understanding and empathizing with each other can we be at peace with ourselves.

At the end of the day, we are all mortal human beings and want essentially the same things in life: to be loved, understood, engaged, and entertained. I have had the great pleasure of positioning myself as a sort of a bridge due to my background and upbringing, growing up in several countries, working across five continents, and speaking several languages. Co-productions are very successful these days in Hollywood and it’s essential for ventures like this and forums like the FPA to enhance collaborations and be a voice for diversity.

3) What in general is your message to the world as you embark upon this new journey?

The world is getting smaller thanks to technological advancements as well as the growing interest in the world for cross-cultural content and connection. Movies and shows are becoming more international than ever. Movies have also been a great connective tool.

I’m so curious about the future of TV and film on an international level. I would like to see a situation where we simply have “global programming” with very diverse casts and storylines. Perhaps it’s not time yet for that, but the world is indeed very diverse; it’s about time for TV to start mirroring that.

I am excited about my own personal journey in parallel with the paradigm shift occurring in life and art. I feel like a liaison of sorts between the East and the West and now between the Asia Pacific region and Hollywood.

I strongly encourage people to keep an open mind through travel and be enthusiastic about co-productions, collaboration, and cross-cultural content production. It really is the way of the future and an exciting one at that!

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Dr. Laura Wilhelm was born in Philadelphia, PA on May 17, 1965. Her family lived briefly in Palo Alto and Oakland, CA before settling in San Diego when Laura was 10. In 1988 Laura graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Reed College in Portland, OR with a major in Russian and minor in Classics. She received her doctorate in Russian language and literature with honors from the U of Kansas in 1994 before relocating to Los Angeles with her husband, Christopher. Laura belongs to Dobro Slovo, the national Slavic honor society. Laura received much recognition for her work with the City of West Hollywood's Russian-speaking immigrant community before moving on to an eclectic teaching and consulting career in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since May 2009 Laura has run an award-winning business and talent development company called LauraWil Intercultural. Her associates comprise major international names in the arts, entertainment, fashion, literature, and science. Laura is a member of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and sits on several of their committees. In West Hollywood she has helped to develop and promote programming for major world events such as Fashion's Night Out sponsored by VOGUE Magazine. In 2011 Laura's company was nominated for a WHCC Creative City Award (Category: Creative Communications). In January 2012 Laura was appointed CEO for a youth oriented online media company called vrmedia based in Washington, DC that has quickly formed networks up and down the East and West Coasts. At around the same time she started collaborating on charity fund raising for the Foundation Fighting Blindness with celebrated beauty pageant winner April Lufriu (Mrs. Florida, Mrs. America, and Mrs. World). Laura works with many other charities such as Finding Freedom International, Pals Around the World, and We Care For the World. She has been invited to serve on the Board of Directors for Designers 4 Africa, whose clientele includes A-list celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen. Laura's Los Angeles company is running an ongoing bi-cultural RUNGLISH book promotion whose author Nina Naydenova is allied with renowned Russian luminaries such as tenor Nikolai Baskov and Oksana Fedorova, Russia's only Miss Universe to date. vrmedia plans to carry a definitive annotated translation of Leo Tolstoy's classic autobiography CHILDOOD-BOYHOOD-YOUTH as well as many other world masterpieces through Penguin Classics. As Los Angeles Chair Laura reviews fashion events for Emerging Global Designers. She also writes regular features on cultural topics for COLD HEAT NEWS and HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY. She has appeared live on KNBSTV.COM and Global TV. In graduate school Laura worked and studied in the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. She and her husband have visited Greece and led two successful Explorica tours of Italy for students from Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, CA. Laura is active with the American-Russian Business Council, the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Sister Cities. Recently she was designated Russian Ambassador for the multicultural 2012 Global Independence Day awards event at the Beverly Hilton. She has listings in numerous WHO'S WHO, American Biographical Institute, and International Biographical Centre publications.

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