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Los Angeles Discovers Terra Incognita of Alexey Klokov’s Art


Photo Courtesy: Alexey Klokov’s PR

Written by: By Svetlana Krapivina

LOS ANGELES, 2/17/2016- In February of this year Seyhoun Art Gallery, Beverly Hills successfully hosted the opening of the solo art exhibition presented by Russian Contemporary artist Alexey Klokov. For the first time ten of his art pieces from different series were shown in LA. During this time the exhibition was visited by many guests including critics and art lovers. Part of the paintings came directly from the artist’s workshop in Moscow, Russia; some pieces were provided by Berenson Fine Art Gallery (Toronto,Ontario); the others were transported from I.B.Clark Gallery (New Hope, USA).

Alexey Klokov’s art is marked by his own, unique style, in which he performs the dance of light and dark with fascinating passion, so it looks warm and cool, natural and abstract. Art critics call it Dialects in Colors, the creativity that enraptures the viewer by a veritable cornucopia of color and improvisation. By abstracting and simplifying his subject matter, the artist is able to create a supremely complex exploration of the various elements of painting that traverse the breadth of the art historical narrative. He dances gracefully and effortlessly between styles and genres of painting. For a less developed artist, this exploration of themes would seem schizophrenic. However, Alexey Klokov is able to connect these disparate parts into a unifying whole that is identifiable as the work of a true virtuoso. Also, his signature style can be noticed in using of gold leaf that he professionally installs in his canvas.

And his work has not gone unappreciated. Alexey Klokov was exhibited in Russia, Japan, Austria, the UK and the USA. His works can be found in dozens of collections. The artist began his career in Leningrad Higher School of Art and Industry (St Petersburg, Russia), then he worked as a restorer in the workshops of the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery literally being in touch with great masterpieces of Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Malevich, Kandinsky, and many more. Later, creating his own original style he has grown to be a favorite of collectors from politicians and financiers to prominent members of show-business.


Photo Courtesy: Alexey Klokov’s PR



Photo Courtesy: Alexey Klokov’s PR

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Princess Raden Dato’Seri Maria Amor Torres is one of the world’s naturally noble people. She has been risen to great heights by her love of humanity. She is the founder of We Care for Humanity, an international NGO, and the creator of the Global Officials of Dignity Awards which link humanitarians by a silken thread to a web of like-minds stretching the world. A non-political influencer of world affairs for peace, Amor strives to spread humanitarianism throughout the world via "The Traveling Princess TV Show" which broadcasts internationally and raises the profile of the greatest humanitarians of the world, many charities, and the issues they address. Maria Amor is the adopted daughter of the Philippine Royal Families of Baloi and Sulu and honorable princess of Jambi, Indonesia. Her royal status was sealed by Government decrees and has received the highest honor awarded to royalty, the Derjah Kerabat. She is a multi-awarded humanitarian and peace icon, and a seasoned diplomat representing various organizations and kingdoms worldwide. Princess Maria Amor is a published author and artist.

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