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COLD HEAT NEWS » Business, Culture & Arts, Featured Article, People, Philantrophy » Lousine Karibian’s World Networks Grand Opening Reception For Award Winning Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon Stepan Kasimian, M.D, Rocked Glendale Right!!

Lousine Karibian’s World Networks Grand Opening Reception For Award Winning Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon Stepan Kasimian, M.D, Rocked Glendale Right!!

 Lousine Karibian, Mrs Kasimian, U.S. CONGRESSMAN ADAM SCHIFF, CA  28th DISTRICT
Award winning Dr. Kamian on the recarpet at World Networks Reception-Haas Orthopaedic Grand Opening

They do not call Lousine Karibian, “The Networking Queen” for nothing, as her amassment of notables from such fields of music, politics, tv  and movies culminated into a networking smoargasboard extravaganza right smack dab in the belly of  Glendale CA, Friday October 7, 2016.——–“The Spine Dr.” Stephan Kasimian, M.D, had its back and it seemed like the whole world turned out to show their love for his work in medicine and also to support the grand opening of his HAAS SPINE & ORTHOPAEDICS OFFICE——It was a smashing success!



Karibian’s World Networks organizations brings people together from all walks of life to foster business galvanization and synergy, by bringing together different demographics, creeds, races, genders, religions with many diviersified talents and never was this dynamic more apparent and prevalent than when she made a call of action to come support world renowned medical standout, DR. Kasimian, and they all came a runnin, even through the wood work even!

Health seeds for health enthusiasts-Lousine Karibian



The event abounded with celebritys  and the confirmed actors and entertainers were,Vida Ghaffari,  actress/voice over artist/ fashion blogger; Nea Dune,  Croatian celebrity model & actress; Dawn Christie-Author/Host (Americas Foremost Gifted Spiritual Guide); Massi Furlan,  actor, “Keeping up With the Joneses (2016)”; David Roy Banks , actor;  Chloe Farnworth,  actress; Asko Akopyan , film producer ; Roland Yakoubov,  healer and yoga master( Bioenergy Healing System App creator); Sara Kazimi,  Afghan-Persian American entrepreneur,  FOUNDER OF LEOBELLA INTERNATIONAL /  IMPORTS EXOTICA, AND THE WORLD ORPHANAGE FOUNDATION; Sara castro actress;  AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HOST OF JENERATION TV, ACTRESS, RAPPER, DANCER,



As they say, ‘ THE REASON FOR THE SEASON’ is other than commercialization but you YOU know right? The reason for this season is for admiring and pulling for a local and national medical hero. Dr. Kasimian’s many skills and expertise are the sort that could make the average or battle tested physician weak at the knees. How does one accumulate, at such a young age, all of the licenses, and all the incredible life saving extraordinarily medical know how as this young doctor? The answer is simple. Hard work! Study until you almost explode and learn and then keep on learning right? For instance, according to The World Network’s records, Dr. Ksaimian “received his undergraduate degrees in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics and History from the University of California, Los Angeles. He graduated from Meharry Medical College with honors and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society in his junior year of Medical School. He completed his internship and residency in orthopaedic surgery at the Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center. After residency, Dr. Kasimian obtained further training in complex spinal reconstruction surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Institute for Spinal Disorders.”



Furthermore, in addition to that, per The World Network’s additional records, , ” Stepan Kasimian, MD is an Orthopaedic surgeon with specialty training in spinal reconstruction and minimally invasive spine surgery.
His primary  medical and research interests include degenerative spine disease, biology of fusion and decreasing disability with spinal surgery. He has extensive experience in treating multiple spine disorders including disc herniations, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, kyphosis, scoliosis, tumors, and spinal trauma. His expertise in multiple complex spinal disorders allows him to choose the proper treatment modality for his patients.”. In other words, Dr. Kasimian is a genius. His medical portfolio reads like an actors IMDB page except the vehicle is real, BUT practiced extensively and he plays for  LIFE OR DEATH , and for KEEPS—– Almost as if the power of God, as some surmise, rests within , the doctor’s skills!!



 Vida Ghaffari-actress, voice over artist, blogger


Thus, it must be easily understood that yes, there were great eats, free drinks,  the music was electric and the women were drunk inducing, along with incredible attire and dynamic media abounding, but the main reason for the event was to thank Dr. Kasimian for being of service, being there for the community and also for being incredibly real. The people loved him, and he loved his people back. In fact, his nurse said that she was totally at peace and genuinely loved her job. she said, “He is the best doctor in the world.” The Good doctor in return said that he has the best nurse in the world. so there you have it . Thanks Dr Kasimian and please keep on keeping on!!

dawn Christie – Gifted Spiritual Guide


David Roy Banks actor

Sara castro actress

nea dune Croatian celebrity model & actress

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