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COLD HEAT NEWS » Featured Article, Legal & Politics, People, Philantrophy » Is Santa Real? Princess Maria Amor’s Global Santa Program, exuded Waldo Emerson’s “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” mantra, like few others–Happy New Years 2017 from We Care for Humanity!

Is Santa Real? Princess Maria Amor’s Global Santa Program, exuded Waldo Emerson’s “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” mantra, like few others–Happy New Years 2017 from We Care for Humanity!

Is Santa Real? Princess Maria Amor’s Global Santa Program, among  her others, exuded famed writer , leader of the 19th century transcendentalist  movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson ‘s “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”  mantra, as her life, IN 2016,  seemed to tap into LIFE like few others.  This concept of Santa Claus.  H.m.m.m.m., is he  real?  Really? A 300 pound red suit  adorned bloke, riding reindeer on a sled, coming down chimneys, bags gorged with gifts, on a  global mission? Draconian  , slavedriving midgets of green skinned hue to  the mantra of “Ho Ho Ho,  while promising gifts ,adorning joy, juxtaposed to an ass whipping if one is naughty? ONE THING FOR SURE , PRINCESSS MARIA AMOR IS INDEED, Waldo Emerson’s  EXEMPLARY, —– “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” —his mantra,   evidenced in   her life, a FRENETIC TRAJECTORY aimed, like a typhoon,  at  THE MARGINALIZED WORLDWIDE:  SPREADING LOVE, FUNDS, AND HOPE –YET HER GLOBAL SANTA PROGRAM IS THE REAL SANTA. Eat your heart out St. Nick, as this maverick leads the old, young, rich, poor and a plethora of races, creeds and genders into 2017 with a bang, but first let’s take a look back!

Affectionately labeled,  “The Traveling Princess”,   as her ravenous traversements of the planet has  vacillated from the orchestration of and facilitating the transportation of life saving equipment——————————serving over 120 countries, has  arrested, equipped, served as consultants, guided, taught and or at least instilled a sense of self sufficiency in areas in which child births, diarrhea and lack of the basic health needs have long been death sentences on a daily basis to newborn babes and adults as well for many years——— to nurturing marginalized extreme indigent masses with various forms of aid. The Traveling Princess Maria Amor  visited Nepal, to present life saving technology  last June 25, 2015 via Nepal’s  health minister for  “The Global Health Initiative for Humanity”,  (GHIH project)  to serve numerous  socio-economically marginalized and natural disaster devastated countries including Nigeria, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Egypt, Korea, India, Indonesia, The United States, The Philippines. And via  “The Global Health Initiative for Humanity”,  alongside We Care for Humanity, her nonprofit,   a non political entity whose mission is to spread humanitarianism,  functioning as partners—–Together  with an entity, “Global Health Ambassador”,  designed,  specifically for each prospective countries’ needs, these life saving donated equipment and supplies  via two 40 foot shipping containers,  each valued at around $500,000, together with her other dynamics, manifesting their motto, ,”No Nation Left Behind on Medical Needs”: The Princess also hosts a fund raising economic/political-entertainment philanthropic extravaganza—–THE G.O.D AWARDS, UNITED NATIONS;  In addition, she has met presidents in far away nations like India, Africa, to name a few nations, and has the most alarming proclivity of amassing  awards. Like a world class athlete, she says she was born to be a humanitarian and there aint no giving up in her.

Consequently, in addition, she obtained an  Ambassadorship of Goodwill to The United Nations, and it manifested itself further  Summer in August 2015, at  The United Nations, in New York City where they hosted her annual G.O.D Awards III—-Global Officials of Distinction Awards—–which honors humanitarians and members from various walks of life who have exuded a stewardship towards the planet while helping, entertaining, and uplifting the human spirit through their example.
Recently, Princess Maria Amor was honored in New York City for helping African nations achieve sustainability with “The Distinguished Award of Environmental Service”, by The Governor of Koudougou, Mr. Burkina Faso, at “The 1st U.S Annual Women and the Environment’s Charitable Luncheon” Event,  last February 22, 2015 at The Shrine World Music Venue. Saving lives is a constant for Princess Amor.
The Traveling Princess Maria Amor, Won  2016 Interfaith Leadership Award at The 2nd International Yoga Day Celebrations— The 17th Annual World Yoga Festival on Sunday, June 19, 2016 In New York City.

Princess Maria Amor, was presented by Guru Dileepji Maharaj, the “Interfaith Leadership Award” at The 17th Annual World Yoga Festival on Sunday, last June 19, 2016 at 3pm to 7pm at 4 West 43rd street, Social Hall, New York, NY 10036, at her 2nd home—–The United Nations Building——–in addition it set   setting the tone for her upcoming, which was celebrated in August 2016 ,  signature international  humanitarian  extravaganza, The G.O.D Awards. In fact, In a Briefing Wire press release on June 16, 2016, The Princess said, ‘ “It gives me tremendous honor to receive an award from the World Yoga Community for I am a strong believer that Yoga is one of the greatest tools to achieve world peace. When mind, body and spirit have peace, the world is at peace’.  Her presenter, Guru Dileepji Maharaj,  a master, according to Briefing wire,  in  “Ayurveda  and  other natural self healing systems, such as Sanskrit, literature, art, social and cultural activities,  interfaith teachings for Peace and Harmony is also recognized as a world leader in both Yoga and for his humanitarian work”.


—–NANAY WAS PRINCESS MARIA AMOR’S MOTHER—– at The Intercontinental Hotel,  in Naobi, Kenya during a  gala dinner celebration regarding his achievements—-(NANAY & PRINCESS AMOR PICTURED BELOW)

Former Kenyan Vice President ,  Kolonzo Musyoko WAS  bestowed  The We Care for Humanity’s, ” African Dignitary Man Award “, upon  him,  on October 18 2016—- Kenya’ President Uuhuru Kenyatta, Thursday October 20, 2016  at Kenyatta Stadium, in Machkos,  introduced THE PRINCESS  via tv to the entire African nation during Kenya’s ”National Heroes Day”.  In addition, former Kenyan Vice President ,  Kolonzo Musyoko, AS  PRINCESS  AMOR  bestowed  The We Care for Humanity’s, ” African Dignitary Man Award “, upon  him,  on October 18 2016,  requested nationally and garnered a recognized moment of silence in Nanay’s memory, at The Intercontinental Hotel,  in Naobi, Kenya during a  gala dinner celebration regarding his achievements.
 So while others’ heads are still swirling amidst egg nog, Xmas Carols or tunes of Aul Lang Sign, this lady, not only nominated and inducted into the International Women’s Hall of Fame, but also a legitimate princess, of Royal House of Baloi in the Philippines , is strategizing on how to best reach those who are homeless, voiceless, and penniless. Her voice resonates a serious call to action–“Just do it”!
 Sadly enough,  Amor’s mother passed away very recently. The Princess said, “My mom was my life’s biggest influencer. The things I do now and all of the humanitarian missions is something that my mother instilled in me—to be a good, decent soul and to help those that cannot fend for themselves, regardless of creed, race, religion, gender, or age. She made me into the woman who you and the world sees today”. Indeed the world has witnessed her star meter rising most incredibly. She is steadily spreading life saving equipment, educational  supplies from the heart of her award winning nonprofit We Care for Humanity.We care for Humanity is a non political entity whose mission is to spread humanitarianism, by, in fact, creating philanthropists and to provide much needed aid to all in need. Indeed, her work is year round but most recently, during the holidays, Amor’s Global Santa Program has helped fill bellies, has helped to wipe crying  eyes, and has helped to bolster hope for a new and brighter new year by fostering the Christmas spirit of giving until it hurts!  Her voice resonates a serious call to action–“Just do it”!

Notwithstanding  her heroics,  and whirlwind breathtaking humanitarian awards and missions, Princess Maria Amor , at The 2016  International Women’s Peace Group’s Peace Forum in Korea,  January 19,  2016,  PUT FIRE UNDER THOUSANDS OF WOMEN -asking with PASSIONATE LOVE-FURY,  “WHERE IS THE LOVE?!!!”  Her ferocious assault on poverty and hopelessness is more than seasonal. She has  proven herself to be a dynamic and highly sought after speaker, working thousands not only into a frenzy but most importantly, into action. The following is a excerpt of her  speech at The IWPG(International Women’s Peace Initiative. AS  I said her work is 24/7 and unseasonal. It is as follows:

The IWPG(International Women’s Peace Initiative)———————–‘ Good afternoon. Before I deliver my piece, allow me to congratulate once again Chairman Man Hee Lee and Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim for the awards and distinctions as Noble Man and Woman of the year of the 3rd Global Officials of Dignity Awards held last September at the United Nations in New York! Thank you. Distinguished guests, peace lovers and advocates.   You probably  heard the phrase “No women, no peace”, such a statement is a fact.
Women are critical agents of sustainable peace and we must fully recognize and use their potential. What are the roles of women for  the cessation of war and achievement of peace? First, let’s ask what constitutes peace? Peace is not only marked by the absence of war – it is about the absence of violence more generally. Sustainable peace entails zero tolerance of violence in households, in the communities, within countries and across States. Violence is a universal challenge. According to statistics more than 1.3 million people worldwide die each year as a result of interpersonal violence alone which are resulted from crimes, drugs, rape, gangs and so on.

Women are definitely the key in the prevention of violence. I agree with Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim that a motherly heart is a trait that only women possess with born instincts-to protect life. Therefore, we can all agree that women’s most major role is to build peace within their families by strengthening the ties between them and their children and creating stability in the lives of their families.

Next, to achieve world peace, there should be equal representation of all citizens – women and men in peace building, and to the economic, political and social growth and development of the society. However, women’s peace building potential have had no significant impact on policies and decision relating to conflicts because of their absence from the decision making processes and bodies in the region. We need more women, excuse my French with “balls”. Having a voice is not enough. We need women to have the power and ability to raise decisions.

It is women’s roles to participate and contribute to the welfare of humanity. We cannot put this on men alone anymore. Sometimes, it isn’t culture that’s crippling women’s ability to participate but it’s their lack of motivation and self confidence; that’s why we conduct many women empowerment seminars, conventions and activities.

Violence and War affects the lives of millions, with long-lasting consequences. War destroys humanity’s fullest potential. It wrecks our dreams, ruins the future of our children. There is no single benefit from war except pain and sorrow and unimaginable destruction and devastation.

It is women’s roles to unite and take part to stop violence and war. If they CAN send soldiers of war, why can’t we send our women AS soldiers of peace? They have guns, we have our weapons too- our mothers’ hearts! They engage in battle, we throw them our hugs and flowers and words of comfort and love! We, women should be the first to barricade any form of violent rally with intention to resolve the problems in peace.

And as we march for peace, we don’t just wear whites and shout peace to promote it, we join and participate in actions or activities that will help end wars and violence, and we have to be consistent in this advocacy.I have heard the quote “walk the talk,” a million times. I say, no more talk, JUST DO IT!!!! .

In fact, Her brainchild, The internationally recognized, and housed at The United  Nations headquarters in New York City,  humanitarian- socio/economic-culture/music and fashion-fundraising – philanthropic-version of the Emmy’s-EXTRAVAGANA-LIKE  dynamic,  entitled, The G.O.D Awards (GLOBAL OFFICIALS OF DISTINCTION),  AWARDS HUMANITARIANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, WORLDWIDE—–Kenya’s own   Kolonzo Musyoko, was honored  in August 2016, as its “African Dignitary Man Award” recipient.

   Keep your head to the sky”, a phrase made famous by the legendary soul group, Earth Wind and Fire, a   prophetic-mantra-like-harbinger, which, within  various groups, such as, laymen, pastors and scientists, heads arched upwards in search of answers, signs, apparitions , killer asteroids, seemingly anticipating celestial alignments not only , sums up mankind’s  YEARNING FOR SOMETHING BETTER. Interestingly enough, this mass viewership modality is also,  heralding  in CEO of We Care for Humanity’s  Princess Maria Amor’s humanitarian international empathetic trajectory—–mirroring the traversement   of celestial objects—–just like  the  ever recurring Haley’s comet returning,  at the ta da nick of time,   like greased lightning among  NEEDY nations, including  Nepal, Indonesia,  and Africa, on  the spur of the moment.  Her mission is manifested by the  jettisoning of  pain and suffering, releasing each previous nation’s toil, tribulations,  and  scarcity , right on time, to disperse both important life saving medical supplies, and knowledge. IN ADDITION, Similarly, Princess Maria Amor’s Global gala United Nations Global  Officials of Distinction event,  another mode of  “travel” for this female wunderkind,  in its  fourth revolution, realigned with The Big Apple, unveiled a new list of extremely talented, multicultural philanthropic superstars: The G.O.D AWARDS, NEW YORK CITY IN SUMMER 2016 AGAIN, as  the sky full of MIGHTY HEARTS, opened and they received their awards at The United Nations, right on time, last August 17-19-2016.


 Conventional modes of  “travel” in today’s technological time zone——— from which  Princess Amor beams both her “The Traveling Princess TV Show” and her internationally acclaimed “Humani-Tv Network”, and various events , such as her induction into The International Women’s Hall of Fame, in Dubai last Dec. 13, 2015 at the SAMEAWS 2015,  and also receiving   the Global Champion for Peace & Security Award, validating and cementing her role  as a philanthropic authority———–commonly referred to as the informational superhighway era,  have been  obliterated, as has the reality that  many had come to know, and made analog obsolete, with the advent of technological advances, most notably multiplexing—the fracturing of signals which ushered in digitization;  This created such advances as the creation of  super owned -owner companies–such as Viacom, Time Warner, Fox News Channel–facilitated by and in conjunction with  The 1996  telecommunications act, which  revamped the 1934 FCC law ; lifting the limitations on the amount of tv, and radio stations that can be owned by a single market;  lifted the percentage amount the us population that can be covered; changed the process of sales, scheduling, purchasing and drove it to large corporations—THESE  OWNER -OPERATED , SUPER large  corporations—owning, hundreds of tv and radio station,   and the corresponding unbelievably large revenues generated drove costs up, and competition sky rocketed, thus the local guy could not compete with the power of these super corporations—Though on a wing and a prayer, and pockets not quite as deep as the new network behemoths,  The Princess unleashed HUMANI-TV, even further into world tv programming —–especially when it  became purchasing or pitching time;  as the Owner operators had more affiliates, made an entity called (MVPD) MULTI CHANNEL VIDEO PROGRAMMERS, and their goal was to get their services to you online, via a broad band high frequency via video, telephony, cable, satellites, and incredible advertising sales, resulting in astronomical wealth generation and expenditure sharing amongst the behemoth’s affiliates.



 Most importantly The  MVPD’s  power, and techno-access gave rise to more channels. interactivity,  the tablet, cable, satellite,  android’s, a more efficient e-commerce via the internet, and all manner of access to information; This  means of travel has become such that even little children have the world’s entertainment and education files at their fingertips. In fact, even homeless people have the same power; Thus, mankind has found itself hurtled into a new dimension———-knowledge and entertainment is accessible anywhere, even on video games, such as Xboxes! YOUR PRINCESS CAN BE ACCESSED FROM ANYWHERE!


 THe Princess Amor, has harnessed this techno-reality, which borders on a cultural revolution,  and is maneuvering both the sky, hence the nickname, “The Travelling Princess”,  synergistically working to maximize time and tech, traversing  hundreds of thousands of miles.  altitudes,  and dimensions via  leveraging  social media, streaming, and the delegation of her nonprofit We Care for Humanity” into different   strata, by creating offices in various countries ranging from and not limited to  Nepal, Portugal, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia. Furthermore.  She has given her colleagues roles and duties,  various titles, with specific duties, such as GLOBAL SANTA–bringing supplies at Christmas time to the underprivileged in foreign countries;  Wch Ambassador’s of Publicity, and more!  But her  Humani-tv, via networking a 10 million audience viewership  worldwide in conjunction with hard work    definitively  showcased and rewarded  humanitarians via  the UNITED NATIONS at The G.O.D AWARDS, last Summer.

There are awards to showcase and reward athletes ,actors, singers——such as the Espys, The Oscars and the Grammys——– and more but The G.O.D AWARDS, during a time when the world is just about to erupt, as if in the travails of an angry birth into fiery pandemonium, is a much needed lullaby to a nightmare shredded with terrorists, political unrest, race and sexism. In fact, The much anticipated awards at The United  Nations, shrieked with a din loud enough to be heard over the cacophony  of global unrest with a blast of “We love each other and these are some of the angels in a world that needs love and needs to be reminded that not only does love exist , but these awardees exuded love to their fellow man beyond and above the call of duty———with their God given abilities, for the REAL “BETTER GOOD”——–BECAUSE ALL LIVES MATTER–THE G.O.D AWARDS WAS A BLAST AND STUNNING SUCCESS!!




WCH Founder to Speak at The 2016 IWPG Peace Forum in Korea! #CNNiReport #wch #worldpeace #hwpl #iwpg #PrincessMariaAmor #Korea #TravelingPrincess….google


Notwithstanding  her heroics,  and whirlwind breathtaking humanitarian awards and missions, Princess Maria Amor , CEO and founder of the nonprofit We Care for Humanity,   at The 2016  International Women’s Peace Group’s Peace Forum in Korea,  January 19,  2016,  PUT FIRE UNDER THOUSANDS OF WOMEN -asking with PASSIONATE LOVE-FURY,  “WHERE IS THE LOVE?!!!”
As The Princess worked the multitude, much like a fire and brimstone pastor making  an impassioned plea for action, juxtaposed by the realities of “sins” done, sins visualized, and the fact that there was, just like a ” faith without action” Christian verse dynamic—— manifesting no faith at all—— she pointed out that  motionless, do nothing attitudes  were the cause of social and political  “female enslavement,  as opposed to culture, as the collective global  female  plight; She even went “street” on the crowd with a “no justice no peace” and “no woman no cry” and a “no women no peace” sermon which had them locked and loaded with a sense that they and the world’s lives were hanging in the balance;  so they must collectively, as BoB Marley, the late, legendary singer and activist used to say, “lively up YOURSELVES”.
She stoked the social and political fires of these women and transitioned  her vibe into, though some may deem it a heretical vibe,  that  women can stop or at least be  the missing link in the peace making template dynamic and that only action and the desire to be more proactive and unmeek are the prerequisites  that can help and save the world. Her message of love and that women are very valuable is a missing mindset in some social and political circles worldwide——She even shocked saying  “we need women with “balls”—-‘That”, she said, ”is why we always administer female empowerment programs.
It was very evident that Princess Maria Amor  armed, much like a bible verse, her followers with faith and the necessary attire to do battle against the “beast”, which in this case are apathy, self doubt and a sense of unobtainable global and socio-economic mobilization. This was more than a call to action as it was a vibe, a spiritual baptism; In fact, arguably Amor sought to remake and make another “creature” of these women so that now refreshed, and made new and whole, they could now go forth and not do her work but do the works which woman were created to do in the first place–supplement men–be the other side of the coin and be a one -two punch duality which peace and war could not say no to at all; An offer that war could not refuse. INDEED, WHERE IS THE LOVE?
The Princess’s Global Santa is getting it done and it’s arms stretch globally to such sites as, Nepal, Malaysia, Israel and so much more. Imagine what the world would look like if people  worked  at helping each other just half as much as the Princess does. Imagine replicating Amor’s  activities, not withstanding her humanitarian missions to Lebanon, Russia, Portugal,London, Nepal, Philipines, France,  but in our communities just once a year!! This blast to the past is but the tip of the iceberg of what this extremely talented and intellectual soul has accomplished! Let’s all concentrate on being the best, like THE PRINCESS MARIA AMOR, person that we can be in 2017. Most importantly, let’s do more for our planet and our fellow earth members. Let’s be Global Santa’s during December, June, April. yes all year round. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you all!!
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New Delhi, December 15, 2016: The ninth edition of World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality, organized by ASSOCHAM in association with Srei Foundation and Times Foundation, introduced a fresh culture of ‘Spirituality @ Work’ through its brand Sach Bharat, inspiring distinguished industrialists, business leaders, industry captains and noted politicians to imbibe spirituality at their respective work places and lives.

The Confluence will be inaugurated in the presence of Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee, ASSOCHAM President Mr. Sunil Kanoria and Srei Foundation Chairman Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria.

Among the Guest Speakers to share enlightenment on Spirituality and Power is none other than We Care for Humanity (WCH) founder and president, Maria Amor Torres, Princess of the Royal House of Baloi. Amor will be joined by other world leaders who are her friends: H.H. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Immediate Former Vice President of Kenya and Presidential candidate for 2017; H.E. Haris Silajdzic, Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of The Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, H.H. Prince Dah Djissa Houetchenou, Prime Minister of the Highest King of Benin.

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