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Sai Suman’s, “The Queen in Me Launch” at Sofitel Hotel fashion show, was a grand success, April 11, 2017.

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 The team worth applauding!! Great show guys and thanks for the amazing show!! — with Lousine Karibian.Sai Suman
 Vida Ghaffari, and Ford Austin

Sai Suman’s, “The Queen in Me Launch” , April 11, 2017, which was facilitated by Lousine  Karibian, World Networks, actress Vida Ghaffari, actor, Ford Austin,  at  Sofitel Hotel fashion show, was a grand success. Celebrities and beautiful people abounded, as her models showcased her incredible style, usage of diamonds and great flair of showmanship, made it a night to rub elbows with celebs, and enjoy oneself. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to find out what makes her tick. The interview is as follows:


1.Hi Sai. Thanks for being interviewed for Cold Heat news. I was wondering. Where did this incredible love, passion and talent for modeling come from? In your formative years, did you play like “normal” teens–dolls, cowboys & girls, house–or has it always been culture, modeling, art and designing for you?
– I was always creative and trained dancer from the age of 4, though I had never planned to be in fashion or creative field as a profession. I was more of a tom boy and athlete. I was trained for women’s cricket team during my early school days and a regular sports champion in school academics. Surprisingly I never played with dolls ever and in fact I never used to even like to get dressed like other girls but preferred to wear shorts and tees instead.
2. Did you always have an urge to design or di your parents or teachers motivate you to learn and do it and who was the most influential person in your life?
– I never imagined myself in this field to be frank! Like I always say that this came my way as a surprise and was a path of destiny unplanned. My family always wanted to me become a doctor and I was good in my studies hence I planned to peruse medicine field from starting and I used to always tell everyone that one day I will become a cardiologist or gynaecologist because I loved little babies. But the day I realised that this isn’t what I see myself doing for rest of my life, I shared my decision with my mother and she supported me! Though she was confounded but then she knew that I was always a creative and gifted kid and this field would be the right choice for me.
3. Designers have their favorite elements, minerals, cloths and dynamics which they use to make their clothing. Is the applique your favorite mode and if not what is and if it is , is it because Indian designs mandate its use? Why do you like to use diamonds, and other stones in your work?
Ok I will answer this question in parts… •Designers have their favorite elements, minerals, cloths and dynamics which they use to make their clothing. -I do have my favourite elements yes, but there is nothing specific I always use. It’s different for every theme and inspiration I opt for my collection for every show. But I always focus on one thing and that is to create a style statement, a trend by thinking out of a box!
•Is the applique your favorite mode and if not what is and if it is , why?
– I do love appliqué but appliqué are not just originated from India but different parts in the world! I do like to use bit of my tradition but my background is more international and global which makes it even more unique for my fans and audience.
Is it because Indian designs mandate its use? – “No” – Refer to the above
Why do you like to use diamonds, and other stones in your work?
I like things over the top yet very glamorous and sophisticated. I have been having conglomeration of ideas and themes for my every season collection in which some have prints, some blend of fabrics and my recent season had diamonds and stones as the theme of my collection was Queen in me hence there was a lot of Queen era style appliqués and diamonds to justify the theme.
4. Congratulations on your shows in New York, Dubai and most recently at The Sofitel Hotel.
Thanks, I am so overwhelmed with the compliments and honoured with the incredible response at my collection launch. I hope to be doing more shows in La every season hopefully now.
5. Your “The Queen in Me Show” was symbolizing, since there were males in it too, what significance?
Queen in me inspired me to motivate women to accept themselves love themselves and feel like a queen in everyday life and not just for a day. A feeling of self embracing and confidence. And male being a part of the show was simply as I do design for both women’s and menswear at the same time the reason behind showcasing both were of the idea to narrate that a Queen is incomplete without a king and a king has no meaning as powerful as in existence with a queen so a man must treat his partner or opposite gender with due respect and support and make her feel like a queen. Love, respect and power was demonstrated in the show by both male and female models very gracefully and elegantly presenting the modern version of 1920′ Royal era with a modern blend.
6. Which designers are your most favorite? Why?
My biggest inspiration has always been Alexander McQueen. He was so unique and a trendsetter and I believe I more of my person with my own rules and creativity and love taking risks and thinking out of the box like he used too!
7. Do you seek to empower women with your work? Why?
My latest theme Queen in me was more for women empowerment and motivation. I have always been a social worker for guiding encouraging young girls women to help and guide them to peruse their ambition, their dream! I believe now that men have started accepting and respecting women to walk shoulder to shoulder is a big change which has to be continued and accepted more globally hence I love to spread the message as much as possible and encourage young budding girls everywhere.
8. Does your work, as some designers say, tell a story and if so what is it?
– every collection I create has a story. I believe I am a story teller as a designer with my theme and collection presented as per my inspiration for respective seasons every time.
9. Does your age ever become an obstacle in working with older models, or creating and signing contracts?
– in some places it does with same industry people not models though as they all are so professional that age doesn’t matter for them I feel. My age doesn’t create any issue as end of the day it’s my creativity that get appreciated and I believe age nothing has to do with that. Anyone at any age can achieve in life.
10. Are you married, a mom and if not are you planning on it or is your work too demanding and time consuming to set up roots?
– no I am not married and I frankly don’t think of that part of my life right now as I am so busy and happy traveling for my shows globally that I don’t feel the time is right for me to focus on anything else for now.
11. Are there any partners that you work with whom your designs rely on most heavily? If so who are they?
– no I am a one man army!
12. As an Indian woman, what is the most important thing that you want other Indian women to think about your
– believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Never stop following your dreams.
13. Is your work a reflection of your race and culture?
– No I believe I am more a global person than just Indian! I have traveled the world at early age so that has never made me reflect more on where I originate from but the different cultures I have adapted over the years be it in London, Dubai of which I am a resident of, or U.S.
14. What do you want to be remembered for?
– to create a history, a trend I would be remembered for eternity
15. Finally, thanks again for this interview, and what did your work at the Sofitel last April 11th mean to you and what feelings did you seek to invoke with not only how your clothing line looked but by how the show was presented? In your opinion, were you successful in evoking those feeling? Is your line designed mostly for women or men and any specific genre or race or age?
A feeling I can’t describe in few words here but I was overwhelmed by the live and response at my show. I am a persons designer. I love to create and design for anyone who believes in me and trusts my inception.
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