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Preity Uupala, beautiful, MAGICAL, intelligent, “TOUCHED” by GOD; 2012 Miss India International AP WINNER has been chosen to be the head delegate of judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 2014.

Preity Uupala, beautiful,intelligent, “TOUCHED” by GOD, SPRINKLED with all the hope, energy, and all the  MAGIC the Universe has to offer, will serve as the head delegate of  judges at the 57th ASAIN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL, in Bangkok, Thailand,December.2014. Born in Dubai but reared in Paris, this young maverick’s life, born of a daring career change,  which some may have thought a little insane, or the ways of one who was “touched”, made a daring career change, years ago, from being an investment banker–obtaining two degrees in IT and Marketing—- to that of a successful international fashion icon, model, writer, producer and actress, is  filled with all the daring, and visionary magical vibe, and charm of a heretic; Having had no previous experience as either an actress or model, Preity decided to go after life and indeed she has  grabbed it by … Read entire article »

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