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Mulder & Scully aint got Nothing on Gomez’s “Among US” world premier at Harmony Gold showing. The Truth WAS unveiled!

 With the recurring roles of Mulder and Scully coming back to an eagerly awaiting  legion of X-File fans  later in 2015, Joss Gomez, rode that wave of sci-fi smart slick, “what if we are not  aloneism” and went a step further, boldly saying, “NOT ONLY ARE WE NOT ALONE BUT THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE AND IT SCREAMS——THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!” when endorsing the existence of aliens, sure it is a subject which, unless you are a scientific writer like Erik Von Daniken,  Chariots of the Gods?, published in 1968, who claims that facts irrefutably document extraterrestrial existence,  one is, at times,  regarded with a tongue in cheek rolling of the eyes response, as if mentally unstable. But that is another story. This tale, which Joss Gomez shared was entertaining and presented a tale … Read entire article »

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