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Here it comes!! Princess Maria Amor’s Humanitarian United Nations Humanitarian Gala Event–The 4th Annual G.O.D Awards 2016.

  Keep your head to the sky”, a phrase made famous by the legendary soul group, Earth Wind and Fire, a   prophetic-mantra- like-harbinger, which, within  various groups, such as, laymen, pastors and scientists, heads arched upwards in search of answers, signs, apparitions , killer asteroids, seemingly anticipating celestial alignments not only , sums up mankind’s  YEARNING FOR SOMETHING BETTER. Interestingly enough, this mass viewership modality is also,  heralding  in CEO of We Care for Humanity’s  Princess Maria Amor’s humanitarian international empathetic trajectory—–mirroring the traversement   of celestial objects—–  just like  the  ever recurring Haley’s comet returning,  at the ta da nick of time,   like greased lightning among  NEEDY nations, including  Nepal, Indonesia,  and Africa, on  the spur of the moment.  Her mission is manifested by the  jettisoning of  pain and suffering, releasing each previous nation’s toil, tribulations,  and  scarcity , right on time, to disperse both important … Read entire article »

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