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COLD HEAT NEWS » Michael “RE-D.MER” Walker

Michael “RE-D.MER” Walker

MICHAEL WALKER “An amazing new talent that captivates from start to finish.”

FROM A RARE COMBINATION OF HUMILITY AND UNDERSTANDING, OUR CLASSIC, TIMELESS ARTIST hails to us from sunny Southern California. Michael Walker is a multi-talented performer who sings, composes, acts, models and hosts private and public events.

Michaels shares, “I am artistically inclined, love being creative, and have an outgoing personality. I have been quite a globe trotter since I was young and such experience has provided me with a rich perspective about life and appreciation for diverse cultures. I enjoy sports and practice a healthy, active lifestyle. I revel in intellectual conversations that are provocative and incisive because they reveal people’s core and I’m a proponent of authenticity.”

Stunningly photogenic with an ethnically ambiguous twist (but of course he is Fil-Am!), he projects well in both print and broadcast gigs. He is Hollywood trained in tv hosting by none other than veteran Marki Costello (who has trained Kelly Osbourne, Cee Lo Green, Kim Kardashian and the like). Michael is also quite proud of his Filipino roots. “I’ve learned to love the Philippines when I lived there for a year. The culture, the people and the places are amazing. I would really like to show that through my work, I can bridge gaps among races and promote peace and unity whatever race, class, sex, religion or belief you are. We are all the same in the eyes of God,” this young man believes.

Aside from hosting, his passion is his music. He has a beat for the business – literally speaking as well, by making beats from scratch – and has an arresting stage presence. More than that, he has a message. He composes songs that not many hip-pop artists his age write about. He’s constantly promoting peace, unity, self-esteem and environmental preservation in his songs. Michael’s goal is not only to be successful but also to make a make difference through his music. His mixture of musicality, good looks and heart makes for a grand-slam tween and teen-ager’s delight.

Although his passion for hosting and music occupies most of his time, he still finds time to volunteer and mentor the youth because he believes in making a difference in the lives of others, especially the disadvantaged. Just to name a few of his community work, he performed and volunteered during the 2010 LA Marathon for American Vets and the 2010 Junior High Academic Decathlon at the LA Sports Arena where he rocked the house of over 6,000 screaming pre-teens and teens. In 2011 he was a motivational speaker for the same decathletes at the LA Sports Arena, creating anti-poverty awareness along with 90210’s star, Gillian Zinser. He is also an indefatigable Hope 4 Children Ambassador.

And for now, he has discovered a new passion: Writing. This is a natural evolution for him because he likes to compose music and raps. Now he just has to been more keen in observing and hone his skills reporting and writing about events that interest him and hopefully will interest you, the reader as well. Keep posted for his fresh and engaging articles!



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